Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Inter school Atheletics

On Tuesday some students from year 3 to 8 went to athletics. We did different kind of activities. I have created a collage of the inter school athletics. The events that were held were high jump, long jump, discuss, shot put and 50m, 75m, 100m, 200m, 400m sprints. At the end there were four people chosen from each school who did the 400m relay race. Our year 5 and 6 came 4th and our year 7 and 8 came 5th. Our school did very well and tried their best. Well done to Tiava who came first for High Jump and AJ who came first for long jump. A big thank you to Mr Ogilvie for training the athletics students and thank you to Mr Roberson and Mr Wong for taking care of us. 


This week the year 7 we focusing on leadership. First as a class we were discussing of what teamwork is. We came up with different synonyms (different word but same meaning) for teamwork like cooperate, collaborate, together, participating etc. After discussing about teamwork we got into groups and made a 25 word summary of what teamwork is. We added a photo of our group showing teamwork. We each learned with and from each other. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire Station Summary

On Tuesday LS2 went to the Mt Wellington Fire Station as part of inquiry. After coming back from the Fire Station visit we wrote a summary about what we learnt in our visit. First of all we (I was working with Sanujan, Brooklyn, Savelina, Joshua) got 20 words that we thought were important about what we learnt at the fire station. After that we choose 6 important words from the 20 words. The last thing we had to was to make a 25 word summary with the 6 words about what we learnt about fire fighters.

Fire Safety Message

As part of learning about the community for inquiry this term we have been writing fire safety messages to help out our community. First as a class we were discussing how we can help our community with fire problems. I wrote a message talking about smoke alarms and where you should put it. I have linked a video to show what could happen if you don't have a working smoke alarm. There a places that you shouldn't put smoke alarms. I learnt that when your smoke alarm makes a sound the first thing to do is go outside somewhere safe and make sure you don't go back inside your house. Remember to call 111 for the emergency service to come. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Fire Station Visit

As part of our inquiry this term we have been learning about people who help out the community. On Tuesday LS2 went to the Mt Wellington fire station. We learnt how they help us and what they do as being a fire fighter. We learnt that fire fighters just don't go to fire problems they also go to flood situations, chemical hazards and they also help paramedics. When we got to the fire station one of the fire fighters told us about smoke alarms and what you should do if you don't have one. Next one of the fire fighters showed us all the equipment that were on the fire fighter trucks. I found out that they had a lot of hoses in their trucks. The interesting part was seeing the fire fighters taking apart a car. The tools they used to take apart the car was the spreader. I think the fire fighters are a really helpful emergency service for our community. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ratio Problem

For maths this week we were solving a ratio problem. It had a lot of multiplication and division. We also had to use our critical thinking to make sure that the ratio was correct. Nazella, Sanujan, Shakaia and I worked collaboratively to find the answers. Question 3 was very challenging because when were dividing 517 to another number they were all turning out to be decimal out. We then found out that we can divide 517 from 11.  

Monday, 20 November 2017

Learning to Motivate Others

This term the year 7 are focusing on leadership. As the year 7 are going to be the 2018 school leaders we were discussing about what motivation means and how we can motivate people as a school leader. We came up with synonyms to motivation like encourage, cheer on, succeed etc. I think motivation means when someone encourages another person to achieve their goals. We were split into groups and worked together to make a role play of how to show motivation. Each group did well with their acting. 

Navigating Narratives - Exploring Characters

1st Character
How they look and Personal Traits?

  • Skinny, blonde, Bushy hair, Angry and Sad

  • Our evidence is from the picture of him with his dad.

  • 1st Character
    What is your impression of them? Why?

    • Ofa - He’s rude and disrespectful.

    • Fraidoon - He’s Offensive and Bad Mannered.

    1st Character
    What changes has the character gone through?
    • At the start of the story Zach is feeling angry that he has to go to china.
    • Throughout the story he gets more annoyed because his dad booked a flight without him knowing.
    • At the airport his feeling becomes a bit happy because he gets $150 from his dad.
    • When he gets to Chengdu he is upset because he lost his nintendo at the airport.
    • He’s confused because he's in a place (hut) he doesn’t know.
    • We know this because in the text it says “I don’t want to go to stupid China”.
    • We know this because it says  “Tickets have been bought, you are leaving in three days”.
    • We know this because in the story it says “Dad hugged him and then opened his wallet and pulled out three fifty-dollar notes”.
    • This is true because it says “He was still upset about the theft of his Nintendo”
    • This is true because it says “seeing the room’s mud walls and simple wooden furniture, he wondered if he was in some other part of the museum.

    1st Character
    How did the author use vocabulary evidence to create your character’s personality?
    He’s Angry and upset.
    We know he's angry because in the story he says to his day “I don’t want to go to stupid China”.

    We also know that he is sad because his Dad has already booked a flight to China and he was upset that he did not really have a choice.

    2nd Character
    How he looks like and his personal traits?
    Master Zhang
    White Mustache, Long Shirt and baggy trousers
    Personality Traits -  Confused, kind and mad.
    Our evidence is on the first page of chapter 4.

    2nd Character
    What is your impression of Master Zhang?
    Master Zhang
    Ofa - I think he’s a bit kind because he let Zack into his hut.
    Master Zhang
    Fraidon - I think he is angry because Zack was being rude to him and his culture.

    2nd Character
    How did the author use vocabulary evidence to create your character’s personality?
    Master Zhang
    He’s  Confused
    We know that he is confused because he does not know what Zach is saying asking them if they are being paid to dress up as the people from the Shu Kingdom.

    2nd Character
    What changes has the character gone through?
    Master Zhang
    • When he is introduced he is curious.
    • We know that he is curious because he is wanting to find out where Zach got the Jade stone from.

    Compare the similarities and differences between both characters.

    1. Similarities - They are both angry and confused.

    1. Differences - Zach comes from America and Master Zhang comes from China. Zach is a child and Master Zhang is a grandfather.

    The past previous weeks for Reading Mrs Anderson's reading group was focusing on their novel study activities. Their were different activities and Fraidon and I decided to explore the characters. Fradion and I read a book called the ninth dragon. We had to read the story and explore two characters. Our characters were Zach and Master Zhang.We had to answer questions about them like what they look like and their personality traits (eg - friendly, kind, horrible nasty). At the end we had to find the differences and the same things about the two characters. One of the differences I found out is that they both come from different countries. This story is abut a boy named Zach who goes to China. The problem is that he doesn't want to go to China but he doesn't have a choice. He says that China is stupid. When he gets to China he meets this man named Master Zhang. He is really confused and doesn't know where he is because he bumped his head. Then he thinks that he is in the Museum where his Mum works but that is not true. I think this book is interesting to read. I would recommend this book to 5-8 year old children.

    Thursday, 16 November 2017

    Police Visit

    Today was Panmure Bridge School's lucky day. The New Zealand Police Helicopter landed on our school grounds and also we had the police dog unit. First we had the helicopter land on our fields. We were so stunned to see the helicopter. We learnt the different parts of the helicopter. I learnt that at the bottom of the helicopter they have cameras to take pictures of criminals and lost people. 
    Second we had the police dog unit show us their dog. They showed us how the dog can sense things. The dog's name was Kahu. One of the police officers dropped his keys on the school grounds and Kahu used his senses to find them. We were so amazed. 
    The fun part was seeing Kahu attack one of the police men. I learnt that Kahu has forty two teeth, (isn't that a lot?). I think police officers a really supportive service to our community. 

    Wednesday, 15 November 2017

    Why it's important to brush your teeth? - Animation

    This week LS2 have been learning to share community questions. One of our questions was why it's important to brush our teeth because the results from the dentist was not good. We learnt what could happen if we didn't brush our teeth and what to do. Before creating DLOs we looked at disgusting photos of bad teeth. Fraidon and I have created an animation on why people should brush their teeth. While making this animation Fraidon and I learnt some new words like decay, cavity, tartar and plaque. We learnt that decay means when your teeth becomes rot and it starts to disappear for example sugar makes your teeth decay. This animation is mainly for Room 1 (year 2) at P.B.S. 

    Thursday, 9 November 2017


    Today was Kiwi Sport and that we are learning Badminton this term. We really enjoyed badminton because it was a challenging, seeing who can do 10 juggles with the Shuttle Cock. We were in partners doing the four hand and back hand pass. Four hand pass is when your racket is like a frying pan. You have to put your thumb on top of the rackets handle. I learnt that the back hand is similar, but you have to face the racket down so your thumb is facing down. I found back hand more challenging. I was partners with Kevin (badminton coach) and Mrs Anderson. It was challenging for both Mrs Anderson and I because it was our first time dong the back hand pass, but we did really good. We go over 20 passes. When I was with Kevin we managed to do very well. Kevin and I did 102 passes. He did the four hand pass and I did the back hand pass because I wanted to challenge myself. I learnt that India invented badminton.

    Film Festival 2017

    Yesterday was Manaikalani's 10th yearly Film Festival event. There were thirteen schools who took part in the Manaikalani which was Glenbrae, Glen Innes, Glen Taylor, Panmure Bridge, Pt England, Ruapotaka, St Patricks, St Pius X, Sommerville Special, Stonfields, Tamaki College, Tamaki Primary, and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Puau Te Moana-nui a Kiwa. LS2 had a lot fun watching all the digital schools videos. I especially liked LS1's film because they showed a lot of Confidence in their video and it was pretty fun. The picture above shows you LS2 commenting on other schools films. I commented on Tamaki Primary's, Pt England's, and our schools films.  

    Monday, 6 November 2017


    Today for Inquiry LS2 chose to write information about an animal. The animal we chose had to start with the same letter as our first name. My name starts with a O and I decided to research about Okapi. We made DLO's of our animal and how it has adapted to living in its environment. In our DLO's we put information like their habitat (where they live), diet (what they eat) what they look like etc. Did you know that there are two names that a Okapi has which is called forest giraffe and zebra giraffe. Okapis are interesting animals and they are all over Central Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I had fun researching about this animal and if you are looking for an animal to research about you should pick the Okapi. 

    Friday, 3 November 2017

    Food Tech - Chicken Guojons

    Today was tech and our cooking teacher Mrs Heka taught us how to cook chicken goujons. Our topic for food technology was all about healthy. Jeremiah and I worked collaboratively to finish our cooking and also clean our area as well. I enjoyed putting all the mixtures into our chicken. The hard thing was using the tongs to turn our chicken around because all the oil was poping out. After finish cooking our goujons we put sauce into it to make our goujons delicious.

    Wednesday, 1 November 2017

    Explanation - How Children Learn at School

    Are you aware that children watch and copy other people? Learning is important for children because they are going to grow up and become adults. Children ask a lot of questions, talk and have fun this helps them to learn and experience as they grow. 

    Firstly, children copy what they see. They copy things from other people, television and especially their parents. They are awesome observers and this will help their imagination grow. They often follow a certain role model. They listen to things that they are highly interested in. Kids also have a lot of energy.

    Kids have a lot of energy and they use this energy to play with friends ad talk. They have numerous ways to play and have fun. When they play it helps them to gain more experience in the environment they are in. Children also ask plenty of questions.

    Children ask questions when there confused. They take a lot of risk when they ask questions. They ask questions to help them understand. When they ask questions they improve the skill that there learning about.

    Learning is vital for children because they be our next generation. Children will take risk and make mistakes. They will learn with and from each other.

    This week for writing we have been practicing how to write an explanation about how children learn at school. Before writing we planned our explanation so we knew what to write in our text. Sylis and I were partners. We both worked collaboratively together to finish our work. We learnt that in an Explanation there has to be a Title, an Introduction which has a hook like a rhetorical question, Paragraph 1 2 3 and the Conclusion. The writing above shows you the explanation we wrote.