Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Senses - You've got 2 minutes

I see the basketball going swiftly up in the air like a nuclear bomb heading towards the big hoop of heaven. I smell the awful and revolting odour from sporty armpits as they travel past me. When I run past the office I smell the aroma of the coffee wafting through the air. I hear the enthusiastic cheers after a three pointer is scored. I feel  the strong breeze of the basketball as it aims for the hoop allowing me to taunt in victory. I taste the awesome little crumbs of burger I had for lunch but it is victory that leaves the best taste in my mouth.

L.I - To think about how I can work/phrase my ideas so that they are clear.

Today for writing we were using the senses which is See, Smell, Her, Feel, Taste to write about what happens at lunch times. We had only 2 minutes to write about what we See, Smell, Hear, Feel, Taste. It was easy to write in 2 minutes because in Writing we always practise writing in 1 minute. I think next time I could write more sentences.

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