Monday, 12 December 2016

Battle Ships - Battle Sheets

Player 2 - Me

Player 1 - Sanujan

L.I: To investigate coordinates

Today for maths we had played Battle Sheets. The real name is Battle Ships but sins we did on a google sheets we called it Battle Sheets. We had to ply with a partner. I went with Sanujan and I won (yey!). What you had to do was first there were numbers of letters. So there were 2 f's 3 d's 3 c's 4 b's and 5 a's. What we had to do with them was to put on the grid without the other person looking where your putting your ships (the letters are the ships). You are not allowed to where your partner is putting there ships because if they look they will see where you put your ships and they are gonna always shoot your ships. So what you do is put the letter x in any box you want and if it has the red box that's mean you have shot your enemies ship if you get black you have missed you keep on playing until you have shoot all your enemies ships. If you put your x and shot your enemies ship that means that where they have put one of there ships. This is a very cool and fun game to play. I learnt a lot of how to this. I was a bit struggling on where to put the x to try shoot one of Sanujan's ship. I think for next time I should verse another person that challenging maybe my teacher.

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