Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Reading At The Lirbary

Image result for scooby doo and the haunted castle
Image result for scooby doo and the haunted castle

Today after school I came to the Library and read a book called Scooby-Doo and the haunted house. This book was so fun and mostly scary. This book was about when Scooby-doo and his budge of friends had a plan to go to the movies. While they are driving to the movies there Mystery Machine Van gets a flat Tyre. The only place to stop is a creepy haunted castle. The man who owns the castle is having a party and invites his friends to join the party. But a strange visitor shows up . It was a ghost.
What do you think is going to happened next?

Procedure Making Easter Eggs

Acrostic Easter Poem - By Ofa

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Andy Warhol Research - By Sam and Ofa

Ofa- Narrative Story- The Redmur School

Long time ago back when racism was still around and there was no technology. There was a school that was constructed on top of a very old cemetery. The school was called Redrum Primary School. The school was named Redmur because they wore black and red. There school was made out of mur. Mur was a brick. This school was named after a principal who committed suicide. No one knew that somebody a long time ago had committed suicide there. The Principal of the school Mr Dave hated children who would always send inappropriate stuff to his home mail box. Mrs Ross stayed at school late looking at her students science projects. One stormy rainy night a haze had covered the school and had changed everything in the school. Even the grass in the school had turned grey.

Tiava and her friend Ryan marched into their classroom. Tiava had spotted the grey grass as they were going to their classroom. They both got to their class and said good morning to Mrs Ross. They sat down for the bell to ring. Mrs Ross called over to Tiava to go to the office to get her bag. Mrs Ross didn’t want call Ryan over to get her bag because she knew that Ryan would not do the right thing. He would look in her bag and steal something. She was evil in the classroom. Tiava got given the key for Mrs Ross's office. Mrs Ross called Mr Dave that Tiava was coming. Mr Dave was happy. When Tiava got to the office she went to grab the bag but before she grabbed the bag she got captured by Mr Dave. Tiava saw her mother in another room full of pins. Tiava felt so sorry for her mum because all the hard work she had done and Tiava had now ended up here. Tiava got took into a room full of blood. She was forced from Mr Dave to drink the blood. Tiava took a sip and coughed. Mr Dave closed door and said to Tiava ‘’See you in five years’’. Tiava was yelling for help to get someone's attention to help her. Tiava’s stomach was empty and she was very thirsty. All she would drink was all the blood that she was covered in. Tiava wasn’t just sorry for his Mum. She was also sorry for the other children that had been staying here for nearly five years eating and drinking nothing. Tiava was thinking of a good plan to get her mum and other children out that had been captured for five years.

As Tiava was thinking of a good plan she touched something bumpy and hard. As she pulled it out, it was a key. She remembered that Mrs Ross had gave her keys to her to get her bag. It had her car key, house key and the key for the cell. She stood up full of blood and unlocked the cage door of the cell and whispered a joke “5 years is very short’’. She unlatched her mum’s room and the other children's room. Mr Dave’s office was right next to their cells and if they all went to get help he would hear all of the noises. Tiava told them “You guys stay here, I will go and ask for help”. As he was sneaking past Mr Dave’s office she was thinking of someone who was helpful. Tiava wanted someone who was very helpful. She remembered that there was a police station just across their school. Tiava ran to the police station. When she got there she explained everything to the police. After she had explained to the police what had happened they came to the school and arrested Mrs Ross and Mr Dave. They ten years imprisonment for all the bad things they had done to the people and also to the children. A few days later the inspectors came to the school and they found out that the word Redrum name when you spell it backwards it spelt Murder School.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Prototech Maths Result

Today I went on Protoech Website to keep on practicing my basic facts because I need to be fast on writing them down also saying them aswell. I did very well on my Grouping within 100 , 100 and 1000s , Addition to 20 and Multiplication x2 x5 and x10. I need to work on my Division x2 x5 x10 and my Subtraction to 20.

Monday, 14 March 2016

My Prototech Maths Result

Today for interdependent maths I went on prototech website to practise my basic facts such as addition and subtraction. I done really well on these areas: Addition to 20, multiplication x2 x5 x10  100s and the 1000s. I need to work on Groupings within 100 and Subtraction to 20.

Friday, 11 March 2016

KWL Chart For Lions

KWL Chart
Before you begin your research, list details in the first two columns. Fill in the last column after completing your research.

What I am learning:
What I know
What I want to learn
What I learned

  • I know that Lions are the largest cats.

  • I know that Lions have four legs.

  • I know that They are animal that have tails.

  • I know that lions live in the wild and some in the Zoo.

  • I know that Lion baby’s are called lion cubs.

  • I know that most lions live in Africa

  • I know that most lions catch their prey by biting its throat or by grabbing the back of it's neck and biting it.

  • I want to learn how fast they can run?

  • I want to learn how much years do they live in the wild?

  • I want to learn how do people know if it’s is a male or a female?

  • I want to learn how far can they leap or jump?

  • I want to learn what they eat?

  • I want to learn how do lions born there children's?

  • I want to learn where less of the lions live?

  • I want to learn When do lions migrate?

  • I learnt in the book that the moat of water around the lion’s space is nearly eight meters over and 2.5meters deep.

  • I learnt that there’s no possible chance of the lions having the wrong  of me.

  • I learnt lions have a strong sense of smell so the zoo staff sometimes attract the lion's interest by putting other animals in the lion's area or by giving them a sack that has been used by big apes, like the chimpanzees.

  • I learnt in the book that the super-safe watching windows for lion is forty millimeters wide.

  • I learnt that the lion’s meat comes in big, bony lumps that need enough of gripping and tearing.

Today I finished of My KWL Chart.The K stands for What I Know The W stands for What I Want to learn and the L is what I learnt. What I did was I had to get all my knowledge and right down What I know about Lions without any online sites. Next I had to write down what I want to learn about lions. Soon after that I had to read the book about lion and write down What I learnt about lions in the book. The new fact I learnt in the book was that there's no chance of lions having the wrong sort of meal.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Geronimo Stilton - Valley Of The Giant Skeletons

Image result for valley of the giant skeletons geronimo stilton burn
Today after school I went to the Library and read One of Geronimo Stilton Valley Of The Giant Skeletons. This book was about Geronimo Stilton getting lost in the Gobi Desert, and was looking for a hidden treasure. So far all Geronimo called found were sand-storms, camels and Giant dinosaur bones.


Today I played a mathes game called transum. There was 12 questions and I got 11 right and 1 wrong. I think I done good for my first start. I started on level three. I learnt that this game can help me do good in addition , subtraction and multiplication.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Free Rice Donation Maths Game

Today I played a maths game called Free Rice Donation to practice my basic facts. I had to get the answer right to get some grains of rice. each questions you get 10 points. I learnt that this site gives grains of rice to the poor people around the world who has no food.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Reading At The Library

Image result for extra special group book
Today I read a book at the Library called The Special Group. This book is about a boy who is good at maths, reading , Writing, English but the one things he is struggling on is Spelling. Jack finds spelling very hard. He has a spelling test going on at his school and he is scared that other children in his school might make fun of his test.

Plastic from milk experiment



  • To see if we can really make plastic out of milk.

Image result for mixing hotmilk


  • Milk
  • pot
  • spoon
  • malt vinegar
  • Microwave


  1. Pour the milk into a pot
  2. Pour in some Malt Vinegar
  3. Boil the mixture into the microwave
  4. Mix till there are chunky pieces
  5. Take the chunks out of the microwave
  6. Squeeze out all the milk from the chunks


We didn’t get the results that we expected.


We took no photos but it looked like white melting chocolate and felt like sticky play dough.

Conclusion (What do you think happened?)We think that we did not have much monomers so that’s why we didn’t get big polymers.

Science Planning House

Blog Comments

Today I commented on Sam, Gozan, and Claudia's blog. I think they all done good blog post because they all have good information on their work.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Reading at the Libary

Today at the Library I read a book called The best pet. This book was really interesting because it had lots of interesting information. This book was about a boy Who already gots eight pets but wants another one because his eight pets do no do that much all they do is eat and sleep. He wants a pet who is really joyful, fun and that will play with him. 

Readign At The Liabary

Today at the Library today I read a Narrative book called Naruto Coward. This book was about a young Ninja called Naruto and all his friends are taking the Chunin Exams, which, if they pass, will promote them to the next ninja level. The new test is to enter the Forest of Death.

The Haunted House

Image result for antique mansions
The Haunted House
A Long Time ago in the past there was a spooky haunted house that was constructed on top of an old cemetery in the far North of Carolina. This haunted house looked like an antique but much bigger like a mansion. So one day there was a male called Zeus who moved into the city where the haunted house was. He saw the empty haunted house and asked the neighbours who owned this house. He was told from the neighbours the owner was unnamed and that the property could be bought for taxes. No one in the neighbourhood informed or told Zeus about the house being haunted. So Zeus went to the city hall and purchased the house.

Zeus was so and excited for his first night-time sleep in his new house. Soon after Zeus moved into the haunted house strange things began to happen like lights moving from room to room, doors banging, laughter of children and footsteps. Zeus had a feeling that he had been watched by someone. Something weird happened as well. The end of his bed dipped like someone had sat on his bed and it felt like a hand was being placed on his foot. Zeus turned around to see who was it. It vanished. Zeus was just scared because he was thinking that something bad was going to happen next. When he was about to go to sleep Zeus saw the bedroom door unlatched and opened slowly. When he went out of his room to see who opened the door on the stairs, there was a young little girl. She was dressed in old fashioned clothes, wearing a black dress and a white pinafore and with lots of blood on her face. She had an axe stabbed into her chest. She was only there for a few seconds and then disappeared. Zeus froze for a few minutes and ran back to his room and was thinking why was there a girl in his house. As he was thinking a note slipped through the door. When Zeus picked it up it read “YOU WON’T SURVIVE”. Zeus was so sleepy. He didn’t want to go to sleep because he didn’t want something bad to happen to him. A few minutes later Zeus went to the bathroom to wash his face to stay awake. As he was washing his face he felt a pinch on his back and when he looked around there was the young girl. She glared at Zeus with no movement like a photograph in the 80s. As they were both staring at each other she vanished again.

Zeus was so sick of the little girl haunting him so he called the unnamed owner of the house. He explained what had happened in the house. The unnamed owner came and explained to Zeus about the house. Zeus was told from the unnamed owner that two people had committed suicide in the house. A third person which was a little girl, drowned in the pool on the property. As he learnt the house was haunted and that terrible things happened in the house, he decided to move into a normal house away from the haunted. GUESS WHAT HE SURVIVED!!!