Monday, 20 August 2018

Maths Week|Scale Drawing

Last week LS2 has been doing scale drawings for Maths Week. This is my second time doing this and I think I've done better than last year. Last year I drew a NBA player name Lebron James. This year I decided to draw a animated character from Naruto which is Ashura. Our ratio was the same as last year which is 1:2. The hardest part was for me was drawing the enlargement which I need to improve on. The best part about scale drawing was coloring it in because it made the picture look more alive and stand out. If I was to do this again in secondary school such as graphics class I think I will need to work on drawing my enlargement and making sure it is measured properly and I would probably draw a cartoon person such as Stewie Griffin. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Transum|Table master|6 Timetable

Today for self management I went on transum and played a online maths game called table master and I did my 6 time tables. I answered 20 questions based on the 6 time tables and got all of them right. First I did it in 26 seconds and when I did it again I improved being at 22 seconds. In comparison of both of the score I was only 4 seconds faster than my first score. The trickiest timetable was 6 x 9. This was a fun maths game but challenging. If you would like to go on it click here

Kiwi Can Reflection

Image result for kiwi can

Today was our 4th session of Kiwi Can and Mr Matt was our Kiwi Can tutor. First we talked about the theme and the topic for this week. Our theme is still resilience which means bouncing back from difficulties or challenges. Our topic for this week is problem solving. Problem solving is when you work together with someone or in a team to share ideas and find the best solution to a difficult problem. We also talked about how we can problem solve in a maths class. For example if a person tries to copy you in a maths problem you can solve it by telling the teacher or if your kind you can help them. After discussing the topic and theme then we moved onto on our energizer. Our energizer game was called rock paper scissors. In this game you are to rock paper scissors with someone and if you loose you are to go on knees. Once you are on your knees you are to verse someone who's on there knees. If you loose then you sit out of them game. If you win and your on your knees then you get back up and verse another person. This game was played until last person standing. Next we played our activity which was the best Kiwi Can game. This game was called hand soccer which is similar to soccer but you have to use your hands to control the ball. I really enjoyed this game because it made us fatigued which was good.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Online Maths Game|Ordering Decimals

Today LS2 was finishing off their scale drawings which we did with Ms Kirkpatrick. A few people have finished so we were to play an online game. I played a maths game which was based on ordering decimals. This decimal game had up to 2 decimal places for example if I was to round 4.632 to two decimal places it will either be rounded to 4.63 or 4.64. If 4.632 was to be rounded to 2 decimal places it would be 4.32 because it is the closes number to 2 decimal places. The game was pretty easy because I got a score of 6 out of 6 in the time that was given. The screenshot above is not my actual score, it was taken when I was playing my first game. If you would like to go on this game click here.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Kiwi Can Session 3

Today was our 3rd session of Kiwi Can. We had Mr Matt Only since Ms Lily was sick. First we reviewed what our theme and topic is. Our theme for this term Resilence which means bouncing back from challenge and never giving up. Our topic for this term is Goal Setting which is when you set a little goals for something you want to achieve or accomplish. One of my goal for this term is to aim over 250 blog post this year. My goal for sports is to win all basketball games to make it to the finals. In Kiwi Can we also talked about how we can celebrate achieving our goals. For example what it if I make it to the Auckland Under 13's team. I would probably celebrate by having a BBQ or going to a restaurant. Our energizer was called snatch the cone. This game was very simple. First we made a round shape with a rope and then everyone was to stand outside of the circle. Then Mr Matt put some cones inside the circle. What we were to was when Mr Matt said the word go we were to react fast and try to snatch a cone from inside the circle. It sounds a bit dull but we were energized. Soon for our activity we played Golden Child. Basically for this game there is two teams. One team who are called the shooters and the other team who are called the runners. The shooters have to shoot the ball in the hoop and try get it in. The runners have to run around the basketball court and if the shooters shoot and make a the ball in the hoop the runner has to stop. If the shooter doesn't get it in then the runner can still run until reaching the end of the court. The last runner is the Golden Child. The Golden Child is the person who runs around the court unfreezing everyone who got out. Then the Golden Child and the other runners run until they reach the end. If the Golden Child make it with the other runners they win but if someones shoots and get it in then the Golden Child and his runners are out. This was a energized and amazing game.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Gold Attitude C.A.R.E Award - Respect Leader/David Lange

As part of Self Management I've finished one of my Gold Attitude C.A.R.E Award which is based on a respected leader. The task was to research a New Zealander who has a positive attitude despite difficulties they have faced. I decided to choose David Lange. David Lange was New Zealand 32nd Prime Minister and served from 1984 to 1989. He is an inspirational man and had to overcome huge obstacles and barrier such as fighting for the Member of Parliament for Hobson electorate which he lost. David Lange never gave up his chances and later he won the Mangere seat by landslide. Landslide is when someone get an enormous majority of votes for their party or to become Prime Minister. He also was elected as the leader for the labor party. In 1984 he then was elected as prime minister for New Zealand. We thank him for his bravery and introducing the 'No Nukes' policy meaning that Americans would never sail nuclear ships into New Zealand's water. This was to keep the peace between America and New Zealand. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Rugby League Interschools

Today was the Rugby League Inter schools. This wasn't an usual tournament because there was only 3 teams including us. The teams were Pt England, Sylvia Park, and Panmure Bridge. Instead of playing the team once we played them twice. We were hoping to at least win two of our games which we did. Our first game was against Sylvia Park. We made meters and broke the deference line. At the end we won making it 4-3. We had a bye then we versed Pt England. Pt England had a big team, but that didn't change our hopes of giving up. We did good on attacking but we lacked defense and lost 7-2. We were the only team out of Sylvia Park and us to score against Pt England which we were happy about. Our third game was against Sylvia Park. We communicated to each other on defense and won the game 7-3. Our last game was against Pt England. We tried to improve from our first game against Pt England. Our main focus was defense which we did pretty well on, but we missed some of our tackles. We attacked Pt England strong and at the end the score was 6-3. I was happy because I scored 6 tries (1 try against Pt England, and 5 try's against Sylvia Park). Thank you to Mr Ogilvie for coaching and preparing us and also supervising us today.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Cook Island Language Week

This week is Cook Island language week and we respect their culture by embarrassing it. We then made a DLO talking about the traditional foods and dances, phrases/sayings, it's flag and prime minister, a map of Cook Island and also Travel information for example how many hours it would to go from here (New Zealand) to Cook Island. I learnt that the 15 stars on the Cook Island flag stand for the 15 islands that make up Cook Island, which is Tongareva, Rakahanga, Manihiki, Pukapuka, Nassau, Suwarrow, Palmerston, Aitutaki, Manuae, Takutea, Atiu, Mitiaro, Mauke, Rarotonga, and Mangaia. I've also learnt that the capital of Cook Island is Avarua which is well known for their amazing beaches and shopping centers. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu - Quad Blogging

Today we have focused on Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu which is Quad Blogging. In LS2 we have blogging buddies form 2 different school which are Karoro School and Paparoa Range School who come from the South Island. Today we were chosen a buddy from Karoro School and was to comment on their blogs. I commented on Sean blog who recently has 12 blog post. I commented on his Space Project DLO and was shock to see how many work he has put into his DLO. I think Sean has done an amazing work. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Whare Hauora Blessing

Panmure Bridge School is the home of New Zealand's first medicube. The purpose of this new building is to make sure that children are fit for school and that they get a sense of focus so that they do not worry about getting sick. Our nurses will carry on doing a good job and making sure we are alright for school. Like every new building at Panmure Bridge School the Maori blessing took place early in the morning and as we are in kapa haka we were asked to perform an item and represent our school. Our song was He Honore which was a nice soft song that we sang to with just an acoustic guitar. We were all proud of our efforts and it was a honour to partake in this event. The Kaumatua went around the medicube blessing the building in Maori. We all followed the visitors into the medicube looking at the space the health nurses are fortunate to receive.

Do we all have the same chance of having a healthy sleeping?

This week we have been separated into READ groups. In my group was Jeremiah, Freeman, Nyjah, Mataio and Affonso. Our task was to find out why sleep is so important for humans. One of the questions we were aiming as a group was Do all humans have the same chance of having a healthy sleeping? First we we focused only on our group and asked if we have the same chance of sleeping. We all said yes, but that hadn't mean that everyone has the same chance of sleeping because we explored other kids around the world you don't have a healthy sleep like us. A kid in Brazil sleeps on couches outside and a kid from Cambodia sleep on tyres and picks rubbish early in the morning. By learning why sleep is so important for us we also came through a work called inferring. Inferring means when you read between the lines and find hints in the text to answer a questions or guessing that something is true. Sleeping is important for your mental health because it restores our bodies and helps our brains to make strong memories and process about any information. People who don't have enough sleep or have sleeping problem can get to trouble as it can lead to disease such as heart & kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.
Here is the link to where kids sleep from all around the world. 

Friday, 27 July 2018


This week as part of Inquiry LS2 have been exploring different careers and jobs. There is a different between and career and a job. A career is something that you want to do in your future as a job such as a NRL player and a job is a regular work that a person does to earn money for a living such as being a mechanical engineering. First Mrs Anderson gave us a site where we were to answer a few job/careers we were interested for example "How interested are to join in a work that involves: sport and recreation". There were 78 different kinds of jobs and the answers we were to pick were: not interested, neutral, fairly interested or, very interested. After we've answered all our questions were were given many choices of jobs/careers we might be interested to do in the future. Soon after that we were to get into partners, but the partners had to have the similar job. I had a lot of mechanical engineering jobs listed and jobs including vehicles. At the end we shared with the class what we wanted to be in the future and also our salary. In the future I want to be a pilot and this job if you fly domestic routes (e.g Auckland to Christchurch) you earn an amount of $50K - $190K per year and if you fly international routes (e.g New Zealand to Australia) your earn $80K-$300K.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

My Rugby Match Against Mangere East

Image result for pakuranga jaguars

This week was our second to last game before the season ends. My team Pakuranga Broncos Under 14's verse Mangere East. Everyone wanted to see this game because we were versing for 5th and 6th place. We really wanted to come 5th so we had to really work hard both in our defense and attack. The position I was playing was halfback (No.6). In the first half we were focused on communicating to each other and doing a lot of gang tackling (when a group of people tackle a person). We did really well but Mangere East used a lot of their forwards to break through our defense line and score 3 tries against us only loosing 1 conversation which made it 16 -0. Then in the second half Lomio (loose forward No.13) managed to score a try loosing the conversion making it 16-4. Then Mangere East scored two more tries loosing their conversation making it 24-4. Soon Lomio scored another try loosing the conversion making it 24-8. Then I managed to score us 2 tries making it 24-16 (loosing the conversions). Then Mangere East managed to score 2 more tries which made the score to 36-16. At the end one of our best prop Pio scored our last try making it 36-20 (we didn't get the last conversion in). We were happy even though we lost because we only played with 9 players and they had 13 players (which is a full team). I think next time my team needs to fix on the little errors such as knock on's, forward passes, high tackling etc.   

Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Rugby Match against Papakura

Image result for pakuranga jaguars

Today was our third to last game of rugby league before the season ends. today the Under 14's (my rugby team) had an amazing game of football because we verse one of our rivals which was the Papakura Griffins. It was great to see how all supporters were there. Everyone was really excited for this game and also the supporters. Today I played number 6 which is one of the half (the ones who does the moves or plays). Everyone showed a lot of sportsmanship to each others but there was a little brawl in the beginning of the first half of the game. Papakura only had 12 players on the field and we underestimated them but fifteen minutes later Papakura scored against us which made it 4-0. Soon they scored another try making it 8-0 (loosing the conversions). Luckily in the first half I scored my teams the first try in the game which made it 8-4. Unfortunately at the end we lost 24-8. I think next time my team needs to communicate a little bit more to each other and also slide left/right when it's defense time.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Tech Reflection - Cooking

It is the last week of the term meaning we will not learn anything for the nest two week (holidays). Today we cooked Meat Pies with Mrs Tuipolotu. It was interesting to see how people were cooping with challenges of cooking the meat pies because there were some onions that were over cooked and some of the ham was not cooked fully so they had to cook the ham for another 5-10 minutes. At the end everyone was happy of what they cooked and enjoyed their Meat Pie. We are looking forward to see what were going to cook for next terms sessions.

Here is the Recipe:

Step 1 - Dice the onion, ham, and mince

Step 2 - Fry the onion first, and then ham, and mince

Step 3 - Add the sauce, soya, sauce, and cornflour, mix herbs

Step 4 - Place the pastry on the round baking tin foil

Step 5 - Pour all your meat in and bake 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

The La Jument Lighthouse | France

One of Mr Johnson's homework challenge was to read the given site about the La Jument lighthouse in France. Most of us did the homework set for us and came back to school and shared the information with others. The La Jument lighthouse is located in the west-coast of France near Brittany. This lighthouse is famous because of the photos that was taken by a second prize winner of World Press photographer name Jean Guichard who was born in 1952 in France, Paris. This had a story to it which is written on the DLO above. It talks about how Jean Guichard circles the lighthouse and takes photo of the big waves pounding into the lighthouse. Suddenly the owner of the lighthouse (Therodore Malgorn) heard the helicopter and cane to seek if it was help. He came outside but then the waves were about to come so he went back inside. Luckily he was saved by Jean Guichard and the helicopter pilot through another exit. Apparently according to Mr Johnson's hypothesis Theodore Malgorn was fired from looking after the lighthouse because of his careless actions towards the lighthouse.  

Pros (Positive) and Cons (Negative)

Today as one of Mr Johnson's activities we went into our groups and discussed what the negative part of living in a lighthouse is and what the positive parts of living in a lighthouse is. In my perspectives I think the most negative or boring thing living in a lighthouse is not playing or doing your favorite thing such as playing rugby or for some men's drinking alcohol at a bar and hanging out with your friends. I think there is a lot of postie things living in a lighthouse such as: No paying bills, Fishing, or you can exercise by walking up and down the stairs to get to where you want to go. I think the most positive think of living in a lighthouse is you don't need to drive to work and being late because you're already sleeping at work which means all you have to do is wake up and it's work time. As you can see the photo above is the list of the pro's and con's you might deal with if your living in a lighthouse. In my opinion I wouldn't work in a lighthouse because you don't have neighbors (which means your lonely) and when the milk is finish who's going to deliver you more milk? 

Lighthouse for Sale | Burnham High Lighthouse Advertisement

This week Mr Johnson has been teaching us about different lighthouses such as the La Jument lighthouse in France and also the Nugget Point Lighthouse which is located in the region of Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. Mr Johnson seted a task for us which was to make an advertisement of any lighthouse around the world. I went on lighthouses for sale and saw the Burnham Hight Lighthouse which is located at Burnham Sea in England. I was to exchange the Birtish pounds into New Zealand dollars and Iv'e noticed that in New Zealand if you were to buy the lighthouse it would cost more than you would to buy it with British pounds. This lighthouse has three bedrooms and it also has a Lantern room at the top of the lighthouse. It also has an amazing view where you can see the ocean. 

ASB Getwise Reflection

Today we had Jayden from ASB who came to talk to us how saving money is very important in our lives. To help us perceive the message that saving money is important Jayden created a game where we were splitted into 5 groups and pretend we went to Fiji. We had a budget of $1,800 and was to spend it wisely on before we went to Fiji like our passport, the flights, accommodation, Insurance and the money were going spend at Fiji for things such as food, groceries, and activities (like swimming with the sharks). There were a range of choices for some of the subjects such as flights had two prices. One price was $200 where you are in a seat that's uncomfortable or a flight for $700 where you have luxury seat and also food ordered to you. Our group (which was group 3) decided to take the cheaper options than the expensive which was a good idea. At the end we were happy because we cam 2nd.  

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Celebration at P.B.S

Today P.B.S held a special Matariki celebration and also gathered families and friends. At the Matariki ceremony there were also the kindergarten kids who are next to our school. We celebrated Matariki by sharing cultural group items, performances such as the drumming group, and also food which we had delicous sausages. First every one were singing our waiata song we always sing at assembly which is He Hone Rei. This was a really enjoyable song to sing with families and friends. After that the Kapa Haka group performed their items and also managed to do the Haka. It was really great to see how everyone was really confident and representing their culture. Everyone was shocked of how Joseph (Haka Leader) started the Haka off. Soon after the Kapa Haka's performance we had the drumming group who were outstanding. It was really good to see how each of them were on the same beat. I think the drumming group did a great job because they'd only practice today for 1 hour. Soon we had the Ukulele group performing the song Lean on me by Bill Withers. This was a really amazing song which everyone was singing to. Our last group performance was the Pasifika group. In my perspectives I think this was my best performance I've seen today because of the dances and also the drumming. At the end we enjoyed sausages. I would like to say a bit thank you to Mrs Whaia Odie who planned to celebrate this ceremony and also to other teachers and students who help set up the celebration. 

Chicago Sport Teams | Research

This week Mrs Anderson has come from the United States, Chicago, Illinois and has shared some amazing information about her trip and her conference. As Mrs Anderson and Ms Kirkpatrick went to Chicago we have created group DLO's about the main team sports that they play in Chicago such as the Chicago Bulls NBA team or the Chicago Black Hawks Ice Hockey team. There were 5 specific teams that we were to do which are: Black Hawks (Hockey Team), Chicago Bulls (Basketball Team), White Sox (Baseball Team), Cubs (Another Baseball Team), and Chicago Bears (American Football Team). We have include some information and facts about all teams and also attributed photos of their logos and stadiums. We had 5 people in our groups witch meant we had a fair amount of work to finish. 

Nugget Point Lighthouse | Brief History

For the past few days Mr Johnson has been has been teaching LS2 about the different lighthouses in New Zealand. There are 23 active lighthouse and 75 beacons. My group who are Alex, Avalon, Carl, Joshua W and I have picked one of the active lighthouse Nugget Point Lighthouse which is operated by a company called Maritime New Zealand. This lighthouse was automated in 1989 but before that there were a couple who looked after the lighthouse. There names were Walter Hutton Champion and his wife Alice. Nugget Point lighthouse can be found in Otago which is in the region of the South Island of New Zealand. The DLO above explains a brief history of Nugget Point house such as how it was operated during different times and also the specifications about the lighthouse. 

Information Poster about Matariki

L.I - Researching about Matariki

This week LS2 and LS1 are working collaboratively learning about the history of Matariki. We were in small groups of 4 and was to explore the history of Matariki. I have worked collaboratively with Julian and Chris, Alayah, and Farzanan who were from LS1. First we watched a video about what Matariki is and the how they celebrate it. We gathered all information we heard from the video and learnt a lot of information such as; Before Maori people had calender's they observed time using real life events such as following the plants, flowers or the movement of the stars in the sky. At the end we made an information poster writing down all facts we collected on our piece of paper. Matariki is a important mark of the Maori New year and it's time to remember the past and plan for the future. It is a great event where families and friends come together and enjoy their time embracing Matariki and also cultural groups. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

National Young Leader Day Reflection

National Young Leader Day (aka) is a remarkable event that helps build many student leadership skills. This was an amazing opportunity for 6 leader from our school to go to this event because we heard amazing stories about people who overcame social barriers. People such as Lisa Tamati, Amanda Wilson, Riley Hathaway were some people who inspired me, saying don't be afraid of being different from others and don't let others put you down. The person who was the most inspirational for me was Riley Hathaway because she looked after marine life animals and is determined to keep the ocean clean. She said that everyone can face their fears and overcome their obstacles by believing in themselves. At the end of the event we were lucky to have Vince Harder who is a New Zealand pop recording artist. He had inspired a lot of people with his singing. He left a powerful message saying to always follow you personal passion, achieve it to the end, and gain information about what you want to be in the future.

History of M&M's

M&M's is a popular chocolate all around the world and is sold in most countries. This week we have been looking at the history of M&M's with Mr Johnson (substitute teach - aka principal). We have discovered a lot of information such as; Every single M&M are sold to more than 4 million people are manufactured in the United States. It is said that the owner off M&M's who's name is Mars got the idea from soldiers who were eating a lenti-shaped chocolate during the Spanish civil war. Researching about M&M's was also part of math task since we talked about the ratio for the colors of the m&m's that is found in a packet. People had different results but the numbers that were common were 52, 53, 54, 55, and 56. We were all surprised because we though that every m&m packet had the same amount of m&m's and and there were equal amount of colors. This helped me learn something new I didn't know about. Today we presented our M&M's DLO to our class and also our teachers Mrs Anderson and Mr Johnson. Everyone in our group participated in the group work and shared the same amount of work to the audience. The most attractive piece of work that was on our DLO was the gif our group made. When we presented our work we were really confidence but the only think that was wrong was we weren't organised with our notes which we have to work on for next time. Today I have learnt a fact from a group in my class which, scientist replaced red over orange because they thought red was the meaning of cancer.

Poetry - The Inchape Rock | Verse 10

This week, while both our teachers were off to Chicago, America for a conference we had Mr Johnson. We studied a old fashioned poetry called the Inchape Rock. We read all 17 verses and were to only pick one and make a DLO about and explain what the verse meant. I decided to choose verse 10 which it says "Sir Ralph the Rover sail'd away, He scour'd the sea for many a day; And now grown with plunder'd store, He steers his course for Scotland's shore". I have picked this verse because it tells that Sir Ralph was a really imperfect and bad private because he has stolen a lot of money from other privates. To make the verse stand out we were to illustrate the verse by adding pictures that connected to the verses. As you can see I have added a picture of a pirate stealing treasure.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Football Inter school - Gold Attitude

Attitude is one of our school values and a lot of people show this quality during school but also when representing our school in outside functions such as NYLD (National Young Leaders Day) or sports inter schools. For one of my C.A.R.E award I made a DLO talking about the Football Inter School that happened recently this term. Our teams showed a lot of our school values especially showing respect to other school teams. We also showed a lot of Confidence and pride in our games and represented out school in a positive way. At the end our school had amazing results as one of the year 7 & 8 team came 1st place and our year 5 & 6 team came 3rd place. In our school everyone plays a variety of sports but soccer the most best sport in our school and also some peoples most personal passion. As most of us know the FIFA world cup is happening this year in Russia and most teams are getting good results. 

Monday, 25 June 2018

My Personal Passion - Excellence & Innovation

Many people embrace a lot of sports and rugby is one of those sports that many people play or watch. For one of my Excellence & Innovation task I was to create a DLO explaining what my personal passion is. People have a lot of personal passion such as playing soccer, singing, learning about war, play video games but my personal passion that has sticked with me for a long time is watching NRL. NRL stands for National Rugby League. NRL is a league of professional men's rugby league teams in Australia and New Zealand. For those who don't know there is 15 NRL teams from Australia and one team for New Zealand which is the Vodafone Warriors. I love watching NRL from a really young age and still love it. I really love watching NRL because it gives me unique skills for my rugby games such as knowing how to tackle, pass and run. 

Mrs Linda (Mentor) - Gold Excellence & Innovation

For one of my C.A.R.E award task I was to make a DLO talking about a mentor in our school. I decided to talk about a hard working mentor name Mrs Linda. Her hard work is appreciated in our class and students really like the way she makes our learning enjoyable. Mrs Linda helps student from year 5-8 with difficulties in learning areas such as Reading, Maths, Writing and also help teacher with their duties. Mrs Linda shows many qualities to all students and teachers and shows great sense of humor. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Linda for all her participation into our learning and her hard work towards helping students and teachers.   

Friday, 22 June 2018

Food Tech Reflection

Today was our 5th session of food tech with Mrs Tuipolotu (cooking teacher). We were really excited because this was our second time cooking it and we know how delicious the muffins are. We followed the 3 instructions that were compulsory which is follow the instructions, correctly measure the ingredients and being able to read the ingredients properly. I worked with Jeremiah to cook 12 chocolate chip muffins and we enjoyed cooking together. The most important thing we learnt today is to not under mix or over mix our ingredients because if you over mix the muffins the air in the mixture will decrease and if you under mix the mixture the muffins will look really heavy and dents like a rock. If, next time I was to cook chocolate chips muffin I would change something which is to mix more because in my mixture it showed some flowers which meant I didn't mix my ingredient properly. Thank you to Mrs Tuipolotu for teaching us how to cook Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe:

Step 1 - 1, 1/2 cup of Sugar.Flour

Step 2 - 1/2 cup of sugar

Step 3 - 1/2 cup of oil, 1/2 cup of ,milk

Step 4 - 1/4 cup of cocoa, chocolate chips

Step 5 - 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

Step 6 - 1 egg

Step 7 - Mix all ingredients and scoop 1 teaspoons each muffin into muffin tray

Step 8 - Bake 180 degrees for 15 minutes

Monday, 18 June 2018

Academic Achievements - Gold Excellence & Innovation

For one of my C.A.R.E award tasks I was to create a DLO writing all my academic achievements. I have done a lot of things this term such as representing my school at the Manaikalani Ambassador showcase which is where other Manaikalani cluster schools come together and share their work. I always try to perform the best I can in every area of learning and sports. The most fearless academic achievements I've overcame is presenting my work to big audience. When I first started presenting my work to audience last year I was a bit sheepish, but right now I have a high level of confidence and will present my work to the best I can. I am also proud of myself because I have 7 badges which is my silver: Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence & Innovation and I have got my gold Respect badge. I got my Manaikalani Ambassador badge and also the NYLD (national young leaders day) badge. 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Own Task:Created with my teacher - Gold Excellence & Innovation

Today there were 8 students including me who were picked to go into the Junior rooms and help them with their Reading, Maths, and blogging skills but today we only focused on helping the juniors read their books and with their maths. It was really interesting to see how the juniors were very interactive with their learning. Mele, Tiava and I went to Room 3 (year 1's) and loved the way the kids worked because they were accountable with their own learning. First we were to read with a junior student and then ask them a couple of questions about the books for example what is the name of the bear who fell down? Or which shop did James love the most? This will help them understand anything they read a lot more better and will expand their knowledge. We tried our best to get through everyone. Through out our lesson we got the chance to see what they do on their iPads. On their iPads we went on their maths site and helped them solve out their maths equations. We also went on Sunshine Classics (a digital program for reading) and heard them reading their book that is set for their own reading levels. We taught some of the student how to sound out words such as shouted and shopping. It was really enjoyable being with the Juniors and learning with them. Hopefully the Juniors will apply the knowledge we have taught them in the future. 

Tech Reflection

Today was our 5 session of food tech but our first tome cooking a savoury meal with Mrs Tuipolotu (cooking teacher). Today Jeremiah and I baked 12 quiches. Cooking the quiches was pretty easy for me since I've already made them at home. Mrs Tuipolotu taught us how to whisk and also how to prepare all the equipment we need to cook. At the end we took a photo of our master piece and the fun part was enjoying our delicious quiches. Thank you to Mrs Tuipolotu for teaching us how to make quiches.

Steps to cooking Quiches:

Step 1 - Cut the pastry into 12 pieces. Past into muffin tray

Step 2 - Dice Ham + Add ham and cheese into the muffin tray

Step 3 - Whisk 4 eggs with 1/2 cup of milk. Dip in top of ham & cheese. Bake 180 degress for 15 minnutes.

Kiwi Sport Reflection

For Kiwi sport this week we played a simple game called Rush Tag which is similar to bull rush but instead you have to try and take the rippas from the opponents. It was a really competitive game because some people had really good stepping techniques such as Jona and Junior. After this we finished of with a game of Rippa Rugby. For this game we were splited into 3 teams since we had a big group. Our goal for attacking (running the ball) is to pass the ball to someone that can find a space to run and our goal for defending (tagging the opponents) was to spread out, make not gaps for the attacking team, and run towards the attacking team as a line. At the end we were really fatigued but had a really enjoyable time with Hamish (coach).

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

This week was our 5th session of Kiwi Can with Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Kiwi Can is a really supportive guideline group that explore a lot of qualities and values that can make us a better person in the future. Our theme is the same which is Integrity (which means doing the right thing when know one is looking) although we have a new module which is Accountability. Accountability means when someone is responsible for their own actions. At school I can live with accountability by making sure I finish all work that is need to be finished and also bringing my PE on Thursday for Kiwisport and Rugby League training. Our energizer we played was called 'copy me.' For this game Mr Matt had a pile of cards from Ace (1) to Kings. On the whiteboard it had all the card numbers as it was said from Ace (1) to Kings. The game was played when Mr Matt gave us a card for example '9' and then there was a certain task we had to do on the board, such as 10 star jumps in 10 seconds or act like a zombie for 5 seconds. The goal was to see who got the most cards at the end. Our activity today was called 'Green light' which most of us have played before. We were to get into partners and then make a circle. One partner had to be in front of the circle and the other had to be behind.The game was played when Miss Lily says green light which means switch positions. If she says red light the person in front of the circle was to carry his partner. If Miss Lily says yellow light we were to sit on our partners lap and if she says Fruit Salad the person behind of the circle was to power walk behind the circle. The goal was to not be the last person to get back to your position.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Comrades Ultra marathon Research Challenge

The comrades ultra marathon was reconginsed of a ex-member of the armed force who wanted to remember his fellow soldiers who had passed away in the war. The first comrade ultra marathon started in 1921 with 34 people from age of 20 years and older, compared to the 2018 comrade ultra marathon (that happened on Sunday, June 10) there was 20,000 people who took part in the ultra marathon that was 90 km long. This is a really common sport now and even people from the age of 80 years old continue to run this event. In my perspectives I think this is a really fun sport even though your running for a long time, but you have a lot of people around you that encourage you to never give up. Most people in this race are determined to do this race and determined to get a Gold medal. As part of our reading task we were to create a DLO about the comrade ultra marathon. In my group there was Jeremiah, San Kyaw, Tiava and me. We included relevant information such as the map showing the two destinations of the race, the qualities possessed by comrade runners. Why?, why is there a cut of time?, how might the runners feel if they got pulled out of the race, words and definitions of the qualities we wrote, and also photos/videos that showed the 5 qualities we wrote down. Our group really enjoyed researching about the comrade ultra marathon and hope that one day we try out this race. 

Maths Problem | Involving Money

Today for our rich task Ms Kirkpatrick gave us a word problem to solve out which included 7 students and $202 that had to be given out. I have worked collaboratively with Jeremiah. We found this word problem easy because there were a methods we used which was reading the word problem backwards. This sounds unusual but it helped Jeremiah and I found our answers. The person who received the most money was Melisa who earned $49 and the person who received the less money was Liz who earned $7. I enjoyed solving out this problem and hope to do another one that is based on money and fractions.  

Mathman | Fractions of a number

Today for maths we started of with a warm up game called Mathman, Fractions of a number that helps us with our fraction knowledge. For this game you are to answer a fraction equation like 1/5 of 10 or 2/7 of 14. This was a easy game because I used the cross multiplication method to get my answers. There are 8 levels and I reached level 7 which I think is pretty good. I also got 29 correct answers which is my high score. I think next I can aim to reach level 8 and to get more correct answers. If you would like to go on this game click on this link.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Fractions of an amount

For maths today we solved fraction equations. First we solved the first three with our teacher (Ms Kirkpatrick) then we were to do the rest by ourselves. For these equations I solved it by using a different method from my teacher which is the cross multiplication which of course you have to use your multiplication skills. At the end we were to choose one equation from the 10 fractions problems we solved. I decided to pick equation number 9 which is based on Mr Wong's weight. I found this problem a bit easy because the method I used (which was the cross multiplication) was easy to use. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Read 3 novels in a term - Gold Excellence & Innovation

Today we were focusing on our C.A.R.E awards. I've decided to finish one of my gold confidence which for it you were to read three novels in a term. For this task I read three interesting and entertaining books called Alex Rider (Storm breaker) which I rate 7-10 because the end was a bit a dull, Time Hunters (Gladiator Clash) which I rate 10-10 because at the start it hooked me in right to the end of the story. My favorite part is when Tom and Isis Amun-Ra was fighting Hilarus because Hilarus was a very strong gladiator, but Tom and Isis Amun-Ra got away with the amulet and also away from Hilarus. The third book I read was called Minion (book of the film) which is a very funny but entertaining books because they speak a very different language from English. My favorite part of this book was when they had the dinosaur as their leader and how the dinosaur fell into lava.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Kiwi Sport

This week was our second session for Kiwi Sport with Hamish (Rippa Rugby Coach). We played a game of Rippa Rugby which was fun because we were allowed to pass forward but if one of your rippas was tagged off you were to pass the ball backwards. Luckily, I scored two tries just to make my team win. After the game we practiced our side step skills with Hamish since there is a lot of side steps that happen in tag or rugby. We were to step with our weak leg (my one was my left) so when it comes to a game we are use to stepping with both foots. We also practiced how to spin which was fun because some of us were really dizzy. At the end we were splited into group to play a little game of tag. First we were counted from 1-13. Then Hamish would pick a team to attack (run the ball) and the other team to defend (take of the rippa from the opposite team). Hamish was to call a number for example four. Then number four from the attack group would receive the ball from Hamish while the other number 4 from the other group was to try take the rippa from them. Thank you to Hamish for coaching us and Mr Johnson (principal) for supervising us.

Student Led Conferences

On Thursday was Student Led Conferences where students had to show their digital learning to their parents. First my sister and I were to introduce our teachers and our parents to each other. Then we were to show our guardian/parents (which was my dad) around the room and explain to them what we did, what we learnt, and what we enjoyed. I really enjoyed showing my ngatu designs to my dad because they were designs that represents my culture. My dad was really impressed because he had a similar drawing to the one he draws at home. Soon we were to go on our devices and show them our learning for writing, reading maths, inquiry and including our blogs. We read our scripts that we worked on for the previous weeks and showed them what goes on in our classrooms and in learning time. My dad and I got the chance to speak to Mr Dun (who is the deputy principal for Tamaki College) about Tamaki College and also the Manaikalani scholarship that is given to two lucky students at the end of the year. At the end, our parents got the opportunity to talk to our teachers and about our behavior and our progress towards our learning areas. 

Tech Reflection - Food Tech

Original Muffins                                                     Muffins with whip cream

Today was our second session for food tech with Mrs Tuipolotu. We baked chocolate chips muffin and we were estatic because we loved eating muffins from bakeries. Jeremiah and I have worked together to make this. We had individual jobs which had to be done in a certain time. I was putting in all our recipe in our big bowl while Jeremiah was turning on the oven and getting our muffin line up ready. At the end Jeremiah and I had 6 pieces of muffin each. The recipe for our muffins is:

1. A Big Silver bowl

2. 1,1/2 cup of Sugar and Flour and 1 bowl of chocolate chip

3. 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cocoa

4. 1/3 cup of oil, 1 egg

5. 1/2 cup of milk

6. mix well and scoop

7. Bake 180 degrees for 15 minutes

8. Clean up

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Explanation - How Does Wi-Fi Work?

This week Ms Kirkpatrick writing group are revisiting on writing explanations. For this weeks explanation we were to write a 5 paragraph explanation on 'How Does Wifi Work?' For those who dont know Wifi is a light which does not produce heat and is invisible to the human eye. Information from a Wifi network is sent through light, and electromagnetic radiation. Although humans can not see the light, the wifi discharges just like how nuclear explosion discharges Gamma rays which of course has a very high frequency. This is only the beginning of the journey so to learn more about wifi here is the link to my explanation.

Classroom Age - Fractions


 This week one of our set tasks challenged our fraction knowledge. The question was 'in the classroom, ⅔ of the children are ten years old. ½ of the remaining third are nine years old. Four children are 11 years old. How many children are there in the classroom altogether?' For this particular question Jeremiah and I had to firstly figure out the amount of students in the whole class. The answer to that part of the question is 24. If their were four eleven year old's and that is 1/2 of 1/3, that means that their are also four nine year old's. Lastly we subtracted eight from 24 then the rest of the children are ten years old. At the end we figured out that their were, four eleven year old children, four nine year old children, and 16 ten year old children

Newspaper Article - Cinema Attendance

This week Ms Kirkpatrick maths group examined a continuous data that showed the cinema attendance by age group and year. First we were to answer a questions based on the data. Jeremiah and I worked collaboratively together to answer it. Some of the questions were: In which year was attendance highest for the 25-34 age group? What happened in 1992 and 1994 to the attendance for 15-24 year old? How else could the data be displayed? It was really interesting to see that in 1999 15-24 year old attendance to cinemas increased comparing it to 1984 where it was really low. At the end Jeremiah and I were to make a newspaper article based on the data. We were make our own Newspaper headline and we decided to call our article New Blockbusters. Captivating or monotonous?

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Human Body Quiz

Today for Inquiry Ms Kirkpatrick Inquiry group played a simple game based on the human body. There were questions that I've heard of before such as how many bones do humans have?, what is the smallest bone called, where in the body does most of digestion take place? I got a score of 10 out of 10 in 23 seconds. I was happy with my results because I did it before 50 seconds which some students in my class got. In this quiz I have learnt that the longest bone in our body is the Thighbone (femur) and that our skin is the heaviest organ in our body. 

Inquiry | Reflex Experiment


For inquiry this term we have been learning about the different body systems and Ms Kirkpatrick set up a experiment for us that helped us find evidence to support our learning of how our body systems help us in everyday life. The experiment was called 'The ruler drop test'. For this experiment we were to get in partners. Nickaela and I worked together and we did amazing job. Our first experiment was the visual test which meant our partner had to drop the ruler without saying anything to us. This meant the ruler could drop any minute or probably second. Our second test was the hearing test. For this test our partner had to close their eyes and the other partner had to say go and drop the ruler. Our last experiment was the touch experiment. For this test our partner had to close their eyes and instead of saying go our partner had to touch us and drop the ruler. This was the hardest test of all because sometimes our partners didn't touch us hard enough to feel it. At the end of the experiment we were to get into groups of four and make a bar graph that showed our results in each of the test. I learnt that girls have faster reactions than boys.        

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwisport | Rippa Rugby

This week was our 4th session of kiwi sport with Hamish (Rippa Rugby Coach). First we played two rounds of octopus using the rippa tags. Most people used their speed to get pass people and some used their foot work to get pass the taggers. After that we were splitted into three teams to play an actual game of Rippa Rugby. Two teams were chosen to go on he field and had 5 minutes of game time. Then the other group verses the winner of the first game. It was great to see a lot of people participate. Thank you to Hamish for coaching and reffing our games and Ms Morris for supervising us.

Kiwi Can

This week was our 4th session of Kiwi Can. Our kiwi can tutors were Ms Lily and Mr Latu. First, we discussed about our topic and the theme for this term. Our theme is Integrity which means to do the right thing even when you know no one is looking. Our topic for this term is Positive Role Models. A role model is someone who inspires others to make good choices. As part of looking at Role Model we looked at four Kiwi role models which were Steven Adam (Basketball Player), Sam Webster (Cyclist), Jean Batten (New Zealand aviatrix) and Lorde (Singer). We played a energizer based on them. First we got into partners. Then, Mr Latu called out one of the four people. If he called out Steven Adams one of our partners were to make a hoop and the other was to pretend dunk on it. If Mr Latu called out Lorde we were to hold our partners hand and pretend to sing. This was a really fun game and everyone enjoyed it.The rules were simple. We weren't allowed to make any noise. After that we played GKQ (General Knowledge Questions) where we had to answer a questions for example who is the president for America? At the end we were given points for the 5 kiwi can values which are Positive Attitude, Respect, Teamwork, Participation and Encouragement. The points were scored out of 5 and we got 21 points.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Transum | TableMaster

Today I went on table master to test my speed on my 6 time tables. This was my first time so it was a bit hard. There were 10 questions and at the end I got 27 seconds. My fastest answer that was timed was 0.796 seconds and my slowest was 4.591 seconds. I was very estatic of my score. At the end I added my name for the 'Hight Score' Chart and was happy because I was coming first for the 6 time tables 'High Score' list. Next time I am aiming for 20-25 seconds. 

Prototec | Basic Facts Maths Practise

At home I've decided to go on prototec and test my basic facts such as my timetables and my division facts. I was timed so I tryed my best to speed up but to also get the answers right at the same time. I got a good score which was 2 minutes and 9 seconds. Next time I aiming for 1 minute. 

Ballad Poem | Charlotte Anne | First Rugby Match

This week LS2 focused on a ballad poem which was based on a pioneer name Charlotte Anne. Charlotte Anne wasn't like other women. She wore jeans that means would wear and Hobnail boots that were size 6. She worked as a bullocky (bullock driver) with other men and she broke down social barriers and wasn't ashamed of being herself and what she did. She took a lot of risk in her life and told herself that women are just capable as men. During reading this poem we learnt a few words such as Catamaran, Marrow, Yarning, Caressed. The word I found interesting was caressed which means to stroke someone or something gently. We didn't just research about Charlotte Anne but also the author of the poem. His name was John Thomas Diamond (short for John.T Diamond). We wrote facts about him and I learnt that he was a New Zealand Author and sadly passed away in 2001. I have worked collaboratively with Fraidoon, Miki and Aung Naing to complete this DLO. After creating this DLO we were to make another DLO based on something special that happened in the 1870's. Fraidon, Miki, Aung Naing decided to research about the first rugby match. We learnt that back in the days there were only 18 players allowed on the field and right now there is only allowed 15. There were some little changes to rugby like the points scored and also the population. Fraidoon, Aung Naing, Miki and I have had fun during this poetry session. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

Tech Reflections | Art

Today was our fourth session for art and will be our last session since we are rotating next week. For our last session of art we finished of our wakahuia (wakahuia is special jewelry box) drawings. We learnt that there is two different types of wakahuia which is the traditional one and the contemporary one. The traditional wakahuia includes feathers from the huia birds and has more cultural Maori patterns. It also consist carving on it.The contemporary is the opposite. It has no feathers from the huia bird has no carving on it. It has less details and patterns. My wakahuia drawing above has two different parts to it. The drawing of lid is at the bottom and my patterns are on the top. A big thank you to Mrs Telefoni for teaching us last term and a bit of this term.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kiwi Can

Today was Kiwi Can group B's fourth session of Kiwi Can. Our theme for this term is integrity which means making good choices when know one is looking. We have a new topic for this term which is role model. A role model is a person who's actions inspires others to dream more, do more and learn more. It is important for us to be a positive role model to our new entrance students so they can admire us as good role models. Our energizer was really fun but I do not know the name for it. For this game we were splited into two groups according to the amount of people we had in our Kiwi Can group. We were to pick one person in our group and they were to be blind folded. They had a toy noodle (I would call it) and they had to try and protect the pen that was under the chair they were sitting by trying to hit us (with the toy noodle). Our goal was to try get the pen under the taggers chair. The rules were simple. We weren't allowed to go from the back of the chair and the sides. Our last game we played was called Who's Missing? In this game everybody were to spread out and lie down facing the ground. We were to cover our faces as well. Then, either Mr Matt or Ms Lilly were to tap a person and that person had to go into another room. After that we had two guests of who was missing from our group. The hart part was trying to know everyone in our group.

Kiwisport | Rippa Rugby

Today was our second session of Rippa Rugby with Hamish (Rugby Coach). First we played a game of Everybody's It Tag which is a simple game where everyone is in and you have to try and get a rippa from another person. The rule were that you were not allowed to cover your rippa, no contact with anyone else and you were not allowed to stay in one spot. At the end the person with the most rippas win. The next game we played was Tag Rush which is similar to bull rush bust instead the tagger has to try and take a rippa from another person. I really enjoyed this game because I got to use my stepping skills on my friends. After playing four rounds of Tag Rush at the end we finished off with a actual game of Rippa Rugby. I think this was my favorite game I played today because it's like playing rugby (my favorite sport) but instead, no contact. Thank you to Hamish for coaching us and thank you to Ms Morris for supervising us.