Sunday, 7 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey - Week 4 - Day 5 - Activity 1

For this Summer Learning Journey activity I had to think about my future. What would I like to do when I finish school? Would I like to work in a specific job? Would I like to study at university? What would I study? Maybe I'd even like to move overseas.

When I finish college I would like to go to University to go study to become a pilot. This was my dream job since I was a little kid. During my rugby games there would be a plane flying pass the rugby field and instead of concentrating on the game I looked up to the plane. I want to be a pilot because I want to travel around the world.
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  1. Kia Ora Ofa!

    Cadence here from the Summer Learning Journey :)

    Thank you so much for sharing a brilliant post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, I had the biggest smile on my face because I think this is a fantastic career choice! With lots of hard work and dedication, you will make an awesome pilot.

    My father has been a pilot for over 35 years and he has loved every single day of it!
    It is a job that can take you anywhere in the world, literally! Maybe you could share with us some places that are on your dream list where you would love to fly.

    My dad has flown all around Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands. He’s also been to every single airport in New Zealand! I hope this inspires you ever more to go after your dream!

    Loving the photo too! That could be you one day sitting in the Captain’s seat!

    Aim for the stars!

    I can’t wait to read more of your brilliant blog posts!

    Cadence :)

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    2. Hello Cadence,

      Thank you so much for commenting on my work. Being a pilot was my dream job since I was little. Everytime a plane was flying past I would always look up to it. If I was a pilot I would go to Australia, Canada, Tonga (home country,.and Japan. I really want to fly the emirates plane.

      Thank you!

    3. Hi Ofa,

      Lovely to hear from you!
      Thats awesome, I would love to travel to Canada too someday :)
      Oh wow! Emirates would be amazing! Am I correct in saying they are the most popular and best rated airline?

      Cadence :)

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  3. Hi Ofa
    I have enjoyed reading all your SLJ posts. A pilot is a great choice and I love that you have a dream and a goal. My cousin is a pilot for SAA (South African Airways). He says the best part about his job is that he gets to visit lots of different places, enjoy the food these places offer and meet new people. Keep working hard.
    Mrs A :)

  4. Hey Ofa
    Well done finishing this summer learning journey activity. Being a pilot would be amazing - travelling around the world for a job is something most people would love to do (myself included). Keep up the amazing work Ofa.