Friday, 14 September 2018

Billionaire Boy Study

For the past previous weeks Alex and I have been reading and studying the book: Billionaire Boy, written by David Walliams. Alex and I have learnt different skills reading this book such as knowing what theme is, why the author wrote the book and also a lot of new vocabulary. This book was written to inform and entertain us. We know this because in the story it has descriptive words to make the story sound fictional (entertaining) and it also teaches us a real life event which is: "Money doesn't always bring happiness". Alex and I enjoyed this book and have read it 3 times. In the google slide we have gathered all DLO's including what the big message in the story was (or what the main idea was), the two themes of the book that are taken by characters in the book, comic strip showing one key event in the story, and the last DLO which is the Overall Review where Alex and I were to redesign the cover. If you would like to see it go on slide 6. It would be great to have a comment telling what book cover you would prefer. If I was to rate this I would rate it 5/5 I enjoyed reading the book and also how the author dropped an important message. I would recommend this book to kids who like reading fictional books.

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