Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Rising Of The Chairs

The Rising of the Chairs
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Ricky Jay was a big,tall and penurious magician who always dreamed of making chairs and tables fly. He wore a torn magician hat trying to hide his bald. He wore filthy clothes that he wore nearly everyday. Ricky was really depressed as his dreams just hadn’t come true. One day Ricky decided to climb Mount Cook. As he reached the top he was amazed to see chairs rising up around him. He walked closely to them as they surrounded him. He took of his warm gloves as he heaved one of the chairs. He forced the chair to levitate side to side. He had a big smile on his face as his dreams were accomplished. Ricky smiled with delight and his eyes sparkled with pleasure. He couldn’t wait to burst his emotions in front of all the magicians who ridiculed him and told him he was a rubbish magician. All those practical practices he did helped him a lot to achieve his goals.


As part of writing this week we are learning and writing descriptive stories. Today Mrs Kirkpatrick choose a picture for us to write about. We were to write at lest 12 sentences with a mix of simple, compound and complex sentences. I learnt that a Juxtaposition is when you two things are together that are not similar or the same. For example fiction (made up story) and non-fiction (real life) or hot and cold. I have wrote a short story showing what the picture is about.

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