Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Top 5 Activities To Do In Auckland

For this summer learning journey task I had to watch a the Tourist video for Auckland so we can learn about all the amazing places and stuff to do in the city. Once I have finished I had to name my top 5 places activities from the video that I would go to. I learnt that in Auckland there are 1.5 million peolple living there. I have also learnt that Auckland is New Zealands most populous city.

1. Rangitoto

2. The Modern Malls

3. The big urban parks

4. Beach - Mission Beach

5. The Main Public Park - Auckland Domain


  1. Hello Ofa, I like how you wrote in your blurb what tasks you had to do for this activity. I think that you should said why you wanted to these places. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Ofa, I really like you work. It shows that you have been working hard on you winter learning journey. Keep it up.


  3. Hi Ofa!

    Welcome back to the holiday blogging programme. I am SO glad that you have come back and joined us again this year!

    Like you, I would also have chosen Rangitoto as one of my 'top' picks. I love the island. Have you ever been there? I have gone a few times with Aronui (my son) and once as part of a half-marathon race. We had to run 21 km across Rangitoto and Motutapu (the island right beside Rangitoto). It was pretty tough but the view from the top of Rangitoto made all of the hard work worthwhile!

    I am so impressed by the effort and hard work that you have shown with the blogging programme already. You have posted 11 blogs and it's only day one. Very cool.

    Keep up the great work, Ofa!

    Rachel :)

  4. Hello Ofa
    Great job on this winter learning journey activity. That list is a great idea to keep your blog post nice and tidy. Keep up the amazing work Ofa!

  5. Hi Ofa. Great blogpost. I think everything in the video both sounded and looked like a lot of fun. I like how you have linked the video on your blog, so readers can have a look for themselves. Keep up the great work.