Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Rugby Match against Papakura

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Today was our third to last game of rugby league before the season ends. today the Under 14's (my rugby team) had an amazing game of football because we verse one of our rivals which was the Papakura Griffins. It was great to see how all supporters were there. Everyone was really excited for this game and also the supporters. Today I played number 6 which is one of the half (the ones who does the moves or plays). Everyone showed a lot of sportsmanship to each others but there was a little brawl in the beginning of the first half of the game. Papakura only had 12 players on the field and we underestimated them but fifteen minutes later Papakura scored against us which made it 4-0. Soon they scored another try making it 8-0 (loosing the conversions). Luckily in the first half I scored my teams the first try in the game which made it 8-4. Unfortunately at the end we lost 24-8. I think next time my team needs to communicate a little bit more to each other and also slide left/right when it's defense time.

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