Thursday, 27 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey|Week 2 Day 4 Activities

Arguably, one of the most dramatic and spectacular (beautiful) places to visit in New Zealand is Milford Sound. It has been referred to as the ‘eighth wonder of the world.’ It is a beautiful fiord (steep valley) that was formed when big pieces of ice (glaciers) melted. The melted glaciers created a beautiful river that is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and snow-capped mountains. People who visit Milford Sound are able to take a boat cruise through the middle of the fiord, walk around the area on the Milford Track or fly above the fiord as part of a private helicopter tour.
Let’s imagine that you had the chance to visit Milford Sound by boat, foot (walking) or air (helicopter). Which option would you prefer?
On your blog tell us which of the three options you would take to explore Milford Sound. Be sure to tell us why you have chosen this option.
If I was too choose to either visit Milford Sound by boat, foot (walking), or air (helicopter) I would choose to go on the helicopter. Why? One reason is because when your high in the Sky you can see the beautiful view of Milford Sound. My second reason is because I like flying on both helicopters and planes because one day I would want to become a pilot when I grow up. Another reason why is because if there is a natural disaster you can get away easier than walking and on the cruise. So those are the reasons why I would go on a helicopter. 
Rotorua is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations. It is a city filled with incredible forests, mountain biking tracks, lakes, and geothermal wonders, including hot springs (geysers) and mud pools. One of the most famous geothermal pools is called the Devil’s Bath at Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. It is a neon green pool of stinky water.
Over the years, people have suggested that we come up with a new name for the pool. What do you think we should call it? Take a minute to let your creative juices flow.
On your blog, give us a list of three to five options for the name of this geothermal pool. Put a star (*) beside the name that you like the most. 
Name 1 - Stinky Lido *
Name 2 - Grassy Baths *
Name 3 - Hell's Pathway *
Name 4 - Hallogreen Waterways *
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While New Zealand is home to some beautiful waterfalls, there are a number of stunning waterfalls in places like Canada and South Africa. In Canada, the largest waterfall is called Niagara Falls. It sits on the border between Canada and the United States of America. Thousands of tourists flock (go) to Niagara Falls every year to see the falls and to have their picture taken in front of this natural wonder. Over the past few years people have started taking ‘selfies’ and posting them online. Do you ever take selfies?
For this activity, choose one of the following three selfies. From left to right: Selfie #1, Selfie #2, Selfie #3

On your blog, write a short story about what you think is happening in the picture. Be sure to tell us where you think the people are and what you think they were doing at the time that they stopped to pose for the selfie. To earn full points, the story must be 8 – 10 sentences long.

I've decided to choose #Selfie 1. In this picture I think that he people taking the selfie are at the stadium watching either a cricket or soccer game. I think one of the players from the sport that is happening has come to take a selfie with the fans. I also think that the selfie has been taken after the sports that has happened. Or even they took a selfie during the game because the man who came to take a selfie with then got a score or hit the ball so high and far. I know that their six mens taking a selfie including the player. This must be a sports game because the player that has come to take a selfie with them has a sports jersey on them.

Summer Learning Journey|Week 2 Day 3 Activities

Myself - I would call myself a night owl because I usually stay awake and either watch movies or play on my Xbox One S. 

2 Brothers - I call them night owls as well because there like me playing games and watching videos on you tube.

Parents - I would call my parents early rises because they usually go to sleep early for work or because there tired from work especially my mum who is on call all the time. 
This week for the Summer Learning Journey I needed to Solve a math problem. The math problem was A colossal squid can weigh as much as 495 kilograms (kg) the average adult can lift 25 kg and the average child can lift 15 kg. How many adults and children will it take to move the giant squid into its new room at Te Papa? This answer that I have came up with is 33 adults and 8 kids. Here is my working out. 315+25+25+25+25+20+20+20+20+= 495. Did you know that the Colossal Squid can weigh as much as 495 kilograms which is approximately 500 kilograms. 


Today for the Summer Learning Journey I have completed Week 2 Day 3 activities. The activities I completed was based on a maths questions abut clossal squids, another activity based on the ingredients about Samoan Pancakes or panekeke in Samoan, and the other activity based on weather you were a night owl or early riser. The activity I enjoyed most was the activity based on the ingredients of the Samoan pancakes because once I finished the ingredients I told my mum and she actually cooked. It was delicous!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey|Week 2 Day 2 Activities

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I've completed Week 2 Day 2 activities. The activities were based on the following: White Baneberry & Hydnellum Peckii plants, Ven Diesel, and flaxing. The activity I enjoyed the most was the task based on Ven Diesel because I got to write about how strong and tough Ven Diesel is. For this activity I was to choose someone who I thought is strong and tough, It could be a friend, family member or even an actor which is why I picked Ven Diesel. In my opinion Week 2 Day 2 has the best activities out of all the Summer Learning Journey activities. 

Summer Learning Journey|Week 2|Day 1 Activities

Today I have completed Week 2, Day 1 activities for the Summer Learning Journey. The activities I've done for this week is weather or not the questions written down on the third DLO is true or false, the great Taupo Cycle Challenge, and what you like doing during the Summer Holidays. I mostly enjoyed the great Taupo Cycle Challenge because I didn't know there was a cycle challenge held in Taupo. For this activity I was to write down three friends or families that I would take as my support crew. I decided to choose my older brother Gozan, my cousin Christopher, and my friends from school Alex. 

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 5 Activities

Today I have completed Week 1, Day 5 Activities which is the last day for Week 1. The activities I did was write a description about New Zealand as if New Zealand was going to be sink under water, letter to a friend about a trip to the Tundra, and the last activity was based on if you would go for and against logging. The activity I enjoyed the most was the logging task because I got to choose which side I was for the argument. As you can see I was against the argument which means I don't want people cutting trees. One reason is because animals homes are going to be destroyed.

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 4 Activities

For the Summer Learning Journey I have completed Week 1, Day 4 activities. I enjoyed these activities especially the hotel. For this activity I was to write down where I would build a hotel of mine and what it would be made out of. I was also to draw my own room for that hotel. As you can see I have drawn my bunk bed which is what I will have if I was to build a hotel. Why? Because if your sleeping on the top bunk you can see the beautiful view of Tongatapu. The other activities I did was How to make watermelon and pineapple otai (Tongan traditional drink) and the Sir Edmund Hillary interview questions. One of my questions I would ask to Sir Edmund Hillary is How does it feel to be on the $5 note. 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey|Week 1 Day 3 Activities


For the Summer Learning Journey I did 3 activities for Week 1 Day 3. These activities were called a place to stand. The activities I've done were building snowbanks for endangered animals (freshwater seals), DOC Ranger, and the Fantastic Beast. I mostly enjoyed the Fantastic Beast because I got to draw and also describe it. In one of my activities I've learnt that the WWF team were helping the freshwater seals by building snowbanks for them. 

Monday, 17 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey|Week 1 Day 2 Activities

How to solve the problem - This problems is simple to solve out. All you do is times 3 to 365 since there is 365 days in a year. This will equal 1095 which means the answer is 1095 ml. 


Today I have started Week Day activities for the 2018 Summer Learning Journey. There were 3 activities for day 2 which were based on why you would visit Tane Mahuta, find out 3 sport teams in NZ that has the fern on their uniform and a cactus maths problem. My favorite one was the cactus maths problem which is actually called weird and wonder. This was my favorite one because maths is my favorite subject and it was easy to solve out. 

Summer Learning Journey|Week 1 Day 1 Activities


This year is the Summer Learning Journey and there are amazing activities to do during the Summer Holidays. I've done 3 activities for Week 1, Day 1. The activities were based on cyber smart footprint tips, facts about New Zealand, and a special hometown to you. My favorite activity was Auckland being my hometown because it's nice how I could describe how Auckland looks like. In my DLO I've explained places you could go to and also the mix of culture population in Auckland and how most of my family lives in Auckland. 

Who Am I?

For the past previous week LS2 have been working on a challenge called Who Am I? This challenge is like Where Am I from but instead it is based on famous people around the world such as Tenzing Norgay, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana etc. There were 10 people and for the task given we were to write down who they are, where there from, why are they famous, quote (if they have one), 5 facts about them, their country on google maps, their flag, and a picture of them. This was a lot of work which is why I was working with Miki and Alex. 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Where in the World am I?

This Week Mrs Anderson has set a task for LS2 called Where in the world am I? This challenge has numerous of remarkable places in the world. What we were to do was find out what the place is, where the place is standing, when it was built, who uses the building and why is there or why is it built. We also wrote 5 interesting facts about that place/building. There were 10 different places in the world we worked on which was the Great Mosque of Heart, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Statue of Liberty, Grand Palace, Buckingham Palace, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mona Lisa, Taj Mahal, and the Sydney Opera House. We were to work with a partner which was called our ‘’travel buddy’’ and my travel buddy was Miki. The most interesting building Miki and I learnt about was the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We learnt that the Leaning Tower of Pisa was built 515 years old ago which was years ago. We also learnt that The Leaning Tower of Pisa wa just one of the buildings that is leaning there are other such as the Campanile of San Nicola, and the Campanile of San Michele.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Creating A Comic About A New Zealand Inventor

Today, the whole class did a a challenge in teams of 4. What was that challenge you may ask? To find a New Zealand inventor, and create a whole comic strip about that person and their invention. I decided to work with Julian, Ofa, and Joseph for this activity, and we wanted to create a comic about the first successful person to take flight Richard Pearse. We chose to use Google Drawing to create this comic and we had a lot of fun working together, and loving the turnout. After everyone had finished their comics, we had to find a few things out about the person and their invention. In the end, we found out that it was the 31st of March 1903 when Richard Pearse made his first attempt to fly. Although we did not find any information giving the date he succeeded.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

City Of Sails Challenge 5|Coat of Arms NZ Labelled

For my last activity for one the City Of Sails Challenge I was to label the Coats of Arms NZ. I was to explain what the pictures in the Coat of Arms NZ symbolizes for example the hammer represents the mining industry in New Zealand and the sheaf of wheat represented the land industry in New Zealand. I learnt that the three vertical lines on the boat symbolizes Cook Straight which is what separates the South and North Island of New Zealand. 

City Of Sails Challenge 4|Alphabet Key of Auckland

For my fourth activity I did the Alphabet Key of Auckland. This activity was basically filling each of the alphabet letters with things that are based on Auckland. For example the letter N could be the New Zealand Breakers because they come from Auckland, NZ or F can be Farming since we have a lot of farming industry. It was pretty hard because it was hard to find a topic based on Auckland that started with the letter x, y, and z, but then I figured out X Mas, Yellowhammer Bird, and the Z Gas Station was one. 

City Of Sails Challenge 3|Welcome Sign

For one of the City Of Sails Challenge I made a Welcome Sign for tourist or any visitors from other international countries. The Kiwi symbolizes New Zealand, the boats symbolizes Auckland because of how we are the City of sails city, the bridge is the Auckland Harbour Bridge and the starts on the 4 side of DLO represent the stars from the New Zealand flag. I have drawn these pictures which meant I didn't need to attribute them. 

City Of Sails Challenge 2|Rotorua NZ

For one of the City o Sails Challenge I decided to do what suburb I would live in New Zealand and why I would live there. I decided to choose Rotorua since I've been there multiple times. I would want to go to Rotorua because of the huge activities there are especially the Skyline and Lodge which is where I've been in the previous holidays. Not only that, but the camp site is really amazing especially Tui Ridge. Tui Ridge is a camping facility and they have a lot of fun activities to do during your holiday or weekend there. You can do mountain biking and high ropes as well. 

City Of Sails Challenge 1|Welcome To Auckland Sign

This week LS2 have been doing the City Of Sails Challenge. There were numerous of task to choose from. The task were based on Auckland and our challenge is called the City Of Sails Challenge because Auckland has over 135,000 boats or yatches. We were to pick from 48 activities and only do 5. For my first activity I decided to choose to make a collage based on the landmarks of Auckland. The activity I enjoyed the most was the Welcome Design because I got to be creative and imaginative.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Victorian Era

This week we have been learning about the Victorian era. The Victorian era was based on Queen Victoria's time. Our first activity was to choose one of the task from Victorian time and Junior, Mataio and I decided to choose to research about the Children working in factories. We researched about this because we wanted learn how life was hard for children back in the Victorian times. I found out that kids who are age 5 to 6 and are skinny would have to climb to the chimney and clean all the yuck chemicals. In my perspectives we are lucky because back in the Victorian time if the kids spoke to each other they were smacked, but in nowadays we don't get smack for doing bad things in schools. Some of the kids doing the chimney sweep had rotten teeth because of the chemicals. After this activity we were to draw a steampunk which was based on the Victorian era. A steampunk is when modern technology is mixed with technology back in the Victorian times. I have drawn a owl that has a hat and a google that is on the hat. Our last task was to make a DLO based on what steampunk art is and facts about it as well. I really enjoyed all activity especially drawing the steampunk. 

Monday, 26 November 2018

P.B.S Athletics Day

On Friday P.B.S held their own athletics day. We had students from Tamaki College help us make this event. There were a lot of fun activities such as: shot put, rob the nest, long jump, try not to drop the egg, and other fun activities. We were put into four different color group which were red, green, blue, and yellow. I was in yellow which was a difficult color to find. My favorite activity was rob the nest because I was always occupied and it was also a competitive game. At the end of our athletics we did sprints and whoever won the sprints from year 4 to 8 (Only 1st and 2nd) were to go to the Inter school Athletics in Week 9 (this is where you  go against other manaikalani cluster schools). I placed 4th in my race which I'm still happy with.  

Friday, 23 November 2018

Tech Reflection|Digital Charity Box|Homeless

For one of the graphics task I was to create a charity box on a DLO. This was meant to be done as a charity box but in a digital version. As my charity box is based on homelessness I included phrases that says: please donate to the homeless and make someone's day happy. I have also included a photo of a homeless person to make my DLO more attractive. 

Tech Reflection|Certificate Charity Box|Graphics

For one of the tech task we were to make a DLO with all the activities we have been doing this term for graphic. This included the activities we posted on our blog, our t-shirt printing, and our charity box. I have included nearly everything I've done this term. I am really proud of myself for finishing a lot of work. Some activities are not up on this DLO since I couldn't find them. 

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Book Week activity 6|Differences Between Fiction & Non-Fiction

Today I have completed my 6th activity for one of the Book Week tasks. For this Book Week activity I was to make a DLO writing down the differences between a fiction book and a non-fiction book. It is simple. A fiction is a made up story and a non-fiction is a true story. There are other points on the difference between fiction and non-fiction. 

Book Week Activity 5|The Dragon of Fortune|Geronimo Stilton

Today I have completed my fifth task for one of the Book Week activities. For this activity I was to count how many words in average there could be in 3 pages of a book. So what I had to was gather all three total numbers from the 3 pages and divide it by 3. I decided to do this activity on The Dragon of Fortune|Geronimo Stilton because it had less words then any other novel books. On page 1 there was 66 words, on page 2 there was 99 words, and on page 3 there was 62 words. The onomatopoeia (e.g zzzzzzzz) counted as well. Out of all activities this was the best so far.  

Book Week Activity 4|Alphabet Key|Titles of Books

Today for one of the Book Week Activities I was to create a Google Document with a Alphabet Key. I was to write titles of books that started with each letter of the alphabet. For example if the letter was 'I' I was to think of a book title that started with I (As you can see I have written I Spy). In my perspectives I think this task was a bit difficult than the other activities because I couldn't think of any book titles that started with x, y, and z. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Book Week Activity 3|Signals needed in a library


For Book Week I have done one of the activities which was to create a DLO showing what signs should be in a library. As you can see I have added the simple one which are no shoes inside the library, not eating or drinking, no running, and no shouting. I think the top two most important ones are no shouting and no running. Why? Because the library is a quiet place and to be quiet you are not to make any loud sounds such as shouting or running. 

Book Week Matrix|Author Interview


As one of the MI Matrix activities for Book Week I was to write down a couple of questions that I would say if I was to interview an author. It was pretty hard to figure what kinds of questions to say to an author. My favorite questions I would ask to an author is: Who is your favorite Author besides yourself? My best author is David Walliams because how he writes the first part of the story hooks me in.

Book Week Matrix|2 Different Types Of Book|Venn Diagram

As part of Book Week (which was last week) we were to pick one of the MI Matrix Book Week challenges. There were different types of amazing challenge such as draw a setting from a book you have read or create a 'rap' to create reading. Miki and I have decided to do the activity where we make a Venn diagram showing two different book we like. Miki choose Bad Guys and Billionaire Boy. The things that were similar between my book and Miki's book was that the Authors were both Male, they were both written in English, and it's both Fictional books. In my book I have two main character which are Joe and his dad. Miki's book has two main character which are Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Mr Piranha, and Mr Snake. 

Read Theory Progress|2017 & 2018

As part of Reading today LS2 have been making bar graphs of their progression on Read Theory. Some of us did a bar graph which had our 2017 & 2018 progression which is what I did. Read theory is helpful site to learn new words and to help comprehend questions. On my bar graph it shows my progression in February, July, and November in 2017 & 2018. As you can see my bar graph looks like a step which shows how I have highly improved from 2017 and 2018. When I first started in 2017 I was on grade 3 and now I am on grade 11.