Thursday, 17 May 2018

Poetry | Metaphor

As part of poetry today we were to read a poem called seasons that included metaphors in it. This poem was written by David Hill who wrote the Two Day Wonder poem we read last week. A metaphor is when you describe someone or an object without using like or as. For example the classroom was a zoo (similie - the classroom was like a zoo) or Maria is a chicken (similie - Maria is like a chicken). In our poem we had four metaphors which were: In winter the tree is a black skeleton, in spring the tree is a white bonfire, in summer the tree is a green galaxy and in autumn the leaves of the tree is golden rain. After reading the poem we were to create a DLO explaining what a metaphor is and write down our own examples of a metaphor.  


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  3. Hi Ofa
    I can see that you have been learning about Metaphors. I really like how you have got images that goes with your examples. I also like how you have given a clear definition about what a metaphor means. Maybe next time you could change the colours on your writing, so it doesn't hurt our eyes when we are looking at it. You can check my DLO out to see what I mean
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