Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Explanation - How Children Learn at School

Are you aware that children watch and copy other people? Learning is important for children because they are going to grow up and become adults. Children ask a lot of questions, talk and have fun this helps them to learn and experience as they grow. 

Firstly, children copy what they see. They copy things from other people, television and especially their parents. They are awesome observers and this will help their imagination grow. They often follow a certain role model. They listen to things that they are highly interested in. Kids also have a lot of energy.

Kids have a lot of energy and they use this energy to play with friends ad talk. They have numerous ways to play and have fun. When they play it helps them to gain more experience in the environment they are in. Children also ask plenty of questions.

Children ask questions when there confused. They take a lot of risk when they ask questions. They ask questions to help them understand. When they ask questions they improve the skill that there learning about.

Learning is vital for children because they be our next generation. Children will take risk and make mistakes. They will learn with and from each other.

This week for writing we have been practicing how to write an explanation about how children learn at school. Before writing we planned our explanation so we knew what to write in our text. Sylis and I were partners. We both worked collaboratively together to finish our work. We learnt that in an Explanation there has to be a Title, an Introduction which has a hook like a rhetorical question, Paragraph 1 2 3 and the Conclusion. The writing above shows you the explanation we wrote.

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