Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Beached Whales

For this activity I had to read a article about a place called Farewell Spit. Recently a number of whales accidentally swam into the spit and became stuck on the beach. Sadly the whales were unable to swim back to ocean because the water was too shallow. The local people around there tried to save the 'beached' whales, but sadly a lot of them died. I had to tell what the local people did to try and save the beached whales.

1. Put wet towels/clothes on them

2. Pour buckets of water on them

3. They grab their chilly bins, water bottles, cooking pots and mixing bowls to fill with water to keep the whales wet.

4. Campers offer their towels , t shirts, and sarongs to drape over the whales.

5. Good News - All of the volunteers that helped worked until nightfall.


  1. Hey Ofa,
    I see that you were doing the farewell spit challenge with the Beached whales. I found this sad because whales don't expect this to happen to them. keep up the Great work and post more challenges :)

  2. Hello Ofa, this activity was quite sad because quite a lot of Whales are dying. It is great that people are trying to help out the whales. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Hi Ofa, Freeman and Aminiasi!

    It's great to see that you have all taken time to read the article and show compassion for the beached whales in Farewell Spit. I agree with you that this is a very sad and devastating thing that is happening to them. You're right that whales don't actually want to be stranded up on the beach, they sadly just swim in the wrong place. Although, I love that people are willing to help these whales and try to get them back to sea. Do you think you would stay up until nightfall to help if you were there?

    Well done on completing this activity Ofa, I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Nicky :)

  4. Hello Ofa
    I feel really sorry for those poor whales who died. It was really nice of the local people to get out of their houses and help out those whales. Keep up the amazing work Ofa!

  5. Hi Ofa.

    I feel so sad for the whales that died but I am also happy because people are help these whales. It is great to see that you have been working hard on your Winter learning journey. Keep it up.

    From Sanujan

  6. Hi Ofa. It is sad to hear and see that Whales are dying from things like this. Hopefully what locals are doing is enough to save them. You have been doing very well, keep it up.