Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Emoticon Story

L.I : To infer information about characters in a text.

Today for our Reading we had to skim through a text called Oops. After that we had to list characters in the text while reading. Four our Reading Must Do we had to Choose one character from the text and infer the feelings they had in the text. We also had to put emoticons to show their feelings as well. After that we had to make a new interview pretending to be the character we choose and had to tell the feelings we had in the story. For that we had to do in groups of 3. I was a bit unsure what to say in the news interview, but I stall managed to do it. I think for next time I should pick a character with more feelings in the story or other stories because I think it will be more better.

Click the link below if you the one on the google drawing one doesn't work.

The News Interview

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  1. Hi Ofa
    Your emoticon story looks very nice.I liked the way how you did the interview keep up the good work.