Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 - Day 2 - Activity 1

For the Summer Learning Journey I am on Day 2 Activity 1. For this activty I had to find the similarities and differences of a wharepuni and my house. I have learnt that a traditional wharepuni had a thatched roof and walls made with timber, fern, rushes and bark. I think the wharepuni does not look like my house.
Image result for normal house in panmure
Simmarlarites - The simmarlariters between my house and the wharepuni is that people are inside their houses not outside. 

Differences - A wharepuni is a large room decorated outside and inside with images of gods, ancestors and other figures. A wharepuni is panted brown. 

Differenc - In my house we have three bedrooms a living room, kitchen and a laundrymat. My house is panted white. My house has a very large backyard and a tree house as well. 


  1. Hi Ofa,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team! It's great to see that you've been working so well on these activities. Well done!

    Great work with this activity. I like how you have added pictures of a house like yours and of a wharepuni. You have also thought of some good similarities and differences between the two. I like how you have said that a wharepuni is made from thatch. Do you know what thatch is?

    Would you like to stay in a wharepuni one day? I think it would be fun and very different from living at my house.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.

  2. Hello Ofa
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. Is the photo that you included your actual house, or did you just get it online? Having a tree house would be fun - I don't have one but I wish I could. Keep up the good work.