Thursday, 3 August 2017

Writing - Lunchtimes At PBS

Let me tell you something about lunchtimes at PBS. First we all wait until the 12:30 bell rings. When we hear the bell we are told to go and eat our lunch. Some of us eat very rapidly like we haven’t eaten in days so they can run and play their favorite lunch game, handball. As soon as we have gulped all of the food into our mouths we run to the handball grid as fast as a cheetah. We hear a lot of yelling and shouting. Some of us are angry for losing, and some of us are feeling satisfied from winning. All the juniors are all rumbling through the playground like a group of buffaloes. Fans of basketball are just shooting the ball into the hoop every second. Teachers in the staff room are drinking their coffee and relaxing away from all the noise they have been listening in their class rooms. Inter school rugby boys are all around the field running and kicking the big, curved ball. Boys are just running and hitting shoulder to shoulder and practising their drills. Some boys are in really bad pain, but still laughing in delight waiting for revenge.

L.I - To think about how I can word/phrase my ideas so that they are clear.

Today for Writing we had to write a story describing lunchtimes at PBS. We had four minutes to write which was a bit difficult. After our four minute of writing we had to read it to ourselves and share it to our partner. While writing my story I have practised proofreading my story with myself and with my partner. I have also practised adding more powerful words to make my story is more realistic and interesting. The fun part about today was checking each other's work and looking for mistakes. I think next time for writing I can try and use more words and language features to hook in my readers.

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