Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Recount - High Ropes - The Walking Of The Beam

High Ropes - The Walking Of The Beam

I was shaking as I check my harness for the 25th time. As I took one step on ladder I was already afraid and I didn’t want to do it, but I heard people shouting “try your best you can do it”. I clamber up the ladder step by step and showed who was boss at high ropes. My heart was pumping fast as if I was running away from a Tiger. Bang went my left foot for the last step before going onto the beam. I put my left foot on the beam and then my right.

It was time to face the walking of the beam.I looked down and I was so high the the people looked very tiny like ants. I dawdled slowly as a snail that when I looked down at the beam I was stall at the same spot. I said to myself  “I can do this”. I took one massive step and stroll . I closed my eyes as I was strolling. My legs were shivering hard like there was an Earthquake.

Finally I got to the other side of the beam. I opened my eyes. I felt relieved. I had to hug the supporter of beam and then I had to walk back. This time when I had to walk back I tried to walk with pride and confidence. I did some dance moves. It was time to go down. I leaned back and pushed my feet against the beam and went down. Everybody clapped and took photos.

Today we had to write a short recount of what we enjoyed at camp. I wrote a recount about high ropes. High Ropes is a really fun activity. In this recount I have wrote how I felt. High ropes is the best activity I have done out of all the activities. Archery is another amazing activity that people like.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Auckland Conserving Water

Today for Inquiry we had to finish our DLO from Friday. The DLO is about why Auckland has to conserve water. I worked with Freeman and Mataio. We wrote why we should conserve water , how we can save water , and what conserve means. We wrote how much liters we should save everyday. We also included a video of the Hunua Falls Flooding that happened. We have learnt why we should conserve water and what we should to conserve water.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Tech - Design - 2D Models Compare and Contrast

Today for Tech we had to finish drawing our Pictures that will be made into Jewelry's. We had to make 2. After that Mrs Ferguson took pictures of our 2 pictures we been drawing. All of us had fun drawing our pictures. After Mrs Ferguson had took our pictures we had to go on a google drawing that was made by Mrs Ferguson and put both our pictures there. We had to write down what is the same of the two pictures and the differences between the two pictures.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Balloon Pop

Today for maths I played a game called Balloon Pop. What I had to do was there a pattern then I have to find the next number to the pattern. For example If it was 2.2, 2.4, 26, the next pattern will be 2.8 because it counting in two's. This game was really fun. 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Quote Poster - C A R E Award - Excellence and Innovation - Muhammad Ali

This is my last poster for my Excellence and Innovation task. I did this poster on Muhammad Ali. I think this quote can inspire anyone. It says to be a champion you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are. This is saying for example if you play sports and you want to be the champion in your team you must believe in yourself that you are the best and that you can do it .

Quote Poster - C A R E Award - Excellence and Innovation - Mahatma Gandhi

This is my second quote poster for my Excellence and Innovation task. My first one was on Edmund Hillary.  This poster is on Mahatma Gandhi. I think this quote will inspire and help others. This quote even inspires me.

C A R E Award - Excellence and Innovation - Transum

Monday - Day 1

Tuseday - Day 2

Wedsenday - Day 3 

Thursday - Day 4

Friday - Day 5

Saturday - Day 6

For one of my Excellence and Innovation CARE Award tasks I had to complete 6 days on transum doing a timetable. I did the 7 time tables. I did pretty well. This was easy. The best score that I had was on Friday. It took me 26 seconds to answer 20 equations of the 7 timetable. I had fun doing this.