Monday, 25 June 2018

My Personal Passion - Watching NRL

Many people embrace a lot of sports and rugby is one of those sports that many people play or watch. For one of my Excellence & Innovation task I was to create a DLO explaining what my personal passion is. People have a lot of personal passion such as playing soccer, singing, learning about war, play video games but my personal passion that has sticked with me for a long time is watching NRL. NRL stands for National Rugby League. NRL is a league of professional men's rugby league teams in Australia and New Zealand. For those who don't know there is 15 NRL teams from Australia and one team for New Zealand which is the Vodafone Warriors. I love watching NRL from a really young age and still love it. I really love watching NRL because it gives me unique skills for my rugby games such as knowing how to tackle, pass and run. 

Mrs Linda (Mentor) - Gold Excellence & Innovation

For one of my C.A.R.E award task I was to make a DLO talking about a mentor in our school. I decided to talk about a hard working mentor name Mrs Linda. Her hard work is appreciated in our class and students really like the way she makes our learning enjoyable. Mrs Linda helps student from year 5-8 with difficulties in learning areas such as Reading, Maths, Writing and also help teacher with their duties. Mrs Linda shows many qualities to all students and teachers and shows great sense of humor. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Linda for all her participation into our learning and her hard work towards helping students and teachers.   

Friday, 22 June 2018

Food Tech Reflection

Today was our 5th session of food tech with Mrs Tuipolotu (cooking teacher). We were really excited because this was our second time cooking it and we know how delicious the muffins are. We followed the 3 instructions that were compulsory which is follow the instructions, correctly measure the ingredients and being able to read the ingredients properly. I worked with Jeremiah to cook 12 chocolate chip muffins and we enjoyed cooking together. The most important thing we learnt today is to not under mix or over mix our ingredients because if you over mix the muffins the air in the mixture will decrease and if you under mix the mixture the muffins will look really heavy and dents like a rock. If, next time I was to cook chocolate chips muffin I would change something which is to mix more because in my mixture it showed some flowers which meant I didn't mix my ingredient properly. Thank you to Mrs Tuipolotu for teaching us how to cook Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe:

Step 1 - 1, 1/2 cup of Sugar.Flour

Step 2 - 1/2 cup of sugar

Step 3 - 1/2 cup of oil, 1/2 cup of ,milk

Step 4 - 1/4 cup of cocoa, chocolate chips

Step 5 - 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

Step 6 - 1 egg

Step 7 - Mix all ingredients and scoop 1 teaspoons each muffin into muffin tray

Step 8 - Bake 180 degrees for 15 minutes

Monday, 18 June 2018

Academic Achievements - Gold Excellence & Innovation

For one of my C.A.R.E award tasks I was to create a DLO writing all my academic achievements. I have done a lot of things this term such as representing my school at the Manaikalani Ambassador showcase which is where other Manaikalani cluster schools come together and share their work. I always try to perform the best I can in every area of learning and sports. The most fearless academic achievements I've overcame is presenting my work to big audience. When I first started presenting my work to audience last year I was a bit sheepish, but right now I have a high level of confidence and will present my work to the best I can. I am also proud of myself because I have 7 badges which is my silver: Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence & Innovation and I have got my gold Respect badge. I got my Manaikalani Ambassador badge and also the NYLD (national young leaders day) badge. 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Own Task:Created with my teacher - Gold Excellence & Innovation

Today there were 8 students including me who were picked to go into the Junior rooms and help them with their Reading, Maths, and blogging skills but today we only focused on helping the juniors read their books and with their maths. It was really interesting to see how the juniors were very interactive with their learning. Mele, Tiava and I went to Room 3 (year 1's) and loved the way the kids worked because they were accountable with their own learning. First we were to read with a junior student and then ask them a couple of questions about the books for example what is the name of the bear who fell down? Or which shop did James love the most? This will help them understand anything they read a lot more better and will expand their knowledge. We tried our best to get through everyone. Through out our lesson we got the chance to see what they do on their iPads. On their iPads we went on their maths site and helped them solve out their maths equations. We also went on Sunshine Classics (a digital program for reading) and heard them reading their book that is set for their own reading levels. We taught some of the student how to sound out words such as shouted and shopping. It was really enjoyable being with the Juniors and learning with them. Hopefully the Juniors will apply the knowledge we have taught them in the future. 

Tech Reflection

Today was our 5 session of food tech but our first tome cooking a savoury meal with Mrs Tuipolotu (cooking teacher). Today Jeremiah and I baked 12 quiches. Cooking the quiches was pretty easy for me since I've already made them at home. Mrs Tuipolotu taught us how to whisk and also how to prepare all the equipment we need to cook. At the end we took a photo of our master piece and the fun part was enjoying our delicious quiches. Thank you to Mrs Tuipolotu for teaching us how to make quiches.

Steps to cooking Quiches:

Step 1 - Cut the pastry into 12 pieces. Past into muffin tray

Step 2 - Dice Ham + Add ham and cheese into the muffin tray

Step 3 - Whisk 4 eggs with 1/2 cup of milk. Dip in top of ham & cheese. Bake 180 degress for 15 minnutes.

Kiwi Sport Reflection

For Kiwi sport this week we played a simple game called Rush Tag which is similar to bull rush but instead you have to try and take the rippas from the opponents. It was a really competitive game because some people had really good stepping techniques such as Jona and Junior. After this we finished of with a game of Rippa Rugby. For this game we were splited into 3 teams since we had a big group. Our goal for attacking (running the ball) is to pass the ball to someone that can find a space to run and our goal for defending (tagging the opponents) was to spread out, make not gaps for the attacking team, and run towards the attacking team as a line. At the end we were really fatigued but had a really enjoyable time with Hamish (coach).