Monday, 11 December 2017

Year 7 Leadership Speeches

Manaikalani Speech 2017

Greetings everyone, my name is Ofa and I am a candidate for the role of the 2018 Manaiakalani leader. Being a school leader doesn’t mean being in charge, it means showing leadership and other key traits which I can show as being manaikalani leader. I will be able to speak confidently, be a role model, show leadership and more. I have approximately 600 blog posts and will be sure to post more as time goes on. I think a leader has to have at least a badge to show pride for themselves. I have received my Confidence, Attitude, Respect, and Excellence and Innovation silver badges. I wear these badges together with my uniform to show pride in myself and how I can be a good role model to other students. A goal that is set for me next year is to have all of my Gold CARE Award badges. I think this goal will be achieved at the end of the year if I put a lot of effort into it. In class I am expected to post at least five blog post a week. Believe me or not, I have done more than five posts a week. I think I should be the Manaiakalani leader because I always participate in the holiday reading challenges. In the Winter Learning Journey and the Summer Learning Journey I came third. I comment on other students blogs not just students in our school but students from Paihia School, Karoro School and Grey Main School who we are quadblogging with. I give them very thoughtful and supportive comments about their work. I think a Manaiakalani Leader needs this skill. Being a leader is when you have to show the school CARE values. I show a lot of confidence in sharing my learning with other people, I also show good attitude and respect towards my teachers, students and visitors. I also show excellence in my work. I collaborate with others a lot and also participate in group learning. I manage to be on task and to always finish and blog my work I have been set for the day. When I’m working in a group I  motivate others to keep them on task as well. Having this position will be a huge privilege since I have all the great skills needed for a Manaiakalani leader. I am ready to take this position and it’s a role I will make everyone in this school proud including visitors. I know I’m not perfect but I promise you I will make the best Manaiakalani leader for Panmure Bridge School!

Today as part of the year 7 leadership we had our speeches to see who would be students leader for 2018. There were speeches for head boy and head girl, sports leaders and manaikalani leaders. As you can see I was going for manaikalani leader. I was nervous at start but when I go up to speak I build my confident. The thing I was good at was my eye contact.

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