Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to write a etiquette email

Today for cyber smart we were learning the tips of how to write a etiquette email. First we watched a video explaining what could happen if we post bad things online. After we had to make a DLO with tips of how to make a etiquette email. I have learnt that if you need to get straight to the point of writing your email you need to, use short paragraphs or bullets to stay organized.  

Winter and Summer Solstice Animation

Today Jeremiah and I had completed our last Matariki Activity which was creating an animation explaining how seasons work and what the summer and winter solstice are. It took us two days to complete our whole animation. During doing this piece of work Jeremiah and I had learnt a lot about the summer and winter solstices. I learnt that the winter solstice that takes pace in the Southern Hemisphere is on June 21st and that the Northern Hemisphere of the winter solstice takes place on 22nd December.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Legend Of The Seven Stars

For the Matariki Study Jeremiah and have completed our second challenge which was the learning about the legends of the seven stars. First we had to watch a video about the legends of the seven stars and then answer question that we were given. Jeremiah and I learnt a lot of new things. We learnt the names of the seven stars and we also learnt who they had visit in the video. The photo in our DLO is papatuanuku the grandmother of the seven stars. The information below of the DLO shows you the reference of the video so you know where we got our information from.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Matariki - Winter Solstice - German Yule Celebration

Today for LS2's Matariki Study we were given three task to do which was learning about cultures winter solstice, creating an animation explaining how seasons work and what the summer and winter solstice are, and the last task was learning about the legends of the seven stars. Jeremiah and I decided to do diffrent cultures winter solstice. First we watched a video about how Chinese people celebrate winter solstice. After that we had to made a DLO on another winter solstice celebration. Jeremiah and I created a DLO about German's Winter Solstice which is called 'Yule'. The DLO above will tell you some information about Yule. One interesting fact I found about Yule was that the Yule log was the reason Yule got its name. The information below German Yule Celebration is the reference of the site we got our information from.

Friday, 23 June 2017

PBS Black Out Day

Today PBS were told to either wear black or read clothes. The clothes were to support the All Blacks and Lions team. Black clothes were most wanted to wear for black out day. Our whole school except for four people wore black clothes for the All Blacks since they are versing the lions this week Saturday. We did some activities to support the All Blacks team. First we went in the all to see some videos of the All Blacks and Lions history of rugby. After that we had to sing the Tutira Mai song for the lions tour that is on now. We were really good at singing. Soon the Kapa Haka group performed the haka while LS2 were holding up papers that had the players from the All Blacks. I holed up number 22 which was TJ Perenara. Soon we went outside and spelt All Blacks with our bodies. It was really amazing because Mr Wong used the school drone to record us. Our last activity was passing the ball challenge. Our school formed a big circle around the courts and had to pass a rugby ball. While passing the ball around we all shouted "All Blacks". We managed to get the ball around with know one dropping the ball. I think today was a really incredible day.

Intro to DigiTech

For the hour of code game we had to add codes to make Maui and Moana go to where they want to go. For example if they had to catch a fish and it's on the right we had to insert a block that says 'turn right'. There were levels from 1 to 19. I managed to finish all of the levels. It was a really fun coding game.

For our Animated Digital story about Abby and Devin we made a Animated Story about two characters name Abby and Devin who go to the park. 

For this activity we had to write down examples of the healthy living in the Tamaki Community. One of the example was the food we prepare and cook at home.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Statistical Investigation Pie Chart - Bio-degrade

This pie chart shows you how many years it takes for these materials to biodegrade (break). I can tell by this graph that plastic bags and styrofoam take a really really long time until it gets destroyed. I can also see that vegetables take a really little amount of time to get destroyed or to dissapear.

Dance - Evaluation Movie

Today for Dance Mrs Anderson recorded our dance evaluation to see what we looked like and what we had to do next time. My group did very well but the only thing we had to work on was our timing. On the first moves we did good timing but during the dance we didn't do good timing. I also think we (my group) should add more moves to make our dance longer and interesting. The video above shows you my groups dance evaluation movie.

Monday, 19 June 2017

First Aid Instructions For Choking

Today for Reading we read a book called buttons. It is about a woman name Mrs Low and her baby Hanna. It was when Mrs low was sewing the button of her sons clothes. After that the phone rang and Mrs low quickly got up to get it. While she went to get the phone she spilled the button of container. After the phone call shge notice that her baby Hanna was coughing her face was red. Mrs Low thought that baby Hanna was choking on one of the buttons she spilled. After that Mrs Low and baby Hanna went to the doctors to check what happened. The doctors said there were just a button on the fold her dress.After reading the text we had to make poster on the first aid instructions for choking.

First Aid Instruction For Choking

For reading we read a text called Buttons

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dance - Group B

Today for dance we were practising our dance moves. We were recorded by Mrs Anderson. She recorded us because we had to see what we had to work on. We did really well on creating our moves, but the only thing was the timing of our dance moves and the music. We practised again and again until we got it. We also have to practise to stay still and not moving around a lot of times. Our best move was our staircase. We did a good job of doing it. I think next time we could add some more moves.

Looking after our planet - Reducing Rubbish

For inquiry we did a new rotation. Now I an in Mrs Kirkpatrick's inquiry group. First we read 3 text of other countries rubbish and then we read another text talking about tips of what we can do to reduce our household waste. We wrote the ideas down and had to pick one to make a DLO about. One of the ideas were planning your meals. I did this to tell people they should plan their meals because if you buy something you don't eat it will be a waste of food and money. The picture of the apple might happen to your apple if you leave it in the fridge for to long and don't eat it. Remember just to buy what you need.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Maths Problems - Clothes Spree

Today for maths we had to solve a puzzle that has three problems in it. The third problem was the hardest because we had a limit of $80 to buy clothes. We had to use full for the $80 not $81 or $79. Lucky we tried a strategie and it worked. We did $50 + $12 + $9 + $9 which equaled to 80 . After completing the puzzle we had to make our own Clothes Spree Puzzle for other people to solve out. The DLO above shows you our Clothes Spree Puzzle.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Cyber smart - Quality Blog Comment

Today for Cyber-smart we were learning how to write a Quality Comment on peoples blogs. First we watched a video of how to write a quality comments. There were five things to write a quality comment which is Compliment the writer in a specific way, add new information, Make a connection with the peoples work with your work you have done, end with a question, and last proofread your comment. The picture above shows you my comment I did to show how to write a quality comments. I blogged on Fraidon's Haiku Poem he made.

Dance Group B

Today for music we were continuing on making our dance moves. Mataio, Fraidon, Josh S and I we working together to make our dance moves. We also had to choose a song that were going to do with our dance moves. We also had to choose a music. The music we choose had to suit our dance moves. So if we are doing our moves our music can't be a ballerina song because it doesn't suit. The music had to be at the same speed and beat as our music. My favourite move we did was our staircase move.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Haiku Poetry

This week we are learning how to write a haiku poetry. First we watched a video of how Maui brought fire the world. After watching video we had to make a DLO and retell the video making a haiku poetry. We had to write three sentences of what happened in the video. For the first line there had to be 5 syllables, the second sentence had to be 7 syllables, and for the last sentence we had to write 5 syllables. For example destroying is 3 syllables because de, story, ing. I learnt that the Haiku Poetry comes from Japan.

Division Dilemmas

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Samoan Tatau

For Samoan Language this week we learnt about kilikiti which is a international cricket sport in Samoan and Tautau which is a Samoan Tattooing. Friadoon, Freeman and I did an DLO about Tatau. We added photos and added attribution. We did this because we wanted to learn something about Samoan Tatau. Something I have learnt about Tatau is that there are two type of tattoos one for girls which is called Malu and one for boys which is called Pea.

Panther Chameleon

For reading we read a book called Jungle Quest. It had a lot of animals that only came from Madagascar. After reading the text we had to pick one amial and search about it. I did the Panther Chameleon and I didn't know that they were one of the most colorful chameleon species. I have learnt a lot about Panther Chameleon and hope to learn about other animals that live in Madagascar.