Friday, 29 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 2 - Day 4 - Activity 2

For this Summer Learning Journey I have completed Actvitiy 2, Day 4 for Week 2. For this activity I had to go on this link to find a list of VC winners from World War 2.VC means Victoria Cross. VC is a special medal awarded to those mens who participated in World War 2 and did unique things during the War. I decided to choose a men name James Allen Ward. James Ward was the first New Zealander airman to win the VC medal. Ward joined the the RNZAF in July 1940. I have learnt that James Ward was born in Wanganui where he was educated at Wanganui Technical College. James Ward was awarded his VC medal because of his braveness. Jame Wards Vickers Wellington bomber was set on fire by an enemy fighter plane. Ward decided to climb out of the plane and onto the burning wing and tryed to smother the fire, but unfortanetly he couldn't block the leaking petrol pipe. I think James Ward was a brave New Zealander airman. Image result


  1. Hi Ofa,

    Wow! What a hero! That sounds like it would have been very scary and stressful. Did he manage to put the fire out? If he didn't, I wonder how he survived!

    There are lots of incredible stories of people doing crazy things during the war. A lot of people showed a lot of bravery. How do you think his family felt when he told them this story? I'm pretty sure if I told my Mum I'd done this she'd be cross with me!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.

  2. Hello Ofa
    Good job on completing this summer learning journey activity. I also think James Ward is a very brave man. I think you would have to be super brave to be able to climb out of your plane while it is still flying. Well done Ofa!