Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Olympic And PBS Key Values

L.I - To collect information in order to make a comparison.

As part of Inquiry today we made a Digital Learning Object comparing it to our (P.B.S) values and the Olympic values. First we went on a site and read a text about Olympics and their values. I learnt that the Olympic values are Excellence, Friendship and Respect. The similarities we found about the Olympic and P.B.S values are that they both have Excellence and Respect in their key values. We did some research about the Olympic Creed and Motto and we found good information. We did little research about our school because something of the things we knew but didn't understand. I think working about the Winter Olympic is an amazing topic to study on.

Math Problem - Electives

As part of our math task we were solving out a math problem given by Miss Kirkpatrick. I was working collaboratively with Mikihiro and Fraidon. For this problem we used our multiplication, division and subtraction skills and were lucky enough to get the right answers. At first we were struggling because we didn't understand it so we read it twice and wrote all the key points from the problem. We took a lot of risk with solving out how many people take elective C,D,E,F. After trying a few times we figured the answers out. Today I learnt how to use my times table facts to find a fraction of a set.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Explanation - How is Chinese new year celebrated?

Image result for Lantern festival

On the 16th of February was the start of the Chinese year and as part of our writing task we wrote a explanation about How Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world. I have worked collaboratively with Joshua and we've worked well. Our explanation had to include some of the literacy devices like similie, compound and complex sentences. We have included these literacy devices using FANBOYS and AAAWWUBBIS. First before writing anything we watched a short video about how it all started. We wrote notes and had to discuss our ideas with our buddies. We wrote down all the food they ate, the lantern festival, the race of the 12 animals and the monster name Nian who tried to scare villagers a long time ago. I learnt that on the 15th day of Chinese new year there is a lantern festival that people attend all over the world. Click Here to see our explanation.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Tech Reflection - Art

Today was the first day of Tech for PBS and everyone was really excited to get on the bus for Tamaki College. I was in year 8 group B. I was with Mrs Telefoni doing art. Today as one of our we listed of everyday symbols we see for example I always see Mc Donald's when I go to my house sometimes. After that we had our second task. For this task we had to create a googles slide showing our own symbols that represent something about us like our hobbies, culture, or traditions.

Assembly - Manaikalani Leaders Presenting

It was a big day for all student leaders today at Assembly. It was our second time presenting, but today was important since we had Rachel from the Woolf Fisher Research center Viki from the Next Foundation group. Presenting in front them was nervous but I think Sanujan and I as Manaikalani leaders spoke confidently and proud. Having this role is a big responsibilities this year since we had to present our learning at outside school areas. I think for next time I present at assembly I could have more contact with the audience I'm speaking to. 

Assembly - Summer Learning Journey Award

As part of Assembly Rachel from the Woolf Fisher Research Center visited our school to present prize winners for the Summer Learning Journey programme. We also had Viki from the Next Foundation.This programme happened over the summer holidays and has been around for many years. There were around 50 students in our school who participated and were given certificates. There were 4 outstanding students who blogged and commented the most so they were awarded prizes. Believe it or not I was one of those people. 

Prize Winners:
1st place - Alex (Year 7) and Mele (Year 7)
2nd - Ofa (Year 8)
3rd - Marieta (Year 7)

Kiwi Can Reflection

Yesterday we had our first Kiwi Can session as it was amazing. Our Kiwi Can tutors were Mrs Lily and Mr Matt. Our theme for this term is Positive Relationships which means connecting with others and encouraging them in different ways you can help them out. If you encourage and support someone it will help them to boost their confidence. Mrs Lily and Mr Matt set up a game for us called 10 second tag that required encouraging and supporting each other in your team. In my opinion there were a lot of people showing the support and encourage to others. I think LS2 has started off with a great job.