Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kiwi Can

Today was Kiwi Can group B's fourth session of Kiwi Can. Our theme for this term is integrity which means making good choices when know one is looking. We have a new topic for this term which is role model. A role model is a person who's actions inspires others to dream more, do more and learn more. It is important for us to be a positive role model to our new entrance students so they can admire us as good role models. Our energizer was really fun but I do not know the name for it. For this game we were splited into two groups according to the amount of people we had in our Kiwi Can group. We were to pick one person in our group and they were to be blind folded. They had a toy noodle (I would call it) and they had to try and protect the pen that was under the chair they were sitting by trying to hit us (with the toy noodle). Our goal was to try get the pen under the taggers chair. The rules were simple. We weren't allowed to go from the back of the chair and the sides. Our last game we played was called Who's Missing? In this game everybody were to spread out and lie down facing the ground. We were to cover our faces as well. Then, either Mr Matt or Ms Lilly were to tap a person and that person had to go into another room. After that we had two guests of who was missing from our group. The hart part was trying to know everyone in our group.

Kiwisport | Rippa Rugby

Today was our second session of Rippa Rugby with Hamish (Rugby Coach). First we played a game of Everybody's It Tag which is a simple game where everyone is in and you have to try and get a rippa from another person. The rule were that you were not allowed to cover your rippa, no contact with anyone else and you were not allowed to stay in one spot. At the end the person with the most rippas win. The next game we played was Tag Rush which is similar to bull rush bust instead the tagger has to try and take a rippa from another person. I really enjoyed this game because I got to use my stepping skills on my friends. After playing four rounds of Tag Rush at the end we finished off with a actual game of Rippa Rugby. I think this was my favorite game I played today because it's like playing rugby (my favorite sport) but instead, no contact. Thank you to Hamish for coaching us and thank you to Ms Morris for supervising us.

Bonus Point Math Problem | Animal Speed & Lifespan

The previous weeks we have been missing quite a few maths lessons so during our catch up time Alex, Jeremiah and I have finished of the Bonus Point Maths Problem which is based on Animals speed and Life spam. First we were to examine a bar graph that was given to us and then write down in the question box if the questions T (for true), F (for false) or NEE (NEE means not enough evidence to cover the questions). At the end we found out that there was a lot of true than false and only 4 NEE's. At the end we were to create two bar graphs that shows the animals lifespan and the speed of the animal. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Maths Problem | Fence Posts

As part of finishing all the previous maths task one of them were to find out how many corner posts and regular posts would Savelina have to buy to enclose two adjacent paddocks. We found this task quite easy and hard at the same time because there were some bits that we struggled with, like writing a blurb in the DLO. Although in the end we solved it. We learnt a new word, adjacent. It means something or someone next to each other. For this activity, I worked with Jack, Sanujan, and Fraidoon.

Maths Problem | Fraidoon & Alex's Salary


This week for maths we are busy finishing off work and posting it on our blog. For one of our maths task we were given a maths problem about salary. I worked collaboratively with Sanujan, Jack and Julian. At first we were doubting each other of which answers we were right or wrong. Then we went over the maths problem with Ms Kirkpatrick. At the end we were all wrong but we learnt a lesson by Occam Razor that If there is no evidence to the contrary, the simplest answer is correct. In this problem we tryed to add up all the big numbers without using the calculator and and after we've got our answers it turned out to be right. I think next time we need to agree with each others opinions.

Travelling to school | Pie Graph

This week for maths, our task was to figure out this statistics problem. We found out that most primary students get to school is by car and most secondary student get to school by bus. After that we survey all the students in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group. According to our survey most of the student in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group get drop of school by car and the least amount of students come to school by bus. For this task I've decided to work collaboratively with Jack and Sanujan.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Writing|Using Punctuation to Create a Conversation

For writing this week we were to go on a text creator called Fake iPhone text Message to write a fake conversation between two peoples. First we were to write the message in the Fake iPhone text message. We weren't allowed to use any T.V show names so I decided to use Don and James. After that we were to write the message in a story format that included punctuation such as speech marks. This meant that we were to write every thing that a new person said on a new line.