Friday, 5 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey - Week 2 - Day 5 - Activity 1

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I have completed activity 1 for day 5. For this activity I had to imagine I was one of the people living back in 1945 and had to throw a VE (Victory in Europe) party. I had to tell what I'd would do to celebrate and who I would invite to the party.

I would invite my family members and would probably have a BBQ together with fizzy drinks. My family and I would probably go to our relatives and go somewhere like out to beaches and swim. After that we would go home say our pray and go sleep really late.


  1. Hi Ofa,
    Congratulations on finished the program! The Summer Learning Journey team are enjoying reading your posts.
    One thing only, I have been looking for your Week 2 day 4 activity 1 post and I can't find it. Have you done that one yet? Please let me know.
    Regarding this post, I liked your way to celebrate. What can be better than be amongst family and friends, eat good food and go for a swim?!! This way to celebrate reflected so well our kiwi lifestyle and it's nice seen that you have been really authentic in your post.
    Thanks for all your good work.
    Keep shining bright and inspiring others.
    Kia Kaha,

  2. Hello Ofa
    Great job on completing this summer learning journey activity. I like how you said you would have a BBQ (I love BBQs!). What meat would you put on it? Keep up the amazing work Ofa.