Thursday, 10 November 2016

Bar Graph - Shoe Brand - Statistical Investigation

L.I: To accurately collect data
L.I: To accurately present data
L.I: To accurately interpret data

This week for our maths Must Do we had to do an investigation on anything for example like asking people what's there favourite ice cream , what's there favourite movie or what's there favourite place to go to. I did a investigation on what are people's favourite shoe brand. The brands we wrote down for the people to choose were Addidas , Puma , Ascis , Converse , New Balance , Vans and Kids can. I did this investigation with my friend Mataio. We had to do this in pairs. We only had to ask people who were in our class. The shoe brand that was mostly chosen was Nike. Nike had 26 , Addidas had 6 , Ascis had 2 , Converse had 3 , New Balance had 2 , Vans had 2  , and Kids Can had 5. Mataio and I choosed Nike. We had to accurately collect data which means collect information. We also had to accurately present data and accurately interpret data. I learnt that accurately means to do something correctly without any mistake. 

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  1. Hi Ofa,
    Your work is excellent
    and I really like how
    you put a lot of detail
    in your statement for your
    bar graph. I also like your
    topic chose of topic.