Thursday, 1 November 2018

Kiwisport Reflection

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Today was our 2nd session of Boxing for Term 4. Our coach was Pax Patel. For our warm up game we got into a circle and practiced what we practiced last week which was jab, cross. When jabbing we were to put our hands straight like a vertical line. When cross punching you are to twist your feet which will give you power when you go up for the cross punch. After that we learnt how to hook with our left and right hand. When hooking we were to bend our arm at a 90 degrees Angle, rotate our body, turn our lead foot, bend our knees, and then punch. I learnt that when punching a hand the other is supposed to be kept guarded, so you don't get punched. We then learnt how to uppercut. We did the same process as hook punch, but instead we were to punch upwards. I learnt that every move we do such as: jab, cross, hook, and uppercut we are to always keep always guard our face not matter what punch you are doing. After that we put to practice all of the moves.

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  1. Kia ora Ofa,

    My name is Miko and I am a student at Karoro School primary in Greymouth.
    I like how well you you have explained what to do like when you say “ When hooking we were to bend your arm at a 90 degrees Angle” I do a type of boxing called Muay Thai and was interested in what you had to say about your school boxing.
    Unfortunately I broke my hand recently so will be unable to attend Muay Thai for a while.

    He pai tetahi
    Yours sincerely Miko