Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Angles Maths Problem

Today maths was exciting because we were finding the interior angles of triangles to 180 degrees. We were given a paper sheet with shapes that had missing angles. I learnt that the rule for finding angles is the interior angles of a triangle all add up to the same value 180 degrees. At the end we were to make a DLO with one of the shapes to discuss about. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Duffy Books

Today there was a Duffy Assembly and we were lucky enough to have Matt Johnson (Blues Rugby Player) and Taylor (BMX 4 time champion) to join us. They came to talk to us about their job and their childhood but they also talked about how reading is a huge impact to their careers. Taylor talked about how she had to read a lot as studying to be a lawyer and Matt Johnson said to us that he loved reading and talked about how education comes before sports.We also received our Duffy books and had a photo taken with it. The books I received was 500 minutes of Danger and Tom Gates, My School Project.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Setting Description - 5-7-10

The Tunnel

Image result for the tunnel forest

As I was marching along on the damp and soggy ground I heard the creaking of the forest trees and the rustling of the leaves. I strolled through the natural tunnel as it greets me. I feel the moist trees that have been sitting for centuries in this forest. I walk on the hard trunks as I hear the irritating noise of birds screaming for help as if they were attacked by a muscular animal. I smell the goodness of the forest leaves as I duck under the branches. I walk in a slothful way examining the fresh, fast flowing, river ahead of me. It feels like I have been walking for millions of hours, but this hike had only taken me thirty minutes. A large river full of fresh water was suddenly there. I glimpsed at all of the sticks from the trees floating on the river like boats skiing through side to side. There was a large bank where the water couldn’t escape, but can be used. “What are you doing you insane kid?” a man's voice whispered. I glanced back at the strange tunnel and was alarmed by the weird looking man.

As part of writing today Mrs Kirkpatrick chose a picture that we were to write a setting description about it. We were using our 5-7-10 method that helped us improved in our writing. We were to add all of the interesting things included to make a story sound good which are hyperbole, alliteration, groups of 3, dialogue etc. As always our challenge was to write 12 sentences which was pretty hard. 

Friday, 23 March 2018

Tech Reflection

Today we had our 5th session of art for tech. We were to finish off carving our drawings and then were to move to inking our art. The color of the ink had to be a light color which was yellow. After inking our piece of wood we were to put it in a A4 paper and put it on the roll presser. This will be traced on the A4 paper. We were to do 3 of these which was pretty hard.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Researching about Stephen Hawking

Unfortunately Stephen Hawking, a world renowned physicist, died on the 14th of March 2018. Sadly he had Motor Neuron Disease which meant he was not able to use his muscles. Our class decided to create a DLO about who he was and why he was famous. We wrote information about his contribution to science and how he had proved that not everything can fit in the black hole. We have focused on using our words to write sentences and also remembering to attributing the sites and photos we used.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Tense Worksheet


Identify the tense
Use the correct tense in our writing

Tense tells us when something is happening or going on. There are three main tenses: past, present, and future.

Fill in the missing words.

Past Tense
Present Tense
Future Tense
will do
I Will forget
Will break
Will try
shall hope
will ring
will speak
will write
Will fly
Will study
I went
Will go
Will speak
Will read
Will eat
Will cry

Today as part of Writing Tamaki were filling the worksheet above which had three main tense. These three tense are Past, Present, Future tense. For example ate is the past tense, eating is the present tense and will eat is the future tense. It is important to use the right tense for a specific type of story. If your writing a recount you use past tense and if your writing a explanation you use present tense. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

5 -7-10 Character Description

A solitary life but worth it for the futureImage result for the greatest library 2

Sophia was really bored as she had a solitary childhood. She lives in a neighborhood where there were a lot of athletic kids but she just wasn’t into sports, instead she liked reading. If she had one hour of free time at home or school she would usually choose to read her favorite book Alex Rider Storm breaker. Sophia had a room full of books that weren’t for her age but she understood every word that was written. She always felt satisfied at the end of the book she read, and it always felt like a new world to her. Every time it was mufti day she would wear her captivating purple t-shirt that said ‘I Love Reading’. Since she was 5 years old she would always come home from school and would read a book that left her hooked into the story. Once she is reading, she can’t get her mind off the book. She was the only girl in her school who would go to the public library and pick 3 books that were twice as big as the ones in her school library. Although, Sophia always says to herself “I do have a solitary childhood, but it is worth it for my future”.

Today for Writing my group (Tamaki) has been focusing on 5 - 7 - 10 character
description. Since we have been doing this for a long time we were to add a challenge
to it by writing only 12 sentences. This was a big challenge as we are always writing big
paragraphs mos of the time. I have included some mixture of compound and complex

Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to stand up tot bullies and cuberbullies?

Today we have been focusing on our C.A.R.E  awards (Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence). I have decided to complete one of my confidence task which was to write about how to stand up to bullies and cyberbullies. Bullies are everywhere and kids are influencing other people to join. Bullies and cyberbullies are similar but instead cyber bullying is someone who bullies a person on the internet. Bullying is not someone who is nasty to someone for one day. Bullying is a repeated cycle that happens again and again. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Scooter Quest: Round decimal numbers

Today as part of maths we started off with a warm up game which was to round decimal numbers to the nearest hundredth. At the start it was pretty hard to understand than I got use to it and figured how to solve the problem. This is game is about a boy name Jimmy who has a scooter and he has to deliver newspaper to the correct house. For you to get the newspaper to the correct house you have to know the correct answer. Each 5 houses has an answer and you have think really carefully of which answer is best. Click on This Link to play the game and enjoy. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Rising Of The Chairs

The Rising of the Chairs
resource image

Ricky Jay was a big,tall and penurious magician who always dreamed of making chairs and tables fly. He wore a torn magician hat trying to hide his bald. He wore filthy clothes that he wore nearly everyday. Ricky was really depressed as his dreams just hadn’t come true. One day Ricky decided to climb Mount Cook. As he reached the top he was amazed to see chairs rising up around him. He walked closely to them as they surrounded him. He took of his warm gloves as he heaved one of the chairs. He forced the chair to levitate side to side. He had a big smile on his face as his dreams were accomplished. Ricky smiled with delight and his eyes sparkled with pleasure. He couldn’t wait to burst his emotions in front of all the magicians who ridiculed him and told him he was a rubbish magician. All those practical practices he did helped him a lot to achieve his goals.


As part of writing this week we are learning and writing descriptive stories. Today Mrs Kirkpatrick choose a picture for us to write about. We were to write at lest 12 sentences with a mix of simple, compound and complex sentences. I learnt that a Juxtaposition is when you two things are together that are not similar or the same. For example fiction (made up story) and non-fiction (real life) or hot and cold. I have wrote a short story showing what the picture is about.

Monday, 12 March 2018

The Abandoned House - 5-7-10 Descriptive Writing

The Abandoned House

Everyone in my school is talking about how scary the abandoned house at Forest Street. They think no one in our school can go into the abandoned house not even look at it. Before I could say anything, I thought to myself, ‘would I be the first kid to see the abandoned house?’. So I decided to take the journey. I was voyaging through the damped forest searching for the abandoned house. They said that there was a family of 6 who were murdered by a man name Bram Stoker who is in prison for 20 years. I trudged past the bushes and I heard creepy noises coming towards me that was getting on my nerves. I look back and It was actually the leaves rustling around. I looked at the map and the abandoned house was 1 km away from where I was. On the map it says, “Do Not Enter The”. There were no words to finish the sentences which I was so agitated about. I wasn’t too sure about entering the abandoned house because I wasn’t brave enough. I remember the phrase my dad told me ‘If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life’. I finally reached the abandoned house just as the moon arrived in my sight. I opened the door slowly. I enter as a I take a quick selfie to prove to the kids in my school I actually went to the abandoned house. I look at the photo and something shocking came to my sight. There was a thin man behind me. I rapidly look back and there was no one to be seen. I think the kids in my school were right. It’s pretty creepy in here. I sprinted towards the river so I can have another look of the creepy man who was in my photo. I ran towards the city and was relieved to be back. Even though I didn’t stay long at the abandoned house I still have proof that I went there. There is also a picture to show students in my school. I thought to myself, ‘people in my school will be shock to hear what I've done’.


Today for Writing Mrs Kirkpatrick chose a picture then we had to write a descriptive writing about the picture. The picture was based on a boy holding a map in the middle of the forest. The expectations were to use a mix of simple, compound and complex sentences. I have used all three and have highlighted it (Simple is yellow, Compound is purple, Complex is pink). We used 5-7-10 as part of writing. The 5-7-10 method is when you have 5 minutes to write as much sentences as you can about the picture. For this you don't need to worry about any spelling mistakes. Then you have 7 minutes to talk with your buddy about your story. During this 7 minutes you can use DRAFT (Delete, Rearrange, Add, Fix, Talk) to fix your story. You also use constructive feedback and feedfoward with your partner. After that you 10 minutes to finish writing your story.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Gold C.A.R.E Award - Interviewing a Security Guard

As part of being a school leader I decided to finish of one of the Confidence Gold task for my C.A.R.E award. I completed one of the Confidence task which was to interview a person with a job you are interest in. I decided to interview a security guard name Pardeep who has been working as a security guard for 1 month at the Panmure Library. He is a really nice person and was really eager to answer my questions. I think this task is my favorite out of all the other C.A.R.E award task I've completed. 

Gold C.A.R.E Award - Learn, Create, Share

As part of our Gold C.A.R.E awards for Confidence I worked with a group of my friends to create a display for our classroom. This task was different from others since it was to create one with my teacher. So for this task some of us used our problem solving skills to form the phrase Learn, Create, Share with our bodies. We didn't want to print it (like always) out because we wanted to be creative. Our Learn, Create, Share phrase is our pedagogy which means the way how we are taught in our school. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

How can I become an Agent of Change?

This week LS2 is focusing on how to be an agent in our learning this year. An agent of change is someone who steps up for someone else and also them self. For example if someone someone is stuck in working something in either maths, reading or writing you could go ask them for help instead of leaving them behind. Today as part of the Agent of change task Mrs Anderson took a picture of us standing next to the Agent of change sign. I think everyone in my class can be an Agent of change by following our C.A.R.E (Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence & Innovation) values and showing them towards teachers, visitors and other students. 

Tech Reflection - Art

Today we had our third tech session with our art teacher Mrs Telefoni. We were finishing of our drawings from last week and colored them in to make them look outstanding. The rule was, you had to use 5 colors and two of them had to be yellow and white. After coloring them we were to transfer our drawing into a cardboard piece of wood. One of my favorite drawings of my art was the palm tree. The palm tree represents the land of my culture (Tonga). It also represents the tradition food we eat from the palm tree which is the coconut. Believe me or not it is nice.