Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Why it's important to brush your teeth? - Animation

This week LS2 have been learning to share community questions. One of our questions was why it's important to brush our teeth because the results from the dentist was not good. We learnt what could happen if we didn't brush our teeth and what to do. Before creating DLOs we looked at disgusting photos of bad teeth. Fraidon and I have created an animation on why people should brush their teeth. While making this animation Fraidon and I learnt some new words like decay, cavity, tartar and plaque. We learnt that decay means when your teeth becomes rot and it starts to disappear for example sugar makes your teeth decay. This animation is mainly for Room 1 (year 2) at P.B.S. 


  1. Greetings Ofa,
    I've done animation before. Your animation looks better than mine. I really love the tools you used to make your animation. I also love the way you used all your time creating 232 slides. Was it difficult doing everything?
    Great Work.

  2. Malo E Lelei Ofa,
    I love your post. Your animations is amazing. I can't believe you done 232 slides. That is incredible. I think your animation is great and really persuades people that hardly brush their teeth. Good job and keep up the great learning!.