Monday, 31 July 2017

Things You Need In Your Car

Today for Reading Ruru did Key into inference. First we read a text called The Car. It was about a mum and a daughter who were driving and their car broke down in a middle of a flat empty land. They couldn't see any vehicles in sight. It was getting cold so they went inside their car and payed a game called I spy. It was hard to play because it was dark so they sand their favourite song. Soon they couldn't believe what they had saw. They saw a vehicle. They vehicle which was a toy truck winched their car onto the truck. So they went onto the truck and headed for the next town. After reading the text we had to answer questions about the story. My favourite question was why wasn’t it easy to play I spy? Soon we had to draw a box of emergency essentials that you should have in your car. I had to do some research before getting pictures.

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