Monday, 26 March 2018

Setting Description - 5-7-10

The Tunnel

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As I was marching along on the damp and soggy ground I heard the creaking of the forest trees and the rustling of the leaves. I strolled through the natural tunnel as it greets me. I feel the moist trees that have been sitting for centuries in this forest. I walk on the hard trunks as I hear the irritating noise of birds screaming for help as if they were attacked by a muscular animal. I smell the goodness of the forest leaves as I duck under the branches. I walk in a slothful way examining the fresh, fast flowing, river ahead of me. It feels like I have been walking for millions of hours, but this hike had only taken me thirty minutes. A large river full of fresh water was suddenly there. I glimpsed at all of the sticks from the trees floating on the river like boats skiing through side to side. There was a large bank where the water couldn’t escape, but can be used. “What are you doing you insane kid?” a man's voice whispered. I glanced back at the strange tunnel and was alarmed by the weird looking man.

As part of writing today Mrs Kirkpatrick chose a picture that we were to write a setting description about it. We were using our 5-7-10 method that helped us improved in our writing. We were to add all of the interesting things included to make a story sound good which are hyperbole, alliteration, groups of 3, dialogue etc. As always our challenge was to write 12 sentences which was pretty hard. 

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