Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Key Into Inference - Map From Bedroom to Kitchen

This week for reading my group (Ruru) has been doing Key into inference. I read text 5 which was Kim. It was about a boy name Kim who came home in the night without anyone in his house. He looked around his house and didn't hear or see any of his family members. When he went to the kitchen he brought out a torch from the kitchen draw and shone onto the table. On table there was a letter which said ‘Have gone to the vet, we shouldn’t be too long’. After reading the text we were given questions to answer like what time of day was it? My answer was the time of day was night time because in the story it says he stood for a while, until his eyes were used to the dark. We had to use part of the question and part of the text to get our answer. At the end there was a activity we had to do. We had to Draw a map showing the directions from our bed to the kitchen for a drink of water if the power was out and we couldn’t see. The DLO above shows you my how to get from my bedroom to my kitchen in my house.

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