Monday, 18 April 2016

Holiday Reading - Soundtrack


Music often tells a story.  Can you think of a song that has the same message as your book?  Or you might think of a song that describes your main character, or might be their favourite song.  Describe the link between your book and the piece of music.  Post it onto your blog with:
- Title
- Author
- Type of Book
- Geronimo Stiltons favourite song - Geronimo Stilton has a theme song that he loves listening to and this theme song is by Guy Vasilovich.

This time for the holiday reading task I did the soundtrack activity. I have wrote down my main characters favorite theme song. If you want to hear it click the blue link that says Geronimo Stilton favourite theme song.

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  1. Hello Ofa, I have listened to your link to Geronimo Stilton's theme song and I agree with you. Keep up the great work.