Thursday, 16 August 2018

Transum|Table master|6 Timetable

Today for self management I went on transum and played a online maths game called table master and I did my 6 time tables. I answered 20 questions based on the 6 time tables and got all of them right. First I did it in 26 seconds and when I did it again I improved being at 22 seconds. In comparison of both of the score I was only 4 seconds faster than my first score. The trickiest timetable was 6 x 9. This was a fun maths game but challenging. If you would like to go on it click here

Kiwi Can Reflection

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Today was our 4th session of Kiwi Can and Mr Matt was our Kiwi Can tutor. First we talked about the theme and the topic for this week. Our theme is still resilience which means bouncing back from difficulties or challenges. Our topic for this week is problem solving. Problem solving is when you work together with someone or in a team to share ideas and find the best solution to a difficult problem. We also talked about how we can problem solve in a maths class. For example if a person tries to copy you in a maths problem you can solve it by telling the teacher or if your kind you can help them. After discussing the topic and theme then we moved onto on our energizer. Our energizer game was called rock paper scissors. In this game you are to rock paper scissors with someone and if you loose you are to go on knees. Once you are on your knees you are to verse someone who's on there knees. If you loose then you sit out of them game. If you win and your on your knees then you get back up and verse another person. This game was played until last person standing. Next we played our activity which was the best Kiwi Can game. This game was called hand soccer which is similar to soccer but you have to use your hands to control the ball. I really enjoyed this game because it made us fatigued which was good.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Online Maths Game|Ordering Decimals

Today LS2 was finishing off their scale drawings which we did with Ms Kirkpatrick. A few people have finished so we were to play an online game. I played a maths game which was based on ordering decimals. This decimal game had up to 2 decimal places for example if I was to round 4.632 to two decimal places it will either be rounded to 4.63 or 4.64. If 4.632 was to be rounded to 2 decimal places it would be 4.32 because it is the closes number to 2 decimal places. The game was pretty easy because I got a score of 6 out of 6 in the time that was given. The screenshot above is not my actual score, it was taken when I was playing my first game. If you would like to go on this game click here.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Kiwi Can Session 3

Today was our 3rd session of Kiwi Can. We had Mr Matt Only since Ms Lily was sick. First we reviewed what our theme and topic is. Our theme for this term Resilence which means bouncing back from challenge and never giving up. Our topic for this term is Goal Setting which is when you set a little goals for something you want to achieve or accomplish. One of my goal for this term is to aim over 250 blog post this year. My goal for sports is to win all basketball games to make it to the finals. In Kiwi Can we also talked about how we can celebrate achieving our goals. For example what it if I make it to the Auckland Under 13's team. I would probably celebrate by having a BBQ or going to a restaurant. Our energizer was called snatch the cone. This game was very simple. First we made a round shape with a rope and then everyone was to stand outside of the circle. Then Mr Matt put some cones inside the circle. What we were to was when Mr Matt said the word go we were to react fast and try to snatch a cone from inside the circle. It sounds a bit dull but we were energized. Soon for our activity we played Golden Child. Basically for this game there is two teams. One team who are called the shooters and the other team who are called the runners. The shooters have to shoot the ball in the hoop and try get it in. The runners have to run around the basketball court and if the shooters shoot and make a the ball in the hoop the runner has to stop. If the shooter doesn't get it in then the runner can still run until reaching the end of the court. The last runner is the Golden Child. The Golden Child is the person who runs around the court unfreezing everyone who got out. Then the Golden Child and the other runners run until they reach the end. If the Golden Child make it with the other runners they win but if someones shoots and get it in then the Golden Child and his runners are out. This was a energized and amazing game.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Gold Attitude C.A.R.E Award - Respect Leader/David Lange

As part of Self Management I've finished one of my Gold Attitude C.A.R.E Award which is based on a respected leader. The task was to research a New Zealander who has a positive attitude despite difficulties they have faced. I decided to choose David Lange. David Lange was New Zealand 32nd Prime Minister and served from 1984 to 1989. He is an inspirational man and had to overcome huge obstacles and barrier such as fighting for the Member of Parliament for Hobson electorate which he lost. David Lange never gave up his chances and later he won the Mangere seat by landslide. Landslide is when someone get an enormous majority of votes for their party or to become Prime Minister. He also was elected as the leader for the labor party. In 1984 he then was elected as prime minister for New Zealand. We thank him for his bravery and introducing the 'No Nukes' policy meaning that Americans would never sail nuclear ships into New Zealand's water. This was to keep the peace between America and New Zealand. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Rugby League Interschools

Today was the Rugby League Inter schools. This wasn't an usual tournament because there was only 3 teams including us. The teams were Pt England, Sylvia Park, and Panmure Bridge. Instead of playing the team once we played them twice. We were hoping to at least win two of our games which we did. Our first game was against Sylvia Park. We made meters and broke the deference line. At the end we won making it 4-3. We had a bye then we versed Pt England. Pt England had a big team, but that didn't change our hopes of giving up. We did good on attacking but we lacked defense and lost 7-2. We were the only team out of Sylvia Park and us to score against Pt England which we were happy about. Our third game was against Sylvia Park. We communicated to each other on defense and won the game 7-3. Our last game was against Pt England. We tried to improve from our first game against Pt England. Our main focus was defense which we did pretty well on, but we missed some of our tackles. We attacked Pt England strong and at the end the score was 6-3. I was happy because I scored 6 tries (1 try against Pt England, and 5 try's against Sylvia Park). Thank you to Mr Ogilvie for coaching and preparing us and also supervising us today.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Cook Island Language Week

This week is Cook Island language week and we respect their culture by embarrassing it. We then made a DLO talking about the traditional foods and dances, phrases/sayings, it's flag and prime minister, a map of Cook Island and also Travel information for example how many hours it would to go from here (New Zealand) to Cook Island. I learnt that the 15 stars on the Cook Island flag stand for the 15 islands that make up Cook Island, which is Tongareva, Rakahanga, Manihiki, Pukapuka, Nassau, Suwarrow, Palmerston, Aitutaki, Manuae, Takutea, Atiu, Mitiaro, Mauke, Rarotonga, and Mangaia. I've also learnt that the capital of Cook Island is Avarua which is well known for their amazing beaches and shopping centers.