Friday, 19 October 2018

Niue Language Week

This week is Niue Language week and for it we were asked to make an informative DLO about the language of Niue. In this DLO Fraidoon, Alex and I have included the days of the week in Niue, months, fruits, animals, numbers, and also some saying. All three of us enjoyed Niue Language Week. At the end when were finished our DLO we made a screencastify translating the Niuean language into English. I've learnt that Lanuali is January and Hana is Corn. I found this interesting because the words sound similar to the Tongan phrases. 

Tech Reflection - Analysis Chairty Collection Box

For reflection we had a third task which was to plan our charity box and how it would look like. In this analysis it includes what our letters are going to look like what slogan were going to use and also shapes for our charity box. As you can see I've decided to make my charity box about homeless so my slogan is "sharing is caring". The colors I'm going to use in my charity box is red, yellow, white, orange, and blue. 

Tech Reflection - 3D Shape Game

Today for tech Mr Pineda (tutor teacher) set a game based on 3D shapes. Examples of 3D shapes are cuboid, sphere, cone prism etc. For this activity there 3 games and for one of the game we were to see how many faces, edges, and vertices there were in the shape given. For example if the questions says how many vertices does a cuboid the answer will of course be 8. There are lives in this game and if you get a incorrect answer you loose 1 life. There is a maximum of 4 lives. I really enjoyed this game and hope to play it again next time. 

Tech Reflection - Art

Today was our first session of art for Term 4. Today were to finish off coloring or drawing our charity box. My charity box is based on helping the homeless. In my charity box I have written things based on homeless such as: Donate, Share The Love, Help The Pore etc. I have done my charity box based on helping the homeless because how many homeless people living in Auckland (800 homeless people).

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

That Was Winter|Poem

For writing this week Ms Kirkpatrick's group have been focusing on poems. First we read a poem called That Was Summer. For this task we were to look for three important elements which were the language features, Interesting Vocabulary and the verbs. In this poem I found a lot of verbs such as running, flopped, climb, holding, stood, and walk. This poem basically talks about what happens during summer and it also uses the 5 senses which is smell, touch, sight, sound, taste. After reading this poem we were to write our own version of the poem but talking about winter. In my poem I wrote what I usually do in winter which is drink hot chocolate, sleep in bed with loads of blankets, and also watch T.V and eat soup. We were also to illustrate our poem like it was a Journal book. If you would like to read the, That Was Winter poem click here.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Maths - Rounding Decimals Soccer Game

Today for maths Ms Kirkpatrick group have been solving decimal point equations such as 34.4 x 2 or 2.4 + 2.6. We were to fill out a form with 24 questions 6 being addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. I found addition the easiest and division the hardest. After filling out the form and getting it checked (I got all answers correct besides 1) we were to go on a soccer game based on rounding decimals(e.g - round 36.96 to the nearest whole number). It was pretty easy and hope to play another game based on rounding decimals. As you can see there is a red team (me) and the blue team (random). I beat the blue team 11 - 0 which was surprising.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Tech Reflection|Graphics|Homeless Charity

Today at Tech we had our last graphic session for this term. For today we made logos that is based on homeless charity. The reason why I choose to do logos on homeless charity instead of other charities such as protect the forest was that there a lot of homeless people around New Zealand especially in Auckland. My favorite logon is the second one because it has a really important message which is: 'Sharing is Caring'. We also carried on drawing and coloring our charity boxes. My charity box is also based on helping the homeless. Today I worked really well and received dojo points. The Logos are above.