Thursday, 16 August 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

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Today was our 4th session of Kiwi Can and Mr Matt was our Kiwi Can tutor. First we talked about the theme and the topic for this week. Our theme is still resilience which means bouncing back from difficulties or challenges. Our topic for this week is problem solving. Problem solving is when you work together with someone or in a team to share ideas and find the best solution to a difficult problem. We also talked about how we can problem solve in a maths class. For example if a person tries to copy you in a maths problem you can solve it by telling the teacher or if your kind you can help them. After discussing the topic and theme then we moved onto on our energizer. Our energizer game was called rock paper scissors. In this game you are to rock paper scissors with someone and if you loose you are to go on knees. Once you are on your knees you are to verse someone who's on there knees. If you loose then you sit out of them game. If you win and your on your knees then you get back up and verse another person. This game was played until last person standing. Next we played our activity which was the best Kiwi Can game. This game was called hand soccer which is similar to soccer but you have to use your hands to control the ball. I really enjoyed this game because it made us fatigued which was good.

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