Tuesday, 15 August 2017


This week is maths week. In LS2 we have been making Flextangle and Hexaflexagon. My favourite part of making our Flextangle was colouring it. After colouring it we had to fold it and scoring the lines that was shown. After that we had to make into a Flextngle. The picture above shows you the Flextangle I have made. I think next time I could fold and score my lines more carefully.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Tech - Digital Tech

Today at tech was spectacular. We had to finish off our animated story about Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community. I made a animated story about a girl who exercise by playing soccer. I think making animated stories is awesome.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Galloping Greyhounds

This week for maths we were given a maths problem. We needed to find common denimiators to work these fraction problems. Tiava and I work together to solve the problem. After solving the problem we had to pick one of the questions we were solving in the maths problem and blog it. The DLO above shows you how much money would a trainer make if the greyhound came first, second or third.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Rewindable Learning

Today for dance we were rewinding our dance that we did yesterday with Zoe ( dance teacher). We were each split into three groups and each had a song which was Stay'n Alive, I See Red, and Footloose. We each performed our dance we did yesterday to our classmates. We rewinded our dance evaluation and practised it again and again. I was in the Stay'n Alive group. We did well because we worked as team. We performed move by move. We got some good feedback from our teachers. I liked I See Red because they use most of their feet to dance. I think dance today was outstanding.

'A' or 'An'

Today we were learning when to use a and when to use an before a word. If a word begins with a vowel (a-e-i-o-u) or a silent h for example I want an apple for morning tea or I want an ukulele to play with. When we use a we use it for words beginning with all the other words except for the vowels. The DLO above shows you what we use 'an' or 'a' for. I have also included pictures.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Key into inference - Comic Strip

Today for reading my group (Ruru) did Key into inference. We had to correct our answers with all the text we have been reading this term. I was reading a text called On the bus. The story was about Wade who takes his pig on the bus and the bus driver does not allow the pig on the bus so Wade waits for another bus. When the bus arrives Wade carefully makes his way past the bus driver and went to the back of the bus. Wade tries to make his pig go asleep. Our task was to make 3 box comic strip showing what might happen if the pig woke up. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Families and Siblings


My siblings are happy, enjoyable, and crazy. I love my siblings they are very awesome to be with. The only thing I don’t like is my brothers being so annoying to me. Brothers sometimes make you exhausted.

37 words in 1 minute

Sometimes we get into a big argue. My sister is just a normal person to me. She’s doesn’t get into to much trouble. What you don’t know about my sister is if I really annoy her and make her angry I will be dead already. I still love my siblings. I think my siblings are very precious even though they are so annoying and deranged.

64 words in 2 minute

Our challenge today was to write our ideas clearly so that they make sense. We had only 4 minutes to do this in, and 1 minute to check our writing. Our task was called 2 words... 1 minute'. We had to choose one of the words then power write for 1 minute, count our words carry on for 2 more minutes, count our words, then finish with 1 more minute. It was exciting writing powerful words to stories. It was difficult because we only had 1 minute to write.