Sunday, 1 October 2017

P.B.S Holiday Blogging Challenge - Day 2 - Bonus Activity

For the Bonus Activity for Day 2 we had to find different adventurous activities that we can do at the Sky Tower. We had to choose one and explain why we choose that activity and how much will it cost. For example I have chose the Sky Jump. I have explained why I choose it and at the bottom I have written how much it cost. 


  1. Hi Ofa I really like your photo you choose.
    Greate work Ofa Keep it up

  2. Hey Ofa I would I also like to sky jump/bungee jump off the Sky Tower too. I really like the images you used and how the colour of the text and background is a light blue and dark blue and you are still able to read it. I also like the layout of everything. Fantastic work!

  3. Malo E Lelei Ofa, I've done the same activity work as you. I agree with your point. The images convince me as I said in my blog post.The colors that you have used tells me that it includes water.
    Great Work Ofa.

  4. Hi Ofa,
    Your DLO is amazing. I like the way you added a photo of Sky Jump.I also like the way you wrote down how much the Sky Jump costs. You gave a great explanation about why you want to go on the Sky Jump.
    Amazing Work!

  5. Hello Ofa
    Great to see you doing the PBS Blogging Journey. I chose to do the Sky Jump too for this activity. It is also great that you are wanting to try new things. I like how you have attributed your images. Would you be scared, since you are jumping 192 meters down? If you keep us this outstanding work up, you will surely win a prize.

  6. Hi Ofa,
    I really like the DLO that you made, and I like how you gave credit to the owner of the image that you used. I like your reason on why you would like to bungee jump off of the Sky Tower, and how you found the prices to take part. Was it hard finding the prices? Hope to see more awesome posts like this one.
    Keep Up The Amazing Blogging!

    - Jack

  7. Hi Ofa. Great job on completing this task. I really like how you have added images. Jumping off the Skytower can be very scary. I chose to to the Skywalk because it would be an awesome experience for me. Keep up the amazing work.