Friday, 11 May 2018

Evaluation | Harry's War

As part of Reading this week we read a interesting story called Harry's War which is about a farm boy named Harry (who was known as a Conscientious Objector - Someone that is reluctant to join the arm force because their personalities or religious reasons) who once worked in a wool farm but was forced to be apart of the army force because they needed more soldiers. The story ended up sad because the soldeirs went to England to fight but the war had ended and there were no ships for them to get back home. The soldiers weren't treated well and since they'd wasted their time to come and fight they protested for two days. When it ended they kept themselves occupied by carving a chalk Kiwi in Beacon hill. The chalk Kiwi was created in 1919 which was carved by the New Zealand soldiers. This Kiwi is standing on top of the Beacon hill. For out task we were to create two DLO's. 1. Explaining what the story is about and interesting facts about the story. 2. Explaining the history of the Bulford Kiwi and what a Conscientious Objector is. 

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