Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 - Day 3 - Activity 1

For the Summer Learning Journey I have completed Activity 1 for Day 3. For this activity I had to imagine that I was in the 1800s and I had nine syblings. I had to tell how I would feel and why or why not would I enjoy it in a large family.
victorian family.jpg

Being in a large family would be great for me. I would feel delighted to have nine syblings. I would have a large family because you can get a lot of help from them if doing work around the house or school work. You could also get good advice from your syblings for any problem. Having a large family would help me a lot in my life.


  1. Hi Ofa,
    Me again :)
    I can only imagine how it could be being part of a large family. I agree with you that it would be good as you could get a lot of support and help to get things done. However, on the other hand, I can imagine that it can be very chaotic and hard at sometimes too.
    I like that you added a picture to create a visual support for your post. Consider for the future add a picture of a small modern family as well to create some contrast. Furthermore, you could add pros and cons on having a big family before state that you would like to be part of one, a good piece of writing always aim to create some reflective thoughts on the readers.

    Kia kaha,

  2. Hi Ofa
    Great job with this SLJ activity. I never thought about how your siblings could help you with your homework and chores. However, I think having nine siblings in one house would be very annoying. They might be very noisy and keep you up at night. Anyway, keep up the amazing work!