Thursday, 22 February 2018

Te Wiki - The Week - Summary

As part of Reading we read the next article leading to the treaty of Waitangi. The text we read was about the one week before the treaty of Waitangi was signed. It was an interesting book. While reading we had to note all the words we are unsure of or interested in. After reading the text we were to make a DLO summarizing the whole article. I worked with Fraidoon and Mataio. When we are summarizing a text we use a special method which is to write the 20 most important words, then the 6 most important words and write a short summary. This all links back to the words we were to write down while reading the text. 


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  2. Hi Ofa, I really enjoyed reading your summary. It was full of detail and your summary gave me a better understanding of the text. I believe Mrs Andeson's technique for writing a summary is efficient and makes writing a summary less stressful. In your blurb I have noticed how have written the number as a numeral. Next time maybe you can write it as a word. Did you enjoy learning about the treaty of Waitangi?