Thursday, 9 August 2018

Kiwi Can Session 3

Today was our 3rd session of Kiwi Can. We had Mr Matt Only since Ms Lily was sick. First we reviewed what our theme and topic is. Our theme for this term Resilence which means bouncing back from challenge and never giving up. Our topic for this term is Goal Setting which is when you set a little goals for something you want to achieve or accomplish. One of my goal for this term is to aim over 250 blog post this year. My goal for sports is to win all basketball games to make it to the finals. In Kiwi Can we also talked about how we can celebrate achieving our goals. For example what it if I make it to the Auckland Under 13's team. I would probably celebrate by having a BBQ or going to a restaurant. Our energizer was called snatch the cone. This game was very simple. First we made a round shape with a rope and then everyone was to stand outside of the circle. Then Mr Matt put some cones inside the circle. What we were to was when Mr Matt said the word go we were to react fast and try to snatch a cone from inside the circle. It sounds a bit dull but we were energized. Soon for our activity we played Golden Child. Basically for this game there is two teams. One team who are called the shooters and the other team who are called the runners. The shooters have to shoot the ball in the hoop and try get it in. The runners have to run around the basketball court and if the shooters shoot and make a the ball in the hoop the runner has to stop. If the shooter doesn't get it in then the runner can still run until reaching the end of the court. The last runner is the Golden Child. The Golden Child is the person who runs around the court unfreezing everyone who got out. Then the Golden Child and the other runners run until they reach the end. If the Golden Child make it with the other runners they win but if someones shoots and get it in then the Golden Child and his runners are out. This was a energized and amazing game.

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