Monday, 19 March 2018

5 -7-10 Character Description

A solitary life but worth it for the futureImage result for the greatest library 2

Sophia was really bored as she had a solitary childhood. She lives in a neighborhood where there were a lot of athletic kids but she just wasn’t into sports, instead she liked reading. If she had one hour of free time at home or school she would usually choose to read her favorite book Alex Rider Storm breaker. Sophia had a room full of books that weren’t for her age but she understood every word that was written. She always felt satisfied at the end of the book she read, and it always felt like a new world to her. Every time it was mufti day she would wear her captivating purple t-shirt that said ‘I Love Reading’. Since she was 5 years old she would always come home from school and would read a book that left her hooked into the story. Once she is reading, she can’t get her mind off the book. She was the only girl in her school who would go to the public library and pick 3 books that were twice as big as the ones in her school library. Although, Sophia always says to herself “I do have a solitary childhood, but it is worth it for my future”.

Today for Writing my group (Tamaki) has been focusing on 5 - 7 - 10 character
description. Since we have been doing this for a long time we were to add a challenge
to it by writing only 12 sentences. This was a big challenge as we are always writing big
paragraphs mos of the time. I have included some mixture of compound and complex

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