Monday, 20 February 2017


1. I have a (big / bigger / biggest) car than you.

2. That was the (strange / stranger / strangest) thing that I have ever seen!

3. If you look (close / closest / closer) you can see the ocean from here.

4. That was the (bumpy / bumpiest / bumpier) car drive ever.

5. You show the (gentle / gentler / gentlest) touch when handling the baby.

6. That mouse is the (tiny / tinier / tiniest) I have ever seen.

7. My pool is (shallow / shallowest / shallower) than yours.

8. The map we printed out is (simple / simplest / simpler) than the one provided at the park.

9. My travel bag is (heavy / heavier / heaviest) than yours.

10. That is the (shiny / shiniest / shinier) car in the parking lot.

11. I have the (worse / worsed / worst) head cold right now.

12. I had the (best / better) basketball game I’ve every played.

13. That test is (more important / most important) than playing video games.

14. You are (most generous / more generous).

15. That is the (happy / happiest / happier) child I have ever seen.

Today for Writing my task there were 15 sentences with adjectives words in it. We had to highlight all the adjectives words in that 15 sentences. As you can see the task is above the google drawing. There were two words in each sentence. We had to choose which one of the adjective word will make sense with the . After that we had to pick one of the adjective sentences, make a google drawing and put pictures that will show what the adjective mean. I picked adjective sentence number 10.  I had a lot of fun doing this.

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