Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey - Week 3 - Day 3 - Activity 2

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I have completed a very interesting activity. For this activity I had to tell Take a look at the pictures of the 1970s outfit and tell two things that I like about 1970s fashion and two things that I don’t like about the fashion of the day.I have learnt that Rachel is not a huge fan of the patterned pants.

Two things I like
1. I really like the men long pants.
2. I really like the colors of the girls outfit. It looks great. 

Two things I don't like
1. I don't like the men belt because I think it doesn't suit the pants.  
2. There is nothing else I don't like about the outfits. 


  1. Hi Ofa

    It's Allie here again from the SLJ.

    You sound like you really like the fashion of the 1970's. The fashion back then is very recognisable and has a style all of its own. You can usually tell by the colours and the flared pants that it comes form the 70's.
    Like Rachel I really don't like the patterned pants either. I can;t imagine anyone walking down the street in Greymouth wearing these. I don't know about in Auckland. But I think people would really stare if you had these on here.
    I like the colours the girls are wearing and the shoes too. But with the men's and women's outfits I don't like the big collars much either.

    Would you wear anything like this?
    I like that the fashion today is a lot more casual and we can just wear jeans, shorts or trackies.

    Good work Ofa

    Until next time

    Allie :)

  2. Hi Ofa
    Great job on finishing this summer learning journey activity. I also agree with you, the bright colors of the clothes the women wore liked great although I didn't really like the long pants (I'm more of a shorts person). Keep up the amazing work Ofa!