Monday, 3 September 2018

Sentences Using Colons | Illustration

For writing today we were to complete two task. One of them was the Sensory Verb quiz and the second task was based on the use of colons. Colons are used when you are listing different things, or if your explaining or quoting something for example Who would win out of the Warriors and the Dragons?: Warriors (just guessing) or Jane wanted three of her babies named Juliet, June, and Jasmine. For this activity we were to solve out 17 different sentences that were missing the colon. We were to put the colons where they were supposed to be in the sentence. After doing all 17 we were to make a DLO on one of the sentences. I decided to choose the sentence Barry wanted to know why I didn't respond to his text: I hadn't received it. My drawing or illustration has a photo of a phone that has all the message Barry is texting his friend. As you can see he has no replies to his messages. In my perspective my drawing explains the background of the sentence I have chosen. 

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  1. kia ora OFA
    nice job i like all of the hard work
    this is a little bit confusing though after coseping and dasashin with my friend figured out what meant and i like your work P.S sorry for the spelling iv anything is spelled wrong i'm terrible at spelling

    from Regan your blog buddy