Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Oro

My presentation that I presented at Te Oro

Today Oh Hsen, Mataio, Nazella, and I went down to Te Oro at Glen Innes to present our Inquiry work about Te Taiao O Tamaki. We showcased all the work we did this term. My favourite part of this was showing others my agent of change task. I told what a agent of change is and how I could be an agent of change. We were shy at the start, but when we got along with people we were confident to show our work. Rachel who does the Holiday Reading Program came and saw our amazing work. She was very proud of us and she learnt a lot of new stuff.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Jumbled Instructions

Today we learnt how to write instructions. We had to move the text boxes around so that they were in the correct order and made sense. I found it interesting that each instruction begins with an action verb.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Tech - Design

Today the year 7 and 8 went to tech. My group with was half of the year 7 did design. First we had to go on tinkacad and finish of doing our pictures of Mrs Anderson. Some of our pictures look like chickens and witches. Soon we had to put together our jewelry pictures on tinkacad for our client. I made a coffee for Mrs Anderson (teacher).  It looked awesome. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Why showing a positive attitude is importamt


This shows my stupeflix video I have made why having a positive attitude is important. This task was for my Attitude CARE Award.

Duffy Assembly

Today the school had Duffy assembly. We had visitors from main freight and three people who were opera singers that also came. The Opera singers names were Felipe, Madison, and Catherine. These three people won awards around word and is going to London to sing a song. The people from main freight were Bo and Donna. All of them told us their experience of treading when they were little and why reading is important. We also played a clapping game. We had to stomp two times on the ground and clap once and keep on repeating it. during the clapping Madison said it's cool to read and then we had to say and it's cool to achieve. We all enjoyed the game. After that it was time to hand out our Duffy books. Felipe, Madison, and Catherine handed out duffy books out. We were all excited to get given our Duffy books.

Learning to give clear instructions

Today in writing we were focusing on what is needed for a procedure. We learnt that we need simple and easy words to understand, the instructions that are given have to be in time order and when you start a sentence it has to start with a action word for example turn on the tap. We also played a game where we had to follow our partners insturctions. Our partner had to give clear instructions. I worked with San Kyaw. It was pretty hard knowing what to draw because he didn't tell me where I should put the shapes.

CARE Award - Attitude - What is PHN

Today I have finished one of my Attitude CARE Award task. For this task I had to research the role of PHN in our school, and tell others how they help us. I learnt that PHN stands for Public Health Nurse. We have a PHN in our school and they check if we got sore throats or a sore skin.