Thursday, 12 April 2018

Winter Olympics

Rhys Thornbury is a 28 year old man who represented New Zealand in the Winter Olympics for skeleton,
he came 8th place. He is from Perth, Australian and was formerly a weapons technician in the RAF.
Did you know that he was interested in rugby like most kiwi boys, but he wanted to stick to skeleton
and see his country (New Zealand) have the experience and strength in the sport skeleton.  

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Opinions/Maori Contingent War Heroes

For our reading task today we were to create a group DLO writing our own opinions on why we should remember the Maori contingent's soldiers. Most students in my group agree that we should remember the soldiers. Jeremiah had disagreed and said we should not remember them because they had a small impact during World War 1 (We doubted him but that was his opinion). After writing our opinions we were to research a Maori contingent war hero.We each had to explain a littler bit about them and what achievements they've succeeded as being in both World War 1 or 2. 

Maori Battalion - Summary & Feedback

As part of learning about the Maori Battalion we read the text and wrote down the words we were unsure of or interested in. After reading the text we wrote a short summary using our words we wrote down. We wrote this summary in our reading groups and worked collaboratively to gather information about what happened in the story. After creating our summary we were to partner up with someone in our group and give constructive feedback and feedfoward to each other. We also asked questions to our partners to see if they understood the story well. As you can see I was working collaboratively with Fraidoon and in my opinion I think he was able to answer my questions very well.

Angles - Multiple Rays

Today was our last maths session for this term and we have been learning a lot about angles. Today we were given a worksheet and we were to measure the angles that we were given using our protractor. At first it was challenging because Fraidon and I had different techniques so were unsure of which answer was right or wrong. So we both measured again and had the same answer. I think for next time we just need to measure the shapes accurately and also take our time. After filling the worksheet we were to make a DLO with a partner explaining the process we used to get our answers. Fraidon and I also included how you can use a protractor as it was one of our task. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Maori Battalion

Image result for the maori battalion

This term we have been focusing on the Treaty of Waitangi and have now moved on reading about the Maori Battalion. As you have heard the Maori Battalion was a group of inhabitant people who were in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force fighting in World War 1. I have learnt that young men at the age of 15 were trying to enroll to be in the group but most of them had their birth certificate and according to it few of them lied about their age. I have learnt that only men who are at least 20 years old could join. At first there were 2,500 Maori men who were eager to fight in the war because they believed this it was their duty and responsibility. The problem was only British settlers were allowed. Suddenly British settlers had lack of attendance and didn't have much men to fight so they asked the Maori tribe to help out. I think it will be a lot of fun learning about the Maori Battalion and how they became to be an extraordinary group.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Table Master - 8 Time Tables

Today LS2 were focusing on posting unfinished work on their blogs. I decided to go on table master (Timetables game) and try improve in my 8 timetables. I knew my 8 timetables and that was the good part. In this quiz there is 20 questions and you are timed answering those 20 questions. The hard part is trying to answer the questions in the fastest way you can.This is a really challenging game where you have to be very quick. At the end of the quiz it shows you how many second you scored. I got 23 seconds, but I think for next time I will aim for 20-21 seconds.  

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Group Kahoot

Past the previous weeks in reading Mrs Anderson groups have been reading different stories that were leading towards the Treaty of Waitangi. Then we were to create a group kahoot that had 10 questions about the stories we read. One of the common questions was when was the treaty signed including the year, month and date. For this quiz we were to collaborate as a group about what the answer was. There were some tricky questions because people had the same words for their answers but one of the words were written differently (e.g - tobacco - tobaco).