Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Word Webs

LI: We are learning to find most important (main) idea in a text.

LI: To find related words in a text.

Today for Reading Ruapehu group had to read a text called Neighborhood Niggles. After reading the text we talked about finding the most important/main idea in a text for example if it was the The Three Little Pigs the main Idea would about three little pigs building their own house made out of different materials which included: Sticks, Straws, and Bricks. After that we listed words from the text that we were unsure or struggled on. I learnt what Suitable means. It means Appropriate for the purpose for example wearing a singlet is more suitable then wearing a jumper when it is summer.

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  1. Great post about finding out the meanings of unknown words, Ofa. Next week we will be going on to the Main Idea for Mr & Mrs Fitz, so this will help a lot.

    It is unfortunate that someone copied your post, but this shows that you have written a great post.