Thursday, 8 December 2016

Planning a Report Writing Frame - Wright Flyer - Wright Brothers Wilbur and Orville

Today for reading we had to either plan a information report , narrative or a explanation text about our plane we choose for Inquiry. I did the information report and my plane was the Wright Flyer plane. I had really fun doing this. I was a bit struggling on thinking what to put on my plan but I stall managed to get it done (yey). I learnt a lot of information the Wright Flyer's plan and who build it which is the Wright Brothers Wilbur and Orville. I think for next time I should plan an explanation or a narrative on the Wright Flyer's plane.


  1. Hi Ofa I really like your Planning a Report Writing Frame. Your Blurb is very good It tells us what are you doing. Keep up the Great Work.

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