Friday, 5 August 2016

Place Value House

L.I To use the Place Value House to solve equations.

Today for Maths we had to make a DLO using the Place Value House to solve Addition and Subtraction equations. Solving these equations we had to write little description showing what's happening. We also had to have another way to solve our subtraction and addition equations. I learnt how to move numbers left or right and learnt how to solve subtract and add equations by using my own strategy.


  1. Hi Ofa

    I Really like your place value house it really interesting and really good for other people learning and kid learning. I Really like how you demonstrate your work and worked hard to make this.

    Well Done Good Job Work Hard

  2. Hi Ofa Wow this is a really detailed work. I am really impressed with how you explained in each slide. Keep this magnificent work up