Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Recount - High Ropes - The Walking Of The Beam

High Ropes - The Walking Of The Beam

I was shaking as I check my harness for the 100th time. I was ready to go. As I took one step on ladder I was already afraid and I didn’t want to do it, but I heard people shouting “try your best you can do it”. I clamber up the ladder step by step and showed who was boss at high ropes. My heart was pumping fast as if I was running away from a Tiger. "Bang" went my left foot for the last step before going onto the beam. I put my left foot on the beam and then my right.

It was time to face the walking of the beam.I looked down and I was so high the the people looked very tiny like ants. I dawdled slowly as a snail that when I looked down at the beam I was stall at the same spot. I said to myself  “I can do this”. I took one massive step and strolled with a lot of sweat coming down. I closed my eyes as I was strolling through the beam. My legs were shivering hard like there was an Earthquake happening.

"You can open your eyes now" shouted the instructor". I opened my eyes. I was at the end of the beam. I felt relieved. I had to hug the supporter of beam. I hugged the beam and then I had to walk back. In my mind I was thinking of being the Tongan Ninja not being scared at doing things confidently. This time when I walked back I tried to walk with pride and confidence. I did some dance moves like the whip and nae nae. It was time to go down. I leaned back and pushed my feet against the beam hard and went down. Everybody clapped and took photos. As I came down I felt like going back up, but we weren't allowed to go again.

Today we had to write a short recount of what we enjoyed at camp. I wrote a recount about high ropes. High Ropes is a really fun activity. In this recount I have wrote how I felt. High ropes is the best activity I have done out of all the activities. Archery is another amazing activity that people like.

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