Thursday, 5 July 2018

ASB Getwise Reflection

Today we had Jayden from ASB who came to talk to us how saving money is very important in our lives. To help us perceive the message that saving money is important Jayden created a game where we were splitted into 5 groups and pretend we went to Fiji. We had a budget of $1,800 and was to spend it wisely on before we went to Fiji like our passport, the flights, accommodation, Insurance and the money were going spend at Fiji for things such as food, groceries, and activities (like swimming with the sharks). There were a range of choices for some of the subjects such as flights had two prices. One price was $200 where you are in a seat that's uncomfortable or a flight for $700 where you have luxury seat and also food ordered to you. Our group (which was group 3) decided to take the cheaper options than the expensive which was a good idea. At the end we were happy because we cam 2nd.  

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