Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kiwi Can

Today was Kiwi Can group B's fourth session of Kiwi Can. Our theme for this term is integrity which means making good choices when know one is looking. We have a new topic for this term which is role model. A role model is a person who's actions inspires others to dream more, do more and learn more. It is important for us to be a positive role model to our new entrance students so they can admire us as good role models. Our energizer was really fun but I do not know the name for it. For this game we were splited into two groups according to the amount of people we had in our Kiwi Can group. We were to pick one person in our group and they were to be blind folded. They had a toy noodle (I would call it) and they had to try and protect the pen that was under the chair they were sitting by trying to hit us (with the toy noodle). Our goal was to try get the pen under the taggers chair. The rules were simple. We weren't allowed to go from the back of the chair and the sides. Our last game we played was called Who's Missing? In this game everybody were to spread out and lie down facing the ground. We were to cover our faces as well. Then, either Mr Matt or Ms Lilly were to tap a person and that person had to go into another room. After that we had two guests of who was missing from our group. The hart part was trying to know everyone in our group.

Kiwisport | Rippa Rugby

Today was our second session of Rippa Rugby with Hamish (Rugby Coach). First we played a game of Everybody's It Tag which is a simple game where everyone is in and you have to try and get a rippa from another person. The rule were that you were not allowed to cover your rippa, no contact with anyone else and you were not allowed to stay in one spot. At the end the person with the most rippas win. The next game we played was Tag Rush which is similar to bull rush bust instead the tagger has to try and take a rippa from another person. I really enjoyed this game because I got to use my stepping skills on my friends. After playing four rounds of Tag Rush at the end we finished off with a actual game of Rippa Rugby. I think this was my favorite game I played today because it's like playing rugby (my favorite sport) but instead, no contact. Thank you to Hamish for coaching us and thank you to Ms Morris for supervising us.

Bonus Point Math Problem | Animal Speed & Lifespan

The previous weeks we have been missing quite a few maths lessons so during our catch up time Alex, Jeremiah and I have finished of the Bonus Point Maths Problem which is based on Animals speed and Life spam. First we were to examine a bar graph that was given to us and then write down in the question box if the questions T (for true), F (for false) or NEE (NEE means not enough evidence to cover the questions). At the end we found out that there was a lot of true than false and only 4 NEE's. At the end we were to create two bar graphs that shows the animals lifespan and the speed of the animal. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Maths Problem | Fence Posts

As part of finishing all the previous maths task one of them were to find out how many corner posts and regular posts would Savelina have to buy to enclose two adjacent paddocks. We found this task quite easy and hard at the same time because there were some bits that we struggled with, like writing a blurb in the DLO. Although in the end we solved it. We learnt a new word, adjacent. It means something or someone next to each other. For this activity, I worked with Jack, Sanujan, and Fraidoon.

Maths Problem | Fraidoon & Alex's Salary


This week for maths we are busy finishing off work and posting it on our blog. For one of our maths task we were given a maths problem about salary. I worked collaboratively with Sanujan, Jack and Julian. At first we were doubting each other of which answers we were right or wrong. Then we went over the maths problem with Ms Kirkpatrick. At the end we were all wrong but we learnt a lesson by Occam Razor that If there is no evidence to the contrary, the simplest answer is correct. In this problem we tryed to add up all the big numbers without using the calculator and and after we've got our answers it turned out to be right. I think next time we need to agree with each others opinions.

Travelling to school | Pie Graph

This week for maths, our task was to figure out this statistics problem. We found out that most primary students get to school is by car and most secondary student get to school by bus. After that we survey all the students in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group. According to our survey most of the student in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group get drop of school by car and the least amount of students come to school by bus. For this task I've decided to work collaboratively with Jack and Sanujan.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Writing|Using Punctuation to Create a Conversation

For writing this week we were to go on a text creator called Fake iPhone text Message to write a fake conversation between two peoples. First we were to write the message in the Fake iPhone text message. We weren't allowed to use any T.V show names so I decided to use Don and James. After that we were to write the message in a story format that included punctuation such as speech marks. This meant that we were to write every thing that a new person said on a new line.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Poetry | Metaphor

As part of poetry today we were to read a poem called seasons that included metaphors in it. This poem was written by David Hill who wrote the Two Day Wonder poem we read last week. A metaphor is when you describe someone or an object without using like or as. For example the classroom was a zoo (similie - the classroom was like a zoo) or Maria is a chicken (similie - Maria is like a chicken). In our poem we had four metaphors which were: In winter the tree is a black skeleton, in spring the tree is a white bonfire, in summer the tree is a green galaxy and in autumn the leaves of the tree is golden rain. After reading the poem we were to create a DLO explaining what a metaphor is and write down our own examples of a metaphor.  

Kiwisport | Rippa Rugby

Today was our first session for Kiwi Sport. We were excited and couldn't wait to play. Our Kiwisport coach was Hamish from the Marist Rugby club which most of us knew him from a lot of our Rugby Inter schools so we got a long with him quite quickly. First we played a game of Netball Rugby. In this game we were split into two groups. The aim of the game was to pass the ball (rugby rule) to our team without running (netball rule) and try to get to the other side of the field. It was a bit tricky for me because I'm always use to running with ball since I play rugby. Soon we played a game where we had to pass the ball in our team line trying to reach to the end of our group. This game was a really competitive game because people were eager to pass the ball quickly up and down the line. People were to excited so they dropped the ball and had to start again. At the end of the session we played Netball Rugby again but instead we were allowed to run with the ball and you had to tag the opposite team with two hands. I felt happy today because I played a sport that is of real interest to me.

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today at Kiwi Can we were revisiting our theme and topic. Our theme for this term is integrity which means doing the right thing when we know no one is looking. Our topic for this term is Making Good Choices. First we talked about how we can show good choices in our class and in our community. I said that I can show good choices in my class by helping my classmates if they are stuck in any situation and not playing games during learning time. We also discussed about how making bad choices have consequences. For example if you fight someone at school the consequence will probably be getting expelled or getting growled at. For our activity today we played a game called hand soccer. This is similar to soccer but instead you use your hand. This was a really enjoyable and competitive game. At the end we were given points for showing the 5 Kiwi Can values which is Respect, Encouragement, Positive Attitude, Participation and Teamwork. The points were scored out of 5 and at the end we got 23 points. I think for next time we need show more positive attitude towards our Kiwi Can tutors and to our teacher.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Walking to school | Juxtaposition Poem

As part of poetry this week we read a poem called Two Day Wonder which was written by David Hill. Our first task was to list all the synonym to the words: sick, depressed, sad or bored. Then we wrote down the synonyms for well, bright, happy and active. Then we listed 5 opposite sentences that were in the poem such as the dog sulked in his basket - The dog gallops around the house. This is called Juxtaposition. Juxtaposition means when you put two words together to make a contrast. For example Cold/Hot or Winter/Summer. Our task that we were to post was our poem. We were to create our own version of David Hills poem but it had to be based on our way to school. As you can see I have two different poems which is opposite to each other. I have a poem for Winter and one for Summer. As part of writing down the synonyms we were to write high standard words in our poems. For example instead of using happy you can use ecstatic. To help us find more vocabulary and to make our poem powerful we used a word cline. This really helps us succeed in our vocabulary skills.

Word Cline 

Monday, 14 May 2018

Skeletal System Game

For Inquiry today we learnt 3 body systems which are the Digestive, Nervous and Skeletal systems. The digestive system is usually controlled by the stomach and the nervous system is controlled by your brain. We looked at all the parts of the Human Skeleton and read about the parts. I learnt that the patella (which is known as our knee cap) part of the skeleton is the circular bone that is in front of the knee joints (the patella protects and covers you knee joints). I also learnt that the patella is the largest sesamoid (a bone that is inside a tendon) bone in your body .The fun part today was we played a game where you needed to place all the bone parts of the Human Skeleton in the right place. We had 15 minutes which meant we got to try again and beat our high score. Every bone part we added to the skeleton it added up all the attempts even though if it was right or wrong. My high score was 29. I could do better but it was my first time. We have 11 body systems which are the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, renal/urinary, reproductive, respiratory and skeletal system. The thing I found interesting was that Little baby that are at birth have 270 bones but as they grow to adulthood the bones decreases to 206 bones after some bones have sticked or combined together.

Friday, 11 May 2018


  1. Kia Ora Jack, I really like your creative thinking by including animated characters. I like how you've drawn the baby who then grows to an older man. The information in your DLO is well written as well which I am estatic about. It looks like you've put a lot of time and effort to finish this. I think you've done a great job. Keep up the great work!

As part of being one of the Manaikalani Leaders I've decided (in my own time) to comment on Jack's blog, I think Jack has some really astounding DLO's which I reckon you should check out. I've commented on his MRS GREN DLO which is on his blog. I like how he created the animated characters and also how layed out everything. He has created a lot of DLO's that include animating so if you would like to see his blog click here and if you would like to see his DLO click here

Evaluation | Harry's War

As part of Reading this week we read a interesting story called Harry's War which is about a farm boy named Harry (who was known as a Conscientious Objector - Someone that is reluctant to join the arm force because their personalities or religious reasons) who once worked in a wool farm but was forced to be apart of the army force because they needed more soldiers. The story ended up sad because the soldeirs went to England to fight but the war had ended and there were no ships for them to get back home. The soldiers weren't treated well and since they'd wasted their time to come and fight they protested for two days. When it ended they kept themselves occupied by carving a chalk Kiwi in Beacon hill. The chalk Kiwi was created in 1919 which was carved by the New Zealand soldiers. This Kiwi is standing on top of the Beacon hill. For out task we were to create two DLO's. 1. Explaining what the story is about and interesting facts about the story. 2. Explaining the history of the Bulford Kiwi and what a Conscientious Objector is. 

Tech Reflection | At Tamaki College


Today was our second session of art for term 2. Today we had a reliever name Mr Pineda who is a graphic teacher. Today we learnt what a light, shade and shadow are. For this task we were to draw shapes like a circle and then we had to add a light shade where the sun is facing and a dark shade where the sun is not facing. To make the shade more notable and darker we blended the blue with the green. Then the last bit was to draw the reflection of the shape which is usually at the bottom. For this activity I have drawn a square and a triangular prism. It was pretty easy since I've done this with my teacher for the past previous years. 

Thursday, 10 May 2018


Today was our third session for Kiwi Can this term. Our tutors were Mr Matt and Miss Lily. First they reminded us of what our theme and topic was. Our theme for this term is Making Good Choices for example instead of watching a fight and encouraging them to keep fighting you can make the good choice and stop it. Our topic for this term is Integrity which is doing the the right and positive things when know one is looking. An example of integrity is when a teacher or an adult tells you to do your work you don't play games you actually focus on your work. At Kiwican we also played a game called opposite which is when you do the opposite actions to what you leader/tutor is doing. So Miss Lily was our leader. If she put her hand up we had to put our hand down. Or if she had her out we had our hand in. At first it was confusing but then we got the hang of it because we had 5 rounds. After that we went to have a game which I totally forgot what the name was. This game includes four teams. These for teams then pick a leader who stands in the middle with the other three leaders. We then have to try and pass the ball to our leader without walking or running. This was a bit like netball but more enjoyable to play. 

Kiwisport | With Miss Morris

Today unfortunately Auckland sports wasn't able to come to our school and teach Rippa Rugby. But, we were lucky enough to have Kiwisports with our reliever teacher Miss Morris who I think was a good sport coach. First we had a warm up game which we had to be splited into two groups which was a competition for everyone. We were to pass the ball through our whole team. Then we had a game of Ball Tag which was played at the courts. Ball Tag was fun because we did a lot of running. It was very competitive because I was versing some good people who played this game more than me. Thank you to Miss Morris for coaching us today.

The 7 Life Processes | MRS GREN

As part of Inquiry this week we have been learning about Mrs Gren. Mrs Gren is a Mnemonic which is used to help kids and adults remember all the 7 Life Processes features of what a living thing needs which is Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. Some of us were doubting each other that a fire is not a living thing. A fire is not a living thing because it does not have any senses. As you know we are learning about the Body System and this week we were learning about the lungs which is why we did a bar graph of the Lung Capacity of students in LS2. 

Poetry | What is a Homonym?

Today, while Kiwi Can group A was gone the other group were doing Poetry. For poetry we learnt what a homonym is. Just for those who don't know what homonym means it's a word that is spelt the same and also sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning for example match. The word match can mean when a group of people are playing a soccer match and another meaning for match is lighting a candle with a mattress. Sometimes homonym words can be tricky like lie and lie. Alex, Jeremiah and I have worked collaboratively to get this done. All we had to do was create a DLO explaining what a homonym is and example of it.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Maths Problem | How old is everyone else?

This week for maths we were given a maths problem from Ms Kirkpatrick which was based on age of people. In the problem there were 5 names and it gave a few hints to how old they were. We needed to figure out how old all of them were. We knew how old one of them them were which was Richard because it said Richard is 15 years old. I found it a bit easy but I also found it fun because we did some multiplying and diving in it (which I like). For this activity we were either to work with a partner, by yourself or with a teacher if you needed help. I worked with Sanujan and we explained the process of how we found the answers.

Lung Capacity in LS2

For inquiry this term we are moving onto learning about the Body System. Today Ms Kirkpatrick group were to Compare their lung capacity of students in our class (LS2). First We used one breath to blow up a balloon.Then we measured the circumference of the balloon in cm. Then at the end we made a bar graph with the results to compare them. I found out that Savelina, Brooklyn, Fui and Affonso got the same lung capacity which was measured as 51 cm. The highest was Julian who got 68 cm and the lowest was Avalon who got 44 cm.