Thursday, 9 November 2017


Today was Kiwi Sport and that we are learning Badminton this term. We really enjoyed badminton because it was a challenging, seeing who can do 10 juggles with the Shuttle Cock. We were in partners doing the four hand and back hand pass. Four hand pass is when your racket is like a frying pan. You have to put your thumb on top of the rackets handle. I learnt that the back hand is similar, but you have to face the racket down so your thumb is facing down. I found back hand more challenging. I was partners with Kevin (badminton coach) and Mrs Anderson. It was challenging for both Mrs Anderson and I because it was our first time dong the back hand pass, but we did really good. We go over 20 passes. When I was with Kevin we managed to do very well. Kevin and I did 102 passes. He did the four hand pass and I did the back hand pass because I wanted to challenge myself. I learnt that India invented badminton.

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