Friday, 19 October 2018

Niue Language Week

This week is Niue Language week and for it we were asked to make an informative DLO about the language of Niue. In this DLO Fraidoon, Alex and I have included the days of the week in Niue, months, fruits, animals, numbers, and also some saying. All three of us enjoyed Niue Language Week. At the end when were finished our DLO we made a screencastify translating the Niuean language into English. I've learnt that Lanuali is January and Hana is Corn. I found this interesting because the words sound similar to the Tongan phrases. 

Tech Reflection - Analysis Chairty Collection Box

For reflection we had a third task which was to plan our charity box and how it would look like. In this analysis it includes what our letters are going to look like what slogan were going to use and also shapes for our charity box. As you can see I've decided to make my charity box about homeless so my slogan is "sharing is caring". The colors I'm going to use in my charity box is red, yellow, white, orange, and blue. 

Tech Reflection - 3D Shape Game

Today for tech Mr Pineda (tutor teacher) set a game based on 3D shapes. Examples of 3D shapes are cuboid, sphere, cone prism etc. For this activity there 3 games and for one of the game we were to see how many faces, edges, and vertices there were in the shape given. For example if the questions says how many vertices does a cuboid the answer will of course be 8. There are lives in this game and if you get a incorrect answer you loose 1 life. There is a maximum of 4 lives. I really enjoyed this game and hope to play it again next time. 

Tech Reflection - Art

Today was our first session of art for Term 4. Today were to finish off coloring or drawing our charity box. My charity box is based on helping the homeless. In my charity box I have written things based on homeless such as: Donate, Share The Love, Help The Pore etc. I have done my charity box based on helping the homeless because how many homeless people living in Auckland (800 homeless people).

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

That Was Winter|Poem

For writing this week Ms Kirkpatrick's group have been focusing on poems. First we read a poem called That Was Summer. For this task we were to look for three important elements which were the language features, Interesting Vocabulary and the verbs. In this poem I found a lot of verbs such as running, flopped, climb, holding, stood, and walk. This poem basically talks about what happens during summer and it also uses the 5 senses which is smell, touch, sight, sound, taste. After reading this poem we were to write our own version of the poem but talking about winter. In my poem I wrote what I usually do in winter which is drink hot chocolate, sleep in bed with loads of blankets, and also watch T.V and eat soup. We were also to illustrate our poem like it was a Journal book. If you would like to read the, That Was Winter poem click here.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Maths - Rounding Decimals Soccer Game

Today for maths Ms Kirkpatrick group have been solving decimal point equations such as 34.4 x 2 or 2.4 + 2.6. We were to fill out a form with 24 questions 6 being addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. I found addition the easiest and division the hardest. After filling out the form and getting it checked (I got all answers correct besides 1) we were to go on a soccer game based on rounding decimals(e.g - round 36.96 to the nearest whole number). It was pretty easy and hope to play another game based on rounding decimals. As you can see there is a red team (me) and the blue team (random). I beat the blue team 11 - 0 which was surprising.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Tech Reflection|Graphics|Homeless Charity

Today at Tech we had our last graphic session for this term. For today we made logos that is based on homeless charity. The reason why I choose to do logos on homeless charity instead of other charities such as protect the forest was that there a lot of homeless people around New Zealand especially in Auckland. My favorite logon is the second one because it has a really important message which is: 'Sharing is Caring'. We also carried on drawing and coloring our charity boxes. My charity box is also based on helping the homeless. Today I worked really well and received dojo points. The Logos are above. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Current Events|United Kingdom to ban selling energy drinks to children

This week for reading our group has been focusing on Current Events. If you don't the process of Current Events well it's when you go a news article and then answer the 5 W's and 1 H question. You also answer what the different points of views are in the article then you write your own opinion about the text. You also write down what the author wanted you to learn and how you felt after reading the article. For this task I've read an article called 'UK to ban selling energy drinks to children'. It's about how the government of the UK wants to ban selling energy drinks to children because the high level of caffeine and sugar. If you want to see what I think about this article read my DLO. Did you know that 2/3 of children aged 10 to 17 drink energy drinks?

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Netball Inter School

Today the year 5, 6, 7, and 8 netball teams went down to the Auckland Netball center for the Netball Inter schools. We were hoping for a good day today with the weather but unfortunately the weather changed from sunny to rainy. There were to year 7 & 8 teams and I was in the year 7 & 8 purple teams. In this team there were Magenta, Nyjah, Angela, Hajera ,Aung Naing, Joshua V, Julian, and me. We had 6 games and unfortunately we lost 5 games and tied 1 game with Stone Fields. We verse Ruapotaka School, Glen Brae, Pt England, Stone Fields, Panmure Bridge Purple (our other year 7 & 8 team) , and  .I think next time for netball we need to communicated to teacher and share the ball as well. I would like to thank Mr Ogilvie for organizing this event for us, Shawn for supervising us and Ms McClain for coaching our team.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Order Of Operations|BEDMAS

Today's maths session was spent revising and teaching people about Order Of Operations. To remember this we used BEDMAS or BODMAS. It stands for: brackets, exponents, division, multiplications, addition, and subtraction. This session I have worked independently. For this activity we were asked to choose three of the questions that we answered to explain how we got our answers. We have chosen questions that require us to abide by the BEDMAS rules. On our DLO there is an answer sheet that will give you the answers to the other questions. Also an explanation explaining how we got our answers.

Current Events|National & International Events

Since Mrs Anderson (teacher) is gone to Dubai Ms McClain is our reliever for this week, but Mrs Anderson has set a current event task for us. For this task we were to go on either, Kiwi kids news, RNZ news, NZ herald and pick a national event (something that happened in NZ) and an international event (something that happened around the world). For this task I have read an article called 'Students walk out of school over principal's truancy comments' which was for my national current event and another article named 'Fire at Brazil National Museum which was my international current event. I found the national event a bit appealing because people had their own opinion over the argument. This event talks about how the principal of Hamilton High School said to the students of Hamilton High that truants are more likely to wind up being a rape victim. This comment was very bad that the school protested outside of their school. Even adults joined to support the students.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Teaching Someone A New Skill|Gold Attitude C.A.R.E Award

As one of my Gold Attitude C.A.R.E Awards I was to tutor someone with a new skill they haven't learnt. Today I have taught one of my peers Joseph how to solve Exponents. Hopefully next year he can use this learning in his maths lessons. The best thing I liked about teaching Joseph was that he learnt how to solve exponent equations quickly. If you don't know what an exponent looks like look at the pictures above. Maths is Joseph's favourite subject which amazed me. At the start of the lesson he worked really well and listened to every thing I told him. Joseph also learnt how to solve algebra equations with Sanujan.

Tech Reflection - Charity Box Vocab Saying

As part of our Graphic tasks we were to fill up the four clouds with the vocab that was written on the box below. As you can see the topics were slogans, donate, topic, and shape. Some of the vocab we were to write down I haven't heard of such as fork out and stump up. Other than that I found this task easy and also fun. I also got marker a merit for this task which I was surprisingly amazed by. So far graphics with Mr Pineda is going great and I can't wait to do more of his amazing activities. 

Tech Reflection - Decorative Letters|Names

Today for tech we were to finish our decorative letters of our names. I know my letters looks different but there supposed to because we were to be creative and draw something else for example instead of drawing an 'i' I have drawn a candle and instead of drawing a 'L' I have drawn a tree drunk. Mr Pineda who is our graphic teacher has kindly laminated this for us. After every task we do we get marked. The markings are Achieved, Merit, and Excellence. For this piece of art I got marked Excellence which I was really happy about. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Converting Mixed Numerals to Improper Fractions

For Maths I have finished my Rich Task based on BEDMAS which then I moved onto doing the Extra for Experts activity. This activity was just a re-vision of converting mixed numerals to improper fractions. I found it easy because I've played this game a lot of times.  I got 18 out of 20 point. My highest score is 19 out of 20. If you would like to know how to convert a mixed numeral to an improper fraction click on this link

Spaghetti Bridges|Brick Test

Since we are doing structures for Inquiry Ms Kirkpatrick's inquiry group has been building bridges out of spaghetti for the past two to three weeks. It was a challenge, but today we managed to finish it. For this task I have been working with Jeremiah, Chris, and Te Pounamu. The fun part today was testing it. By testing our spaghetti bridges there were 8 bricks and we were to put as many bricks as we can. Before testing it our group predicted that it would hold three bricks but unfortunately it only held 1 brick. We were shocked with our results but we had fun. As you can see in the photo our bridge has bent. Our spaghetti bridge was 42 cm which was long. The spaghetti bridge that held the most was Sanujan's group who held 6 bricks. I think next time our group has to strength our bridge by adding more bands and sellotape. At the end of our bridge testing we decided to see a group hold all 8 bricks. We were stunned by the results because it held all 8. 

Order of Operations - Rich Task

Today for Maths we were focusing on BEDMAS (also known a BODMAS) which stand for Bracets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. This session I worked collaboratively with Jeremiah and Fraidoon. For this task we were to solve 8 BEDMAS questions then choose three to to make a DLO about. This was pretty easy since I've already done this in my previous school. We have chosen questions that require us to abide by the BEDMAS rules. On our DLO there is a answer sheet that will give you the answers to other questions. We also wrote an explanation explaining how we got our answers. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Duffy Assembly - Michel Mulipola

Today Panmure Bridge had their Term 3 Duffy Assembly. We had two special guest Campbell from Main freight and our special visitor Michel Mulipola. If you don't who he is, he is a comic book illustrations. It was surprising to hear that he was a professional wrestler, and a semi-professional tekken gamer. He came to tell us about his life story and what he does as a career. I was shocked to hear that he was a semi-professional tekken gamer. He was also here to give out our Duffy Books. The second photo above is a picture he has illustrated for the book Fanene Peter Maivia (Son Of Samoa). The photo is Dwayne Johnson's grandfather. In this book it talks about how Peter Maivia is wrestling for the world title in Samoa, Apia. In my perspectives I think Michel has illustrated this character amazingly. We all thank him for what he had done today and hope he comes again. I would also like to thank Campbell from Main freight who came today and our two librarians who sorted out our library books.

Presentating My Overall Review - Billionaire Boy

Today for reading we were to get into our READ groups and share our Chapter Book Presentations we've been working on for the past few weeks. It was great to see how confidence our group was. I enjoyed all my groups presentation but I personally enjoyed Jeremiah's because his own cover of the book looked amazing. His book was based on War and his cover of the book included a lot of dark green.Most of the students in my book rated their books really low, but I rate mine 5/5 because there were some really important messages the author dropped such as "money doesn't always bring happiness". I also also enjoyed Mataio's presentation because he had two important themes which were togetherness and friendship. The book my group read were Billionaire Boy (me), Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Mataio), A Winter Day in 1939 (Jeremiah), Alfie Bloom (Freeman), Josefa and the Vu (Nyjah), and Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Stram (Affonso).

Friday, 14 September 2018

Billionaire Boy Study

For the past previous weeks Alex and I have been reading and studying the book: Billionaire Boy, written by David Walliams. Alex and I have learnt different skills reading this book such as knowing what theme is, why the author wrote the book and also a lot of new vocabulary. This book was written to inform and entertain us. We know this because in the story it has descriptive words to make the story sound fictional (entertaining) and it also teaches us a real life event which is: "Money doesn't always bring happiness". Alex and I enjoyed this book and have read it 3 times. In the google slide we have gathered all DLO's including what the big message in the story was (or what the main idea was), the two themes of the book that are taken by characters in the book, comic strip showing one key event in the story, and the last DLO which is the Overall Review where Alex and I were to redesign the cover. If you would like to see it go on slide 6. It would be great to have a comment telling what book cover you would prefer. If I was to rate this I would rate it 5/5 I enjoyed reading the book and also how the author dropped an important message. I would recommend this book to kids who like reading fictional books.

Tech Reflection - Graphics

This week was our second session of graphics for the second rotation. The year 8 B (my group) are doing graphics with Mr Pineda. Today we have been drawing and designing our names and some students are up to coloring. During this we have learnt to shade letters in our names and also how to use toondoos. For our toondoos we were to make a comic strip explaining what the graphic expectations are. One of the graphic expectations are: taking your time and don't rush your work. Hopefully next week everyone and get to coloring their names.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

After school Basketball - Semi Finals

On Wednesday both Panmure Bridge basketball teams (all year 7 & 8) went down to Tamaki College to play basketball which we do every Wednesday. There were two teams named Panmure Bridge Orange and Panmure Bridge Green. It was a big game for Panmure Bridge Orange (my team) since they were in the Semi Finals trying to qualify in the Finals. We verse Stonefields which was the toughest team we've ever verse in the competition. They had some pretty tall students, but that didn't change our hopes of winning. We sticked to our plan which was: always mark or defend a player and get the rebounds. We tried our best to that and at the end won the game. We were happy to make to the Finals versing Pt England. Hopefully we win the Finals and be the first Panmure Bridge year group to win a Basketball tournament. A huge thank you to Mr Ogilvie for making us part of this competition and also for the transport.

Vector Wero Whitewater Park

Today Panmure Bridge was lucky to be funded by Vector Wero Whitewater Park, but we were to give in $5 each to be part of this activity. There were only year 7 & 8 who had the chance to do a rafting course which was pretty amazing. Before doing anything we were to watch a safety video explaining what we need for the course and how to help someone who's in danger in the water. After that we all put on all our swim suits, helmet, life jacket, and a jacket. We also received a paddle. Soon, we got into group of 6 and each group had an instructor. In my group I had Mataio, Joseph, San Kyaw, Joshua W, Freeman, Tim (instructor), and I. Tim did a little talk about how to stay safe in the water and answered some of our questions. Then it was time for the ultimate rafting course. When we first hoped into our raft we learnt how to paddle forward, backwards, and also how to turn the raft. I also learnt that to make the boat go steady and fast your group has to paddle at the same time. There were two parts of this whole activity: one where you go on your raft around the whole river and the other where you jump onto the water and let the river flow you. My favorite parts was the second because you got to feel how roughed the river was. A big thank you to Vector Wero Whitewater Park for giving us this amazing opportunity and also Mrs Morris for taking and supervising us.

Kiwi Can Reflection - T3 WK8

Image result for kiwi can

Today was our third to last session of Kiwi Can with Mr Matt and Miss Lily (tutors). First we discussed what out theme and topic were. Out theme for this theme is resilience. Resilence means bouncing back from difficult situations. I can use this quality in my rugby games and training because sometimes I just don't want to get up early in the morning and go to my games. Our topic is perseverance which means not giving up and being determined to succeed in something. I can show this quality during schools tests and also trying my best to be a good school leader (as I am a manaikalani leader) to younger students. After talking about our theme and topic we moved onto our energizer which was called tangled. This game was one of my favorites because there was running included in the game. Basically you have to link up with other people but you don't link straight away, you are to tag someone first. When you are linked up with people, the end people who are at the end of tangled line are to tag others. Our activity was called invisible tag. This sounds weird but we enjoyed it. First we were splitted into two groups. Then either Miss Lily or Mr Matt were to call a certain amount of people to run onto the court. After that Mr Matt or Miss Lily will call out which tea gets the ball (but there's actually no ball which is why it's called invisible tag). The person with the invisible ball runs and the opposition team tries and tag the person with the invisible ball. Who ever tags the person with invisible ball get's the invisible ball and runs to the end of the court only if he/she doesn't get taged.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Extra For Experts - Mixed and Improper Fractions

Today for maths Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group are focusing on exponents which is also known as powers. Exponents or Powers are a short version of writing a long equations. For example if your writing 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 but to make it look easy you can put a 8 with a little 3 on the top right corner. I worked with Sanujan to work out the answers of three exponents equations which were 8 to the power of 3, 4 to the power to 3, and 2 to the power of 2. We found it easy since we've already have experienced doing it. Before choosing three exponents we first had to fill a worksheet with 18 exponent problem which we finished in 5 minutes. If you would like to know how to workout exponents look at our DLO.

Three Exponents (Powers) Questions - Maths

Today for maths Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group are focusing on exponents which is also known as powers. Exponents or Powers are a short version of writing a long equations. For example if your writing 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 but to make it look easy you can put a 8 with a little 3 on the top right corner. I worked with Sanujan to work out the answers of three exponents equations which were 8 to the power of 3, 4 to the power to 3, and 2 to the power of 2. We found it easy since we've already have experienced doing it. Before choosing three exponents we first had to fill a worksheet with 18 exponent problem which we finished in 5 minutes. If you would like to know how to workout exponents look at our DLO.

Why do people build bridges? Explanation

Image result for golden gate bridge

This term as you know LS2 have been focusing and learning about structures such as towers, bridges, and tunnels. So for writing Ms Kirkpatrick has set a task where we were to write why do people build bridges. This is a easy questions to answer. We build bridge so that it is easier to access other places. Why go around a river where you can go through the river on a bridge? If you would like to learn about why people build bridges click on this link.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Orchestra Trip - Auckland Philharmonia Ochestra

Students from LS2 got the chance to go to the Auckland Town Hall to hear the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra group. The Philharmonia Orchestra group sung 3 pieces of music and one of them was called Romeo & Juliet which is familiar. There were four different instruments that were played which were the brass, woodwind, string, and the percussion. My favorite instrument which is out of the bass elements was the french because it flowed with the song and it was loud from where we were sitting. A lot of our classmates were waiting for the drums. One of my favorite part during the trip was when a Opera Singer sung a song from the musical, Carmen. After that we were amazed by a Dance from St Kentigern and Ngatapaware school. They had done an amazing job with their performance and should keep up their amazing work. Panmure Bridge has had this experience for two years and this year was my first. Hopefully this experience goes on.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Tongan Language Week - Fake Iphone Text Message

This week for Tongan Language Week Mrs Anderson, LS2, and LS1 have been working collaboratively to pronounce the Tongan phrases and greetings. One of the activity set for us was we were to create a DLO based on Tonga Language Week. Carl, Affonso, Joseph and I have made a Fake Iphone Text Message to show I you can speak in Tongan. On the right hand of the DLO it translate the Tongan phrases into English. One phrase my group was struggling on was Fuoloa 'e fepulingaki which means longtime see. After creating the DLO we made a screencastify explaining what we did and also saying the message we wrote.   

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Math man - Fractions Of A Number

At home I decided to go on one of Ms Kirkpatrick's Maths Games. This game is called Math Man, Fractions of a number. This is similar to pac man but instead it has fractions equations such as what is 1/8 of 24 which is 3. I have to try and catch the ghost that has the answer. So if the equation is 1/4 of 28 then I have to fin the ghost with 7 on it. The best part was eating the red flowers because that made the ghost stop and I had the chance to get the right answer. I started from level 1 and reached level 9. This game looks easy when you look at the screenshot but when you actually play it and reach a high level it's pretty challenging. 

VR (Visual Reality) Auckland University

This term as you know LS2 have been learning about buildings and structures for Inquiry. But today for Inquiry it was a bit different because Yvonne and her research team from the Augmented Human Lab at Auckland University came to see how their research affects our learning. This was a fun and an amazing experiment for all of us. We were lucky because not all  schools in New Zealand have the chance to learn this way. For this research we were splited into our groups according to how big our class was. I went in the middle block after morning tea. First we did the eye test. For this test you have to cover one of our eye and then read the letters that were written on the board. This was a easy test for me. We were to cover both our right and left eye. The second test was a bit easy as well. It was the balance test. For this test we were to walk in a straight line and come back. This wasn't a race but we were timed. The third test (which was my favorite out of all) was the Peripheral Vision test. For this test we were to put on special glasses that tell Yvonne what we can see on the book. I remembered there was a elephant, circle, tree, star, and a car. After all test half of the group got the chance to use the VR cardboard and the other half (where I was) used the Ipads to do the Magic Window which was based on buildings and structures. I really enjoyed this learning experiment. I would like to thank Yvonne and her research team for all their effort towards and the pizza bought us for lunch. I would like to thank Mrs Anderson and Ms Kirkpatrick for all their hard work as well.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Sentences Using Colons | Illustration

For writing today we were to complete two task. One of them was the Sensory Verb quiz and the second task was based on the use of colons. Colons are used when you are listing different things, or if your explaining or quoting something for example Who would win out of the Warriors and the Dragons?: Warriors (just guessing) or Jane wanted three of her babies named Juliet, June, and Jasmine. For this activity we were to solve out 17 different sentences that were missing the colon. We were to put the colons where they were supposed to be in the sentence. After doing all 17 we were to make a DLO on one of the sentences. I decided to choose the sentence Barry wanted to know why I didn't respond to his text: I hadn't received it. My drawing or illustration has a photo of a phone that has all the message Barry is texting his friend. As you can see he has no replies to his messages. In my perspective my drawing explains the background of the sentence I have chosen. 

Sensory Verbs Quiz

Today for writing Ms Kirkpatrick has set a quiz based on sensory verbs which are of course the 5 senses (taste,sight, touch, smell, sound). One of the quiz sentences were the soap ___ lemon. The options were out of smell like, smell, smelt, and smells like. I picked smells like which was correct. There were 11 sentences to fill out and I got them all right. This quiz was pretty easy and hope to do another one. Sensory verbs are used when your talking about an event that has the 5 senses. 

Friday, 31 August 2018

Manaikalani Ambassador Event

This term I had the opportunity to go and share my learning with other visitors from around New Zealand and also some other Manaikalani Cluster school leaders. There were schools like, Ruapotaka School, Glen Taylor, St Patricks, Stonfields, Tamaki College, Tamaki Primary, Pt England, Edge water Somerville Special School, Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Puau Te Moananui A Kiwa School, and Panmure Bridge School (Me). I shared one of my learning based on the Winter Olympics from last term. I explained how I used Learn, Create, Share to help me learn in class. I also talked about how I sent an email to the Olympic Committee and how they send an email back and also poster with the Olympic values which are Friendship, Respect, and Excellence. Of course I enjoyed my work, but I really enjoyed learning and hearing from a student name Joel from Edge water Somerville Special School who really hooked me into his work. He explained how in the olden days people used pen to write and every mistake was rubbed out and he had to do it all over again. Then he explained how modern technology helped him in his classroom and how it helps him learn, create, and share. He also talked about how he uses shortcuts such ctrl (control) shift c to copy work and ctrl (control) shift v to paste work. I would like to congratulate him for his hard effort.

Kiwi Can - T3 W6

This week for Kiwi Can both our tutors Mr Matt & Miss Lily was here (Miss Lily was gone for a few sessions). We were lucky to have her back. First we re-caped what our theme and topic was. Our theme still sticks with Resilience and our topic is still Problem Solving. Resilience is when you bounce back from challenges. Problem solving means when you work together with someone or in a team to share ideas and find the best solution to a difficult problem. For our energizer we played a game called quick draw. In this game there is a master and that master goes around the circle, then the master and the person standing up from the circle put's their hand behind their back. Once the caller (Mr Matt) says go the master and the other person are suppose to put 1-5 fingers up. The winner is the quickest person to add all fingers up (including theirs) and know the answer. For example if I'm holding the number three and the master holding two it's the first person to call out five (because there's five fingers all together). In my perspectives this was one of my best Kiwi Can sessions of this term. 

Kiwisport - Netball

For Kiwisport this week Mrs Morris has set us a game of Netball. This was a great opportunity for those who are in the Netball team for inter schools. First we started with a game of Golden Child. If you don't know what Golden Child is click on this link. We didn't play the exact game of Golden Child because we change one thing. Instead of the team shooting the ball in the hoop they were to pass the ball around their whole group twice. The running was to also run around the court twice. This was an energetic game. At the end of our session we played netball. Everyone loved this sport and enjoyed it. Thank you to Mrs Morris for supervising and taking us to kiwi sport today. 

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Venn Diagram - Bridges, Tunnels, Towers

As part of Inquiry we were to finish off uncompleted work. Jeremiah and I decided to finish of one of our Venn diagrams based on the similarities and differences of towers, tunnels, and bridges. I've learnt that only bridges have suspensions and tunnels are the only ones that can go through ground. Did you know that only bridges and towers sway side to side. To make our DLO look more appealing we've decided to draw the structures. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

How to tell the time on an analogue clock? Explanation

For the past few weeks of writing Ms Kirkpatrick group have been writing explanation about How to tell an analogue time. A lot of people around the world have analogue clocks to help children enlarge their skill. In our days a lot of people like using digital time as it easier to tell the time. But this is not that helpful because these days some students can't tell the time on an analogue clock and this is an easy maths skill. If you would like to read my explanation of how to tell an analogue time click here.

Maths Rich Task - Jola's Birthday Party

This week for maths Ms Kirkpatrick has set us another Maths Rich Task. In my perspective I think this was the easiest problem I've ever solved. First we were to solve three problems based on a birthday party. The skill we used to solve this problem was our division and multiplication skills. After solving the three problems we then had to pick one of the problems to make a DLO on. Ofa and I have decided to choose the last problem which talks about how many eggs each person that attended Jola's birthday should get. Each box holds 6 eggs and we had to figure out if 50 eggs would be enough for 8 of the guest. Our answer and our working out is on the DLO. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Venn Diagram - Water View Tunnel In Auckland

As part of Ms Kirkpatrick's Inquiry group we were to finish uncompleted work from our previous Inquiry sessions. So Today Jeremiah and I have found one of our  lying in our google drive so we decided to post it on our blog. For this task we were to compare and contrast the Water view & Gothard Tunnel. I've learnt that both tunnel are the longest ones in their country. Its sad to hear that 9 men's lost their live due to work related accidents. Next time probably I could compare and contrast a tunnel, bridge, and a tower. If I was to do this I would probably pick the Sky Tower, Gotthard Tunnel, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Note Making - Buildings and Structures

At the beginning of our learning of buildings and structures we wrote down what we knew about what they are and what their purpose is. The questions we were asked were what is a structure, who is involved what materials is it made out of, and famous examples. Their were a lot of famous examples as we hear about them fairly regularly. At the start we did not have a good understanding of what they are and we are now using that as foundation so that we can add more information. Examples of famous building or structures in New Zealand is the Auckland Sky Tower which stands at 1,076 foot tall. Did you know that the green lighting on the sky tower represent St Patrick's Day. As part of our buildings & structures project the seniors from Panmure Bridge have got the opportunity to visit the infamous sky tower. For this inquiry topic I am working with Jeremiah K. 

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Similarities & Differences

This week for Inquiry Mrs Anderson has set LS2 a challenge which is to compare and contrast three different towers from around the world. This was a bit challenging because instead of a normal two Venn diagram we were to make a three Venn diagram. I have worked collaboratively with Jeremiah and Sanujan. The three towers we compared and contrasted was the Auckland Sky Tower, Eiffel Tower, and the Sky Tree in Japan. I learnt that the tallest tower out of all of them is the Sky Tree being at 2,080 ft. I have also learnt that the Sky Tree cost 65 billion Japan Yen dollars which is a lot of money. The Auckland Sky Tower is an amazing monument in Auckland I've learnt that it has 3 main decks which is the Sky Deck (highest), Main Observation level and the Sky Cafe. Panmure Bridge was very lucky because we were given an opportunity to visit the sky tower and see the amazing view of Auckland. Did you know that if the Sky Tower is decorated blue it symbolizes the Auckland Blues and the New Zealand Warriors.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Tech - Hawaiian Pizza

This week Mrs Tuipolotu instructed us to construct our own Hawaiian pizza with our partner. To start, the first person received our pizza bread and spread the tomato paste on top of the bread. While they were doing that the second person which was me then diced the ham, onion, and chicken. When everything was done we put all the toppings on our pizza with a bit of pineapple. After that we topped our pizza with cheese then we put it in an oven which was preheated to 180 degrees for 15 minutes. I really enjoyed and in my perspectives this is my favorite cooking session out of all. I also enjoyed food tech today because I drunk the pineapple juice. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Afterschool Basketball|Panmure Bridge Orange

Yesterday after school two year 7 & 8 teams went down to Tamaki College to play basketball against other manaikalani cluster school. I was part of the Panmure Bridge Orange team and we played against St Patricks Yellow at 5:00. Before the game we talked about who was coming off and on and also telling each other to communicate on the court at all times. At the first half we played well making the score 4-0. At the end our school won 10-0. We were happy of our win and also a big thank you to Mrs Anderson, Mrs Prassad, and Mrs Burke for supervising us. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Similarities & Differences - Auckland Viaduct Harbor Bridge & Golden Gate Bridge

Today we have created a Venn diagram which compare and contrasts the similarities and differences of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Auckland Viaduct Harbour Bridge. The similarity which most people will not think of is that they are both built in Westernised nations. As Ofa (my partner) and I searched for information we found three similarities and fourteen differences. The Golden Gate Bridge is equal to 27 of New Zealand's viaduct harbour bridges as the viaduct bridge is 330 ft and the Golden Gate Bridge is 8,981 ft.