Monday, 11 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey - Be The Inspiration

Today I did one of the Winter Learning Journey Challenge activities. For this activity I had to watch a video called Be The Inspiration which the New Zealand Olympic Team has created. After watching the video I had to rate the video very bad movie, bad movie, okay movie, good, movie, and very good movie. As you can see I had highlighted good movie red. After rating the video I had to write down what I like about the video and what I didn't like about the video.


  1. Hi Ofa,

    I think that you have done a great job of reviewing the #Be the Inspiration movie. I, too, would have rated it as 'good.' I love the scenery and the message found in the movie. I think that it reminds us that we can all reach our dreams and be the best that we can be (if we put our minds to it)!

    Keep up the great work with the blogging. You are a star!

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Hi Ofa
    I would have given the movie a five star rating (*****) because it is about a normal kid with big dreams. He tries to do his dreams when he gets older, no matter what people say to him. Keep up the awesome work.