Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Gold C.A.R.E Award - Learn, Create, Share

As part of our Gold C.A.R.E awards for Confidence I worked with a group of my friends to create a display for our classroom. This task was different from others since it was to create one with my teacher. So for this task some of us used our problem solving skills to form the phrase Learn, Create, Share with our bodies. We didn't want to print it (like always) out because we wanted to be creative. Our Learn, Create, Share phrase is our pedagogy which means the way how we are taught in our school. 

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  1. 14/3/18
    Malo e Lelei Ofa,

    Hello my name is Max and I am a year 8 at Karoro School. Go check my blog .Back to your work, I Really enjoyed your,” learn, create, share” photos. This creation is very inventive.

    Next time you might add in a couple more words to shape out. I have one question to ask, how did you take the photos?

    Once again I really like the creativity of this work. Well Done.