Monday, 25 May 2015



By Ofa

It was 1916 in Germany,It was a beautiful Saturday morning . I woke up nervous because I knew It was the first world war.I was so scared that I might die,but all I had to do was to calm down and breath in and out. When I got dressed It was 11:00 so I rushed and went to the military in Germany When I got their It was 12:00. I said to myself This is the right time to come. I saw my mates and ran as fast as I could. I leaded the way to the war zone. We had to walk in the forest which was so scary and also spooky. When we got to their we saw the German army team practicing shooting. Their shooting were loud and noisy. When the German army team heard something from the bush they looked back and it was the New Zealand army team. So the new Zealand army team started throwing bombs at the Germans . All you could  hear is the German army team blasting to the sky. Their was a problem. The problem was that The New Zealand army team already thrown their bombs and here comes the German army team back ups with lots of bombs,Tanks and machine guns. The problem was getting worser. The worse problem was that the new Zealand army team had to die because they had no bombs and the other team does and the war is not even finish. The sad part is when the New Zealand army team had to say to each other goodbye and get ready to die. But one of the men  from the New Zealand team must remembered that he had a massive tank at the back of his house.So he decided to go and get it. His house was just 5 km away from the war-zone. So he went to get it and he came back with a black,Dark green massive tank that can kill 1,000 people in 10 shoots. So when the German army team was about to kill us here comes captain latham with his tank and he started shooting at their enemies so all you can hear again was them blasting to the sky.  So when the New Zealand army tem killed them they thank captain katham for saving them and they cheered for him and they live happily ever after.

The end

Friday, 15 May 2015

Battleships Game

In this game you have two 2 maps that have a grid.Also you have too put numbers at the bottom and Letters at the side.You have too have ships to play.Starting the game.When your partner choice a number and a letter you have to say you did not shoot it or you shoot it.So If you miss you put a white box next to the number and letter your partner said,But if it you got it you have to put a red box next to that number and letter that your partner said.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I have used google draw to make a poster that shows you how to spell my name in sign lanuage