Thursday, 17 November 2016

Explanation Text - How do planes fly?

How do planes fly?
Planes are big transportation things that will take you from one place to another place. Planes can be in different sizes big or small. The first plane that was made was in 1903 by the Wright brother Wilbur Orville. They both made a plane just with two seats and different sized shaped then the modern planes. There plane was a success. Planes have four forces that will make it fly which is weight , lift , drag and thrust.
Weight makes the go down. Weight faces lift.Planes with less weight requires less lift. Weight is a force caused by the gravitational attraction in earth. This means weight is caused by gravity.

Lift makes the plane go up and let it stay in the air. Lift faces weight. Lift is created by differences in air pressure. Lift is caused by the wings and the engines.

Drag makes the plane stop or go backwards. Drag faces thrust. Imagine waving your hand in the air side to side. The force that makes your hand go back is called “drag”.

Thrust makes the plane go forward. Thrust faces drag. The engine creates thrust and moves the plane forward.The engines of the plane push the air back with the same force that makes the plane move onward. Imagine waving your hand in the air side to side. The force that makes you hand go forward is called “thrust”.

Hope you learnt how planes fly and the four forces of flight. Planes are very familiar around the world and will always be. Planes are very good transportation. Are planes very helpful to you?

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This week for writing we had to write a explanation story on how planes fly. I had fun writing this. I talked about the four forces that will make planes fly which is lift , weight , drag and thrust. I learnt what the four forces of a plane do for a plane. I was a bit struggling on thinking what to right in my conclusion ending the story. I think for next time I should learn more about how planes fly.


  1. Hi Ofa

    i've enjoyed your story there were a few mistakes but good job
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  2. Hi Ofa

    I really like your story about how do planes fly. I wrote a story about that as well. Keep up the great work